Dive headlong into a whimsical adventure through the emerald isle in search of Irish gold with AREA LINKTM Luck, brought to you by AreaVegas. Here, three lucky charms await, each guarding a unique path to a treasure trove of riches. Uncover their secrets with cunning and watch your winnings blossom beneath a vibrant rainbow!

Collect coins as you journey, unlocking the Leprechaun's Loot. These magical charms hold the key to revealing hidden wealth. Each pot brims with its own surprises and rewards, transforming each spin into a thrilling escapade of Irish fortune.

Prepare for a captivating twist on the classic hold-and-re-spin feature with AREA LINKTM. As you gather more coins, you'll unlock different variations of the feature, each imbued with the spirit of a specific charm.

Unleash the Red Lucky Charm and revel in a random multiplier that can soar up to 5x on every spin. Watch your winnings leap like a playful leprechaun as the multiplier sprinkles its magic on your prizes.

Unlock the Purple Lucky Charm and witness a double rainbow unfold, expanding the playing field and doubling your odds of striking it rich. Get ready to jig with more chances to win and fill your pockets with glittering treasures!

Unlock the Green Lucky Charm and watch as Green Pots emerge. These shimmering wonders greedily gather all prize values on the reels, offering extraordinary opportunities to claim your gold.

Hear the cheerful laughter of leprechauns echo as they reveal their bountiful rewards. With a touch of luck and a sprinkle of Irish magic, you're sure to erupt in joyous laughter and fill your pot of gold to the brim with Shamrocks in AREA LINKTM Luck!
Enter into this farm-inspired slot game, where the fields are ripe with cash crops and the rewards are abundant! Listen closely for the merry jingles of the cow bell or keep a keen eye out for the Cow; triggering the Rush Express™ Feature occurs when a Barnyard Express symbol lands on the reels during the same spin. Witness your riches multiply as your prizes are gathered amidst the chiming of the golden bell or the rumble of the golden tractor. Whichever farm animal you choose, it's bound to guide you towards a harvest of wealth!

Beware of the bulging Barn symbols! When three of these symbols burst open, get ready to venture into the barn, brimming with golden corn, and enjoy 10 Free Spins. During Free Spins, the Rush Express™ Feature activates more frequently. Stay alert for a surprise Henhouse car that appears at the end of each tractor, granting a Multiplier or Jackpot. Don't let those wagons pass you by!

As you journey through the barnyard, the allure of golden corn is certain to follow you. After every base game spin, golden corn is loaded onto the Corn Car positioned above the reels. Keep an eye on the growing pile; it may spontaneously trigger the Pick Feature! Match three icons to claim one of four jackpots and carry home your well-deserved gold!
Experience the exhilarating might of the Norse God Thor in the mesmerizing slot game, AREA CASHTM Thor! Immerse yourself in the realm of thunderous storms and dazzling lightning as you set your sights on locked prizes, liberating them with the colossal force of Thor’s Wild Hammer. Unleash divine power and brace yourself for monumental wins as you journey into the mythical realm of Asgard, where the powerful Thor stands ready to lead you to immense wealth and thrilling gameplay!

Prepare to feel the hammer of fortune as Prize Coin symbols land on the reels. When the Wild symbol strikes the center reel and at least one Prize Coin symbol is in view, get ready for the awe-inspiring AREA CASHTM feature! The locks on the Prize Coin symbols shatter open, showering you with heavenly rewards. But that's not all – if the Wild symbol comes with a multiplier, it electrifies all cash prizes and jackpots won during the feature.

And keep an eye out for the Free Spin Prize Coin symbols too; they can unleash the power of Free Spins during the AREA CASHTM feature, propelling you towards even grander victories fit for a god!
Amass your own pile of riches in this oinktastic slot game, brought to you by Area Vegas. Area Link™ Piggy Bank features three adorable Piggy Banks, each with its own unique path to swine-credible wealth. Use your skills to unlock their hidden treasures and watch your winnings hog the spotlight!

Collect Coins as you play to progress the unlocking of the Piggy Banks. These Coins are the key to revealing the riches hidden within.

Each Piggy Bank holds its own surprises and rewards, making every spin a hamazing adventure. Introducing Area Link™, a captivating twist on the popular hold and re-spin feature. As you collect more Coins, you’ll unlock different variations of the Area Link™ feature, custom- tailored to each Piggy Bank’s personality. Unlock the Red Piggy Bank and pig out on a random multiplier of up to 5x on every spin.
Get ready for an epic fishing expedition with AREA BLAST™ Double Bass! Journey through the serene lake, reel in a variety of valuable fish, and experience the thrill of the ultimate fishing adventure. Choose your gear wisely and hook your way to fishing glory!

Dive into a scenic slot with a lake theme that will make your scales tingle with excitement. Listen for the soothing melodies of the water or keep your eyes peeled for the legendary fish that could make your day fin-tastic! AREA BLAST™ Trigger symbols make a splash on reels 1 and 5, tempting you to hook at least one Fish Prize symbol and reel in the rewards.
All aboard the Gold Rush Express, this locomotive is on the fast track to fortune. Catch the trains; green, blue, purple or red, and travel deep into the gold filled mine shafts. Use any variety of locomotives to haul out train loads of riches! Jump the track straight into this western-themed slot where the gold rush is at its peak.

Listen for the sound of the gold bell or look for the golden train, the Gold Rush Express Feature is triggered when a Rush Express symbol lands on the same spin. Watch your wealth grow as your prizes are collected to the golden bell or the golden train. Whichever locomotive you take is sure to lead you to a bonanza of riches! Watch out for dynamite! When three of these blow, get ready to travel into the gold-filled mine shafts with 10 Free Spins. During Free Spins, the Rush Express Feature is triggered more frequently.

Keep your eyes out for a random Caboose car at the end of each train that will award a Multiplier or Jackpot. Don’t let those trains pass you by! While on the Gold Rush Express, gold nuggets are sure to find you throughout your ride. At the end of each base game spin, gold nuggets are loaded onto the Gold Train Car above the reels. Watch the pile grow, it can randomly trigger the pick feature! Match 3 icons to win one of four jackpost and take home your gold!
Deep in a fabled lava cavern, filled with treasures awaiting discovery, lies the legendary Phoenix protecting her mythic eggs. Harness the power of fire to hatch the three phoenix birds, all unlocking multiple pathways to wealth. Game Theme Rise from the ashes, in this fiery-themed slot featuring Area Link™.

Brought to you by Area Vegas, Area Link™ Phoenix features three fiery eggs - each holding their own destiny. Channel the heat of the fireballs, and use them to scorch and hatch each Area Link™ feature! Look for the fireballs, they’re the key to progress the hatching of the mythic eggs. Each egg conceals its own unique way to amplify riches. Introducing Area Link™, a hot and fresh take on the ever so popular hold and respin feature!

Hatch the orange phoenix for a random multiplier up to 5x on every spin. Hatch the magenta phoenix, unlocking a double array to double your prize potential. Hatch the red phoenix, and relish in the heat as red fireballs appear to collect all prize values that land. Harness the power of fire to free the 3 phoenix birds from their eggs, unlocking multiple pathways to wealth. Listen for the Phoenix’s echoing cry, prizes are sure to follow!

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