Experience a perilous adventure to rescue the town in Heroic Spins.

On the 5×3 slot grid, symbols such as a princess, dragons, treasure chests, monsters, and owls appear, forming winning combinations across 20 paylines. Wilds expand vertically to cover the entire reel, and if two or three land on the same reel, a 2x or 3x multiplier is applied to each Wild, respectively.

Activating the Free Spins round requires three or more Hero Scatter symbols. Before the bonus round begins, a fiery wheel is spun to determine both the number of Free Spins and the multiplier applied to all wins. In this game, the initial Expanding Wild multiplier is 2x, increasing to 4x for two Wilds or 6x if three Wilds land on a reel.
Get ready for intense slot excitement in Cash Eruption Red Hot Joker! This blazing game showcases Joker and Red Hot Joker Symbols that can grow to cover entire reels, offering huge win opportunities. Gather 6 or more Fireball Symbols to activate the Cash Eruption Bonus, where amassing all 15 Fireballs secures the Grand Jackpot!
Explore the Arctic Hunt and let it kindle your love for adventure, promising excitement and abundant rewards. Set forth into the icy landscape and uncover the treasures it holds with a 5x3 grid of thrills! Gather precious crystal gems, activate Expanding Wilds, and watch your winnings multiply as you venture through the untamed Arctic terrain.
Players can immerse themselves in the cutting-edge gameplay element: a Shinobi strolling wild that offers substantial payouts, provided he can outmaneuver the Daimyo in martial confrontation. This game caters perfectly to those seeking a mix of high-energy action, roaming wilds, and comical visuals. Revenge of the Daimyo is a video slot with 'all ways' mechanics, played on a 5-reel, 3-row grid. Whenever the wild symbol appears, it expands to cover the entire reel.

Should Shinobi encounter the Geisha girl, she transforms him into a roaming wild, initiating a series of re-spins. If their paths intersect, the Daimyo will challenge Shinobi to combat, with random multipliers enhancing the potential rewards.

Upon meeting the seasoned Ronin, Shinobi receives a +1 multiplier enhancement from his elder mentor. The bonus feature has the potential to expand the grid to 8 rows when additional bonus symbols land.
Groovy tunes, chic icons, and an electrifying vibe define this slot's wild appeal! The Magnetic Wild feature entices players with expanding Wilds carrying multipliers of up to 100x, along with funky Free Spins.
Have you ever pondered the experience of entering a softly illuminated piano lounge late at night? The atmosphere thick with allure, enveloping you gently as the soothing melodies of lounge music fill the air.

Encounter intriguing characters like the Pretty Woman, Sportsman, Businessman, and Musician, each revealing unique facets. Activate Free Spins by aligning two male symbols adjacent to the central Pretty Woman on the reels. Above, neon signs flicker with Cocktail and Multiplier Promotions, dynamically altering with each spin, affecting all Shaker scatters that land. With Feature Buy, you have the power to select from Shaker Wild, Romance, or Free Spins.

The allure of the unknown beckons, drawing you deeper into the mysterious ambiance with every step. Midnight Romance is a sanctuary where time appears to stand still, inviting you to relish the unfolding enigma with each passing moment.
Discover the mysteries of Anubis, the deity of the Underworld, in this slot game offering free spins. Explore the Valley Of The Kings to uncover enhancements. Trigger the expansion feature by landing any Wild symbol on reels 2, 3, and 4, transforming it into a stacked wild. Choose an Icon to unveil various upgrades, such as immediate symbol enhancements and Anubis Wilds that can boost your winnings by up to x10. Reveal up to 5 enhancements for your bonus round.

Activate the Free Games bonus by landing 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. Once active, the symbol upgrade mechanic kicks in. Each Wild symbol on the screen upgrades the next highest paying symbol, while also granting extra spins, heightening the potential for significant wins during the remaining free games.
Embark on an electrifying journey entwining age-old customs and futuristic technology alongside Samur.A.I! Delve into the enigmatic realm of samurai lore intertwined with artificial intelligence, where multipliers and wilds dynamically carve through the spinning reels.

Activate the free games to unleash the might of the progressive multiplier and seize substantial victories.
Welcome to your darkest dreams. These twisted fiends reign over the inverted realm, relentlessly pursuing possession of your very soul. Forget scripture; our only recourse is to incinerate it all.

In the primary phase of the game, the Landing Activation symbol initiates a Respin. The active zone will be infused with a random symbol drawn from the remaining symbols of the xCrucifix reel. Only one Activation can land per spin. Upon the first Activation symbol landing, it will ignite three points of the Cross. It may reappear during subsequent Respins, activating an additional Cross point until all points are illuminated. With each landing of the Activation symbol, the lowest paying symbol is purged from the xCrucifix reel. While the Activation symbol may also manifest in bonus modes, it does not illuminate Cross points.

