Come and take some spins on the coolest game in town. Check out the N-ICE wins you can collect with matching 7s, slide into Free Spins and they will really sparkle. Any 3 7s that land on the screen during a Free Spin will FREEZE in place, while the reels re-spin in search of more 7s, find another and the re-spins continue... You can even fill the screen for a huge prize!
Get ready for the Queen of Spins, the slots game with prizes fit for a King! Find 3 feature symbols to spin the mini reels! In Free Spins mode, lower value symbols are removed from the reels, so you have a higher chance of winning big!
Thank your lucky stars for the big bonuses you can win in Big Buddha Bags! The great Budai invites you to spin the reels and see if you can win big in his sacred features! Enter Sacred Reels feature with 3 symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5 OR you can enter it through Free Spins mode if you collect enough coins.

The more coins you collect the higher your Bonus Multiplier will be!
Are you ready to mix with the Secret Stars? These celebrities are masking more than just their identities, with big wins hiding in the wings you could be singing all the way to the bank if you find the top prize in the ‘Reveal a Star’ picker feature.
Prepare to feel the might of the great Genghis Khan! Join him on his conquests and you will be handsomely rewarded. Attack Shield Mystery Symbols by aligning 3 or more on a win line. Alternatively, Genghis can unleash the Might of Khan at any time, to instantly reveal and award ALL the shield bonus wins on screen!
Get ready for big wins, coming at you from all the right angles! It’s going to get crowded in these reels, when 2x2 matching symbols land, they will join together to form a giant Super Square Symbol… and give a double win bonus!
Doom Lord, master of the Science Horror Occult Killers (S.H.O.K) has The Legion of Light thought they had defeated him, but he has returned from the grave to wreak his vengeance! Join the agents of the Legion of Light in a fight for humanity, and to finally defeat the terror that is Doom Lord.
Think you’ve seen it all in the world of slot machine action? Well think again, as we deliver a fresh take on the ultimate classic slots experience! Plenty to see on the reels, with big wins coming from the luck 7’s… but manage to miss a win and you could invoke a primal slots re spin with the Double Take 7s feature!
Mr Cash really knows how to make money, mass producing it in the Slot Factory… But the best part is that YOU can get your hands on it! Ride the Money Belts in the amazing feature and you can win huge prizes. Get into Free Spins and you could win double the regular amount. Clock in, and start spinning!
Get ready to start living the wildlife, these reels will put a real bustle in your hedgerow! See if you can outfox the feature, pick the right berries and spin the wheel ‘til it’s fully upgraded. Head into Free Spins and things will get even wilder!
Are you hungry for some wild slots action? Then it’s time to Grab a Bite! Sink your teeth into some Great White Wins, with Banner Wild symbols that can stretch across an entire reel! Get into Free Spins and those Banners start to look a whole lot tastier – as bonus multipliers can pump up the wins to as much as x5 the original award!
Running wild and free over the American plains, these bucking broncos can really kick up the big bucks! The Bonus symbols can give great wins, but a win is just the start … a Bonus win will stick in place, while the reels re spin in search of more Bonus symbols, find another and the re spins continue. You can even fill the screen with Bonus symbols for a huge prize!
Deep in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, legendary treasures are waiting to be won! Will you be the adventurer to tread the ancient pathways and grab all of the Minotaur’s Loot?
Buried for aeons beneath the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert, an ancient land of gold and riches slumbers, holding its secrets. Watch in awe, as the winds of time blow to uncover these past glories! Here, in the shadow of the pyramids, mystical transformations can take place creating glittering prizes… Golden Wilds can appear magically before your very eyes!
Big Prizes are blowing in from the Windy City! If you land 3 feature symbols on the main reels, the Chicago Boss and his main squeeze Roxie will invite you to their personal table for a spin of the Winners Roulette wheel; or sneak into Free Spins mode, where you can try your hand at a spot of Safe Cracking!
It’s getting hot in here… So it must be time for a Chilli Party! These are the hottest spins south of the Rio Grande, with an eye-watering FIVE feature games to bring in the prizes!
Hells Bells, it’s time for some Devilishly good Slots! Little Red will be your guide on the highway to ‘Hella Good’ wins he will re spin the middle reel for ‘almost wins’ and bring in fresh symbols to try to create wins. Best of all, get into the Free Spins mode and unlock the Wild Devil Reel, where every re spin brings Wilds and a chance of winning extra spins as well!
If you are after some WILD slots action, get spinning these reels! The first thing you should know is that there will be Wilds… How many? SO many Wilds! More are added to the reels with each progressive feature mode until finally, the Mega Spins mode is fit to burst with Wonderful Wilds!
Do you have a constant craving for candy coated cash? Well get spinning, and satisfy those urges with a reel sugar rush! Landing different flavours of Free Spins and could give you entry to Super, or even Mega Free Spins with stacked Wild symbols for totally sweet wins!
Make your way into the King’s Vault, and you could be reeling in some right royal riches! Getting a win will grant you a free re-spin – up to 5 times, but that’s not all... With every re-spin more Coins are added to the King’s Vault, increasing the potential Bonus Prize amount!
Can you take the heat of these intensely spicy reels? Roll up Chilli King and Queens, and try to claim some eyewatering wins… Whether it’s in matching coloured symbols, winning prizes for free in the Free Spins mode, or burning a huge win in the red hot Chilli Chase feature.
