Prepare to encounter the formidable but amicable cave troll, Gronk, as he embarks on a gem-collecting journey! Dive into a game featuring a cluster win mechanic, a 6x6 grid with cascading wins, and the potential for a maximum win of 7,500x!

Symbol wins induce a charged state for that specific symbol type, marked by a distinctive glow effect. The charged symbol types are also showcased in the "charge bar" display above the grid. These charged symbols maintain their heightened state until the conclusion of the ongoing round. The Epic Gem symbol may descend during cascades and activates once the grid settles, following the cessation of wins or cascades. Upon activation, all currently charged symbols transform into the highest paying charged symbol. The Epic Gem, accounting for 4 symbols, ensures a minimum win of 5 symbols as long as there is at least one charged symbol on the grid. The absorbed symbols and the Epic Gem are then removed, prompting another cascade. Notably, symbols do not enter a charged state during the Gem Hoarder game mode.

Trigger the Gem Hoarder game mode by landing 3 or more Gronk’s Head scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game, awarding 10 free spins. This feature mirrors the base game mechanics but offers an increased likelihood of landing Epic Gems.

Additionally, landing 3 or more Gem Bag scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game activates another feature, granting 5 free spins. This feature introduces a global multiplier that progressively grows with the number of symbols in each winning cluster. Any winning cluster, including the special X-Gem symbol, is multiplied by the global multiplier. In case more than one X-Gem symbol contributes to the same winning cluster, the global multiplier is applied to the win for each X-Gem. To keep the excitement alive, landing 3 or more Gem Bag symbols during this feature refills the life bar. Get ready for an epic adventure with Gronk and the gems!
The Powernudge feature makes a triumphant return, this time with mischievous Goblins taking command of the reels. Across a 3×5 grid adorned with goblin bombs, keys, and maps, players embark on a quest to seize goblin multiplier coins and mystery coins, unlocking the game's impressive 4,000x max win!

Upon achieving a winning combination, the reels featuring at least one winning symbol automatically nudge down, revealing another symbol from the top. Simultaneously, the reels lacking winning symbols undergo a respin. This process continues as long as there are winning combinations on the screen, providing additional payout opportunities.

The Mystery Money symbol can emerge on any reel, and when 6 or more of them land in the base game, they trigger the Mystery Respin feature.

During the MONEY RESPIN feature, the standard reels fade away, leaving only MYSTERY MONEY symbols and blank spaces visible. Each reel bears a multiplier atop it, commencing at x1. After each spin, the MYSTERY MONEY symbols unveil one of three possibilities:

Money value: A random value from a pre-defined set ranging from 0.1x to 50x total bet. Local multiplier: A random multiplier of x1, x2, or x3, added to the one on top of the MONEY symbol. Global multiplier: A random multiplier of x1, x2, or x3, applied to all multipliers across the game.

Following the reveal, MONEY symbols with assigned money values undergo multiplication by the revealed multiplier, contributing to the total win. Subsequently, the MYSTERY MONEY symbols revert to their original state. The game persists in nudging and respinning until no MYSTERY MONEY symbols remain on the screen. Throughout this feature, special reels add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.
Hailing from the corners of the magical trolls’ realms – the 4 elders of the clans gather inside the sacred Troll cave. The warrior King Troll, the feisty Queen Troll, the wise Old Troll and the mischievous youth Boy Troll brought with them many treasure chests filled with unimaginable wealth.

Inspired by the fairy tales from the long tradition of Scandinavian folklore – The Trolls’ Treasure™ brings a story of daring adventure – to unravel the mysterious Wheel Feature and gain the treasures of the trolls.
Players venture into the dark dragon’s den and team up with trolls to plunder the loot. Trolls stick together, when a stack of matching symbols lands in the first reel, the symbols, along with any other matching ones, lock-in and re-spins begin until no further matches are made. Don’t underestimate these tiny trolls, they bring gigantic win potential, adding a multiplier to the total win, ranging from 2x to 10x!
Embark on a journey reminiscent of a fairy tale with Troll Dice, a game that intertwines the allure of incredible beauty and the challenge of facing a formidable monster. Immerse yourself in the magical world of this game, where your luck and intuition will be put to the test. Your task? Guess the drop-out number of dice with precision, and you might just find yourself on the path to a substantial jackpot!

In Troll Dice, your objective is to predict the Result – the total sum of all the numbers highlighted in white on the faces of the dice after a single roll. Each game round involves the roll of 5 dice, presenting a thrilling challenge for players. Before initiating the dice roll, set the Diapason of possible Results you anticipate using the Diapason Number Bar and choose your bet value. When you're ready, push the Spin button or click on the image of the Cauldron to set all 5 dice in motion, unleashing the magic and suspense of your Troll Dice adventure. May your intuition guide you to a fairy tale ending and the chance to claim a significant jackpot!
The trolls have returned, fiercer than ever! Within the depths of Troll's Temple lies untold riches, but adventurers must first navigate treacherous trials against these monstrous adversaries.

For generations, these creatures have plundered travelers crossing the bridge. Now, it's time to turn the tables and pilfer from the thieves themselves. Traverse the massive bridge, confronting the formidable troll who may manifest at any moment as a colossal symbol!

The mystical cauldron holds the promise of boundless treasures, while the mega bonus stone can amplify any victory! Those daring enough to trigger Free Spins must brace themselves for epic encounters with towering trolls... the clash begins!

During the Base Game, three scatters lower the drawbridge, revealing the entrance to the Free Spins dungeon through the Pick n Click gate. Engaging the Golden Bet feature prior to Free Spins grants an additional selection that could tip the scales in one's favor. Additionally, in the Base Game, the Bonus Cauldron feature can activate randomly, awarding Free Spins or Coins. When a Flaming Boulder strikes the reels, multipliers of x2, x3, x4, or x5 come into play. A colossal troll may emerge, spanning two reels and transforming into a wild symbol. Should the troll gleam with golden light, victory is assured, and rewards will flow abundantly!

Three or more Free Spin symbols trigger the Free Spin mode with Extra Features, maintaining the same bet and lines as the initial activation. Before commencing Free Spins, players select concealed features from a deck of cards that will be activated during the Free Spin session. Free Spin symbols are absent during Free Spins.

Each card can only be drawn once, with only one 2x2 Colossal symbol card available for the entire Free Spin session. Among the 18 selectable cards are various features, such as additional Free Spins, multipliers on all wins, random placement of wilds, and colossal troll symbols in different colors.

Activation of the Golden Bet feature grants players an extra feature pick upon entering Free Spin mode. This enhancement requires an additional 10 coins per spin and can be toggled on or off between spins in the base game.

In both the base game and Free Spins, 2x4 symbols may appear on the reels, functioning as regular symbols with equivalent payouts to their smaller counterparts. Colossal symbols are exclusive to high-paying symbols.
Hall of the Mountain King combines Nordic folklore with new game mechanics, extremely volatile gameplay, and the chance to win more than 7000 x your bet! Deep inside the mountain, in the vast lands of the north, lives the king of trolls. He likes to tease wanderers such as yourself, and he will whisper promises of huge treasures to lure you into his hall.
Will he keep his promise? Step into the cave to find out. Also, watch out when he swings his big hammer, as it changes the landscape and increases your chances of winning big! Mountain King is one of our biggest and most exciting releases of the year, with stacked wilds, free spins, multiplier upgrades, symbol replacement, whirling wilds, and so much more!
Inspired by the famous classical piece “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg, this game will increase in intensity as you move forward in the game, just like the rhythm of the music. You’ll reach climax at the end of the Free Spins bonus game, and when you get out, you’ll definitely need to catch your breath before chasing it again!
Cross Trolls Bridge for a chance at hefty prizes amidst the uproarious giants! Despite their rough demeanor, Trolls Bridge promises delightful surprises.

Enjoy Free Spins boasting lucrative Pick-and-Click rewards such as extra wilds, additional spins, multipliers, and stacked high-paying symbols. Utilize the Golden Bet for an extra selection, a feature as valuable as gold itself. The main game offers excitement too; trigger the Bonus Pot for more spins and coins, or watch the Bonus Stone shatter reels to reveal multipliers or coin rewards!

Activate the Free Spin mode by landing three or more scattered Free Spin symbols, or through the Bonus Pot. Experience it with the same betting parameters as the base game. Prior to the spins, select hidden features from a deck of cards that will enhance your Free Spin journey.

Opt for stacked Trolls on the reels, though this disables three other stacked Troll options. Free Spin symbols don't appear during Free Spin mode.

With the Golden Bet, gain an extra feature pick upon entering Free Spin mode. This premium feature costs an additional 5 coins per spin and can be toggled on or off between base game spins.
Troll Hunters is a video slot game played on a 5x5 grid. Symbols drop down in the grid to form winning combinations. Wins are achieved by getting 3 or more symbols in a row, horizontally or vertically. All rows and columns are active and symbols can be part of multiple winning combinations.

Troll Hunters includes a wild symbol (the golden rune). The wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol to help comprise winning combinations. Winning combinations are removed after collected and remaining symbols drop down to possibly form new winning combinations.

The wild symbol appears at the middle symbol when a winning combination of 3 symbols is removed from the grid. A win multiplier is increased at each new drop. If all symbols are removed from the grid, a special full clear win is awarded.

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