Wilds are restricted to the central reel. If a Wild lands at the junction of the Cross, the entire Cross region morphs into Wilds, each imbued with a 2x multiplier. Should the Wild land elsewhere on the Cross, the central reel transforms into Wild symbols, each accompanied by an appropriate multiplier.

xWays® symbols metamorphose into any two or three similar paying symbols, excluding Wilds, Scatters, and xActivations. Infectious Ways transform into two similar paying symbols, excluding Wilds, Scatters, and xActivations, and propagate throughout the reel area, expanding to match the size of other identical symbols.

Upon landing three Scatter symbols, nine Necromancy Spins are unleashed, illuminating three Cross positions. Each additional Scatter symbol bestows an extra spin and upgrades to Atonement Spins. Landing four Scatter symbols triggers twelve Atonement Spins, illuminating four Cross positions. Each additional Scatter symbol awards another spin, advancing to Beelzebub Spins. Finally, landing five Scatter symbols unlocks fifteen Beelzebub Spins, illuminating all Cross positions. Additional Scatter symbols continue to grant extra spins.
Dive into the heart of samurai legend with Red Panda Rising™, the newest epic from PowderKeg Studios! This 5x3 reel adventure throws you into a high-stakes battle for the golden panda Buddha's favor.

Sharpen your spirit like a katana. Wilds become your allies, morphing into potent full-reel forces and wielding unpredictable, persistent multipliers during heart-pounding free spins. Danger lurks on every spin, mirroring the volatile spirit of feudal Japan. Will you navigate the unpredictable battlefield and earn the blessings of the ancient deity, a symbol of wisdom and prosperity?

Free spins unleash a game-changing strategy. An expanded Wild takes root, persisting throughout the entire bonus, offering a powerful advantage to brave players ready to explore deeper. Each spin is your chance to forge your samurai legend. Will you ascend to glory, blessed by the golden panda, or fall victim to the battlefield's volatility? The choice is yours. Answer the call, rise to the challenge, and etch your destiny in the annals of Red Panda Rising™!
Experience the thrill of traversing the enigmatic tombs of Egypt in The Cursed King, a captivating journey filled with mystery and fortune. With its innovative 5x5 grid and dynamic Moving Wild Reel Game mechanism, every spin promises excitement and unpredictability.

Beware the ominous presence of the fallen Cursed King! As you explore the depths of ancient pyramids across 5 reels and 5 rows, your quest for Pharaohs' riches unfolds amidst perilous challenges. Keep your wits about you, for the path to wealth is fraught with peril!

With a maximum win potential of 12,500 times your initial wager across all gameplay modes, the stakes are high and the rewards are immense.

When the Pharaoh symbol graces a reel alongside a winning combination on the grid, it transforms into a formidable Cursed King Wild Reel, boasting a range of multiplier values including 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, and even 100x. Remember, only one Pharaoh symbol may land on a reel at any given time.

The Cursed King reigns as the ultimate wild symbol, capable of substituting for all other symbols in the paytable. Any winning combination featuring a Cursed King is magnified by its respective multiplier value. Should multiple Cursed Kings contribute to a win, their multipliers are combined for an even greater reward.

Unlock the bonus game by landing 3, 4, or 5 BONUS scatter symbols simultaneously during the base game, earning yourself 3, 4, or 5 free spins respectively. Throughout the bonus round, expanded Cursed King Wild Reels remain fixed in place, triggering re-spins that don't diminish your allotted free spins. Each spin sees Cursed Kings shifting left or right to adjacent reels, merging and amplifying their multipliers upon convergence. Beware, however, as Cursed Kings exiting the grid's edges vanish from play.

While the BONUS symbol remains absent during the bonus game, the Wild symbol maintains its versatile role, substituting for all symbols across both base and bonus gameplay. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure in The Cursed King, where every spin brings you closer to ancient riches and untold treasures.
Shuang Long Fu presents a plethora of valuable gifts to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As the festivities unfold, prepare to reveal your rewards. May Shuang Long Fu bestow upon you remarkable prizes, exciting features, and substantial profits to sustain you throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the game as our exotic wilds, symbolized by double dragons, offer diverse multipliers and opportunities for substantial bonuses, all in honor of the Year of the Dragon.

Shuang Long Fu is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 243 'ways pays'. It features exotic wilds that frequently appear, each offering different multipliers every spin, along with opportunities for prizepot bonuses and fortune collection.

The game boasts three distinct exotic wilds: the Green Dragon, the Red Dragon, and the Double Dragon. After each spin, any Red Dragon landing on the reels will expand the entire reel and receive a random multiplier ranging from 3x to 7x. Similarly, every Green Dragon landing on the reels will expand the entire reel and receive a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 5x. When both a Green Dragon and a Red Dragon land on the reels simultaneously, they merge into a Double Dragon, expanding the entire reel and receiving a random multiplier ranging from 5x to 50x.

In cases where exotic wilds land on multiple reels during the same spin, wins that feature multiple exotic wilds accumulate the sum of all the exotic multipliers.