Come into the welcoming entrance to the Gambler’s Arms, where the reels are hot, and the beers are cold! Activate the special feature, the Infinite Pub Slots, and you could win a fresh spin with every play… and that means another guaranteed win in the bank! The symbols are so full of mixed combinations, that wins can happen at any time, it’s a great way to spend some happy hours!
Are you ready to take it beyond the limit? Keep watching the trails that light with every spin, as these are the keys to the incredible feature modes, waiting to be activated through the Fruit Picker. Go One Step Beyond to unleash the madness of the top Free Spin mode!
This game has the Key to Unlocking some great prizes! Losing a spin is only the beginning, as reels can re spin for a second try at a win. Wild symbols will lock in place during re spins, sticking around for a better chance of a win, Keys that can land on the Locked Wilds give a x 2 bonus on all wins. Lock and Load!
Welcome, we have a Full House, but can squeeze you in for some wins! It’s eyes down for Bingo Blitzer, where all the fun of Slots and Bingo collide. Every spin of the reels not only brings the chance of a win on the reels, but also the possibility of a winning Bingo Card... Or even both at once!
Welcome to Banished Souls! They may look painful, but it's fun to play these reels So, hop out of the iron maiden and get spinning! This is the right place to come if you really want to mix things up, with wins coming from so many directions it s gong to make you dizzy trying to spot them all.
The Queen of the Night, ruling from the shadows of the ancient pyramids. Mistress of treasures and secrets, what grand prizes lay hidden within the sacred jars? Find the right combination to unlock the secrets and win untold prizes!
What does fate have in store for you... is your destiny mapped out in the stars? Maybe some thrilling spins and wins are in your future! The spins don’t come any more thrilling than the Super Spins on offer here, with as many as 21 won per entry!
Big wins are up for grabs big green wins… Maybe the biggest you’ve ever seen! Get ready for classic slots action with a MASSIVE surprise in store the leprechaun’s Big Green Wilds! Any block of 2x2 Wild symbols will join together to form a giant Wild symbol, and Free Spins adds a ‘double win bonus’ to Big Green Wild wins!
We all know of the legends of the ‘Little People’ of Ireland, known for their mischievousness and love of gold. But, there is something spine chilling about the Leprechaun lurking in these reels, and if you have your heart set on taking all of his gold, it will be a ‘reel’ test of nerves!
Wizard wins await you on these magical reels! The centre reel has the power to spin again if the reels don’t deliver a win on the first spin loaded with extra Wild symbols for more winning power. This re spin can also bring in Free Spins symbols, including the amazing Mega Free Spins, with their super rich reels and double Wild wins!
Take a deep breath, and dive into this refreshing slots game. Lustrous Pearls are floating in the depths, just waiting to bestow glittering treasures. Landing 3 Pearls not only causes them to reveal their hidden instant prizes; but also triggers a free re spin, where more valuable Gold Pearls may be won!
Dare you spin these reels, and unleash the terror lurking inside the house at the dark heart of the town of Amityville? Can you brave the unquiet dead, and make some scarily good wins? Hold your nerve and win entry to Free Spins, as night falls and you will be able to replay these spooky spins in your search for the biggest win possible!
The ultimate horror lurks just beyond these reels… But brave the terror and open the Eldritch Books, and you could win huge bonus prizes! Each Book will reveal its own mystery prize if they land in a winning combination. Summon all of your courage, and gaze into the face of Arkham Fear!
Welcome to Golden Rings, the game where collecting the special Rings that can spin in on any reel, could unlock some golden wins for you. Light all 3 of the Golden Triangles to increase the value of the feature prizes! In Free Spins mode, collect every Ring to fill the Collector Bar and get the biggest wins.
Get ready to be hooked by your new favourite slots game, you’ll soon be spinning these reels with bated breath! 96.04%Some monster wins are swimming around in the features just waiting to be landed, let’s see if you can net a real whopper!
Listen for the Howl, the pack is running tonight… In search of Mega Wins and sticky Wilds. Once the Golden Wilds go wild, there’s no turning back, they will stay spin after spin to help make wins total lunacy!
Hello and welcome to Mega Magic Lamps! We all know of the legendary genies that lie around in lamps, just waiting to give away 3 wishes Well, there is no limit on the number of times you can summon some dreamy prizes from the magic lamps in these reels. Each Mega Magic Lamp contains its own Mega Magic Prize You ain't ever seen wins like these!
Deep in the heart of the rainforest, lies a mysterious Aztec city of gold and riches. Spin the reels to unlock the Bonus Multipliers by landing a winning combination. Every win gives a Free re spin, these allow you to get wins at up to four times the regular amount!
Want to spin for some Blooming big prizes? Enter the Blooming Bonus Free Spins and you could grow the bonus prize up to a massive x5000! Every flower you collect will work towards unlocking the next prize, the spins are free, and any wins you make on the reels are yours to keep too!
Hello and welcome to the most Poppin’ Party in town! Celebrate good times when the balloons appear on the reels, this random feature will bring fresh win symbols giving you a second chance to win.. So, let’s get this party started!
Dive into the depths, in search of the Sunken Riches! The more Into the Depths ’ symbols that land on the reels, the deeper you dive, and the deeper you dive the better prizes to pick from. Dive to the deepest area to score the huge 25 Free Spins entry, and get to play in the improved Free Spin reels, with low paying symbols removed and up to 5 extra spins on any spin.

