A remarkable breakthrough has been etched into the annals of history!

After years of relentless research, an alchemist has accomplished the impossible, achieving the revered "magnum opus"! Thanks to his elusive recipe, he has mastered the art of transforming base materials into pure gold. Now, he extends an invitation to you, his student, to partake in his secrets.

In this mystical quest, ignite at least three large cauldrons to a boil across five reels to unlock the realm of free games. There, your master will unveil the ancient technique of transmuting royal symbols into solid gold, ensuring incredible winnings. Journey from one free game to the next, relishing the soaring heights of your success.

In the base game, the Alchemist stands as a wild symbol, substituting for all others except the cauldron scatter, always contributing to the highest line win.

The question remains: will you successfully pass the entrance exam and join the secretive circle of alchemists? Embrace the challenge and uncover the mysteries of this enchanting world!

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