Triggering free spins during the base game requires landing 3 or more Scatter symbols. Players can then choose from 3 free spin options, ranging from medium to extreme volatility: Multiplier Boost, Extra Exotic, or Extreme Exotic. Landing 3 Scatters awards an additional 12 free spins.

Each Special Symbol awards an extra free spin and extends the multiplier range of all exotic wild types by 1 to 3. This increase is achieved by adding a random amount from 1 to 3 to all the multipliers. For instance, if the multiplier range is increased by 3, the Green Dragon's range changes from 2x to 5x to a new range of 5x to 8x, the Red Dragon's range changes from 3x to 7x to 6x to 10x, and the Double Dragon's range changes from 5x to 50x to 8x to 53x.

The extended multiplier range applies to all wilds for the remaining free spins, including the spin in which the Special Symbol landed. With each additional Special Symbol landing during free spins, the exotic wild multipliers continue to increase further. However, the maximum increase from Special Symbols is capped at 20x.
Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with Xmas Drop! Join Santa on his magical adventure as he strives to deliver all the gifts in time for Christmas in this enchanting 5x5 game with paylines and the potential for a maximum win of 12,500 times your bet!

Experience the holiday cheer in three festive game modes: the base game, Night Before Xmas, and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. The excitement peaks as Wild Santa symbols take center stage. Watch as these symbols expand, bringing joy to the grid, and if the expanded symbol would contribute to at least one winning combination, it expands even further.

Expanded Wild Santa symbols count as wild on every position they cover, creating opportunities for delightful wins. The expansion is a downward affair, reaching all the way to the bottom of the grid, spreading festive cheer with each spin. Keep in mind that each reel can have only one Wild Santa symbol at a time, ensuring a harmonious blend of holiday magic.

Are you ready to unwrap your own Christmas gift in Xmas Drop? Spin the reels, follow Santa on his adventure, and revel in the festive joy as Wild Santa symbols expand to bring you delightful wins. It's time to celebrate the season with the magic of Xmas Drop!
Embark on a captivating journey into the mystical realm of ancient Egypt with our latest video slot, Golden Scrolls. This 5×6 slot game features 20 enchanting bet lines, offering the potential for monumental wins that can reach up to an astonishing 12,000 times your initial bet.

At the heart of this mesmerizing adventure are the Expanding Wild Scrolls, which gracefully extend downward, transforming every covered position into a Wild symbol. With each expansion, the multiplier grows, reaching up to an impressive x6.

Delve even deeper into the mysteries with Free Spins, where Wild Scrolls abound, enhancing your chances for extraordinary wins. And, don't miss the opportunity to trigger Super Free Spins, where all Wilds evolve into the coveted Golden Expanding Wild Scrolls, expanding in both directions for even more thrilling possibilities.

Unearth the treasures of the ancients in Golden Scrolls, and let the adventure unfold as you chase the potential for monumental wins in this captivating journey through ancient Egypt!
Take charge and lead the pack in the thrilling Wolf Peak slot game! With its 4-reel, 40-line action, this game introduces even more opportunities to win, thanks to the exciting feature of Delayed Expanding Wilds. Get ready for an adventure that will have players howling for more at Wolf Peak!
Dive into the extraordinary world of Dragon’s Mirror by Red Tiger! Awaken the dragon within you as you explore enchanted levels, revealing magnificent mythical Dragons at every turn. From the adorable Baby Dragon to the awe-inspiring power of the Dragon King, each Dragon Wild will set your gameplay ablaze with excitement.

Gather Dragon Wilds to fill your progress bar and ascend to greater heights. Land 3 or more scatters to trigger Free Spins, where these Dragon Wilds unleash their full fiery potential, creating a mesmerizing spectacle on your screen. Get ready to be spellbound by a dragon-themed adventure unlike any other.
Welcome t o Fireborn, a mythical journey into the world of dragons! In this 5-reel, 5-row game, you'll encounter majestic Gold, Red, Green, and Blue Dragons, each with unique powers and features. Get ready t o embark on a n unforgettable adventure!

The maximum win in this game is 15,000 times your bet and can be achieved in the base game and bonus game.
Listen up, Earthlings! Brace yourselves for extraterrestrial entertainment, this alien-infused 5x5 video slot that's about to abduct your boredom! Prepare to navigate through mind-blowing features that will zap you with excitement.

We're talking Expanding Multiplier Wilds that go up to x5, and a thrilling Bonus Invasion offering a galaxy of Free Spins and symbols that can be overtaken by aliens and upgraded to high pay symbols.
Dive into a Hawaiian-themed paradise with Tiki Time Exotic Wilds. Embrace the seaside view in the glistening sun with a cold beverage in hand and enjoy what this diverse slot offers. Immerse yourself into the several Exotic wilds, varying Multipliers, a Prizepot BonusES, Free Spins, and the Coin Collector, as well as enjoy the picturesque graphics and overall atmosphere!
Welcome to the dark and mysterious world of Wilds from the Crypt, where luck and terror intertwine. Prepare for an exhilarating gameplay experience like no other, where the restless spirits roam and potential