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About Slot Factory

Slot Factory, which had its roots in 2001, is among the most well-known casino gambling software companies across the United Kingdom. This business offers total turn-key white-label gaming solutions and has 20+ years of industry expertise. The finest new online casinos appreciate working with Slot Factory since its software offerings accept a variety of languages and operating systems.

Along with these partnerships, the company has worked with some of the brands in the sector, which undoubtedly contributes to the diverse network of contacts that the company has built. The company's partnership with prominent video game producer Relax Gaming speaks elegantly about the brand's goals.

The company has also collaborated with a few other titans, which may be explained by the extensive network of contacts Slot Factory has built up over time. For instance, a collaboration with Relax Gaming was anticipated for 2021, and Skywind Group in 2022. Along with its headquarters in the UK, the company also maintains offices in Romania, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Over 350 knowledgeable, well-trained employees who are proficient in their jobs make up the company's workforce.

In June 2022, Skywind Holdings completed the acquisition of Intouch Games Group, which includes Slot Factory as one of its subsidiaries. The acquisition is seen as a significant step for Skywind Holdings as it seeks to expand its business-to-consumer (B2C) operations in Europe's largest market.

Most of Slot Factory's assets are dedicated to creating slot games, as you can guess from the company's name. Casino enthusiasts will keep returning to play more of the company's outstanding selection of games.

Numerous colored symbols in the games make them visually appealing and offer great possibilities for rewards. With slots based on Irish luck, fruits, ancient Egypt, Asia, and many other fantastic themes, the games transport your mind to many locations. Based on this, some of the most popular slot machines are 1xSlots Fantasy, Wild Gold, 7 Deadly Spins, Pick A Pot O'Gold, A Spinfull of Dollars, Aces Fly, Amityville, Anchors Away, Money Grows on Trees, Arabian Nights Desert Flower, Arabian Nights Tales of Gold, Arkham Fear, Aztec Flame.

Two more games depart from the company's primary genre. Classic Roulette and Forest Party are such. Although the provider company indeed declared that they commit themselves to the emergence of both slots and table games, we were shocked to see games that stand out from the normal ones of Slot Factory.

Due to HTML5's flawless compatibility with practically all platforms, gamers can access the provider's mobile casino games when on the go. Because of its multi-platform nature, games featuring such technology will function on the renowned operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Slot Factory games are compatible with PC, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The RTP value for these games ranges from 94% - 96%. Nearly 96% is considered the industry norm. The "Big Money Vegas" slot machine from the provider has a high RTP of 96.09%.

The return to player (RTP) percentage essentially represents the house advantage; thus, if you bet 100 Euros on the slot machine, you should theoretically win back 96 Euros. It is important to remember that this statistic was calculated over countless betting sessions.

Since the provider games are seen as having low to medium variance, you could expect a lot of frequent wins yet payouts that are more likely to be small in amount. The portfolio also includes a few slot machines with a high level of variance.

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the Government of Gibraltar have all granted licenses and regulations to Slot Factory. Moreover, BMM test laboratories and GLI (Gaming Labs International) have validated that the company's gaming software is secure and impartial. Slot Factory is among the few software providers for online casinos in the iGaming sector with extensive licensing and certification.

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