Gates of Asgard Power Combo

Mar 13, 2024







Set forth on a grand odyssey to gain the favor of the Viking deities, unveiling the abundant treasures of Asgard in Infinity Dragon Studios' Gates of Asgard Power Combo™. This fantastical journey plunges you into a realm teeming with Norse mythology, where legends and lore intertwine. Gates of Asgard Power Combo™ boasts a 5-reel, 3-row slot of high volatility, adorned with three Link&Win™ features that can be amalgamated, alongside the exhilarating Instant Win Viking Valor Bonus game, offering wins of up to 10,525x total bet!

Discover a Blue Scatter to unveil 3 spins and trigger the Link&Win™ with 5x5 Expanded Reels! Encounter a Red Scatter for the opportunity to initiate Link&Win™ with Instant Collect! Across all reels, expect to find Coin and Bonus prizes awaiting your grasp. Whenever a Collect symbol emerges, all accumulated Coin and Bonus prizes are swiftly claimed!

Encounter a Purple Scatter for a chance to set off Link&Win™ with Random Multiplier! This dynamic ability introduces a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, or 5x with each spin, elevating the value of any Coin prizes landing on the same reel during the spin!

Merge varied colored Scatters in Power Combos to activate Link&WinTM with blended features! Stumble upon a Viking Warrior symbol to potentially trigger the Viking Valor Bonus feature, providing an instant opportunity to activate any single or combination of Link&Win™ features should the corresponding Scatters align. Additionally, Coin and Bonus prizes may be bestowed upon you! The Viking Valor Bonus intensifies the thrill, offering more avenues to unlock Link&Win™ and secure cash rewards!

Harness the Buy Feature to promptly activate your chosen Link&Win™ features. Tailor your experience by selecting preferred features, albeit at a calculated cost, for enhanced chances of seizing substantial victories!

Embark upon the domain of the formidable Viking Gods within Gates of Asgard Power ComboTM, an immensely captivating game boasting three distinct scatters for Link&Win™ Power Combos, along with feature amalgamations promising wins of up to 10,525x bet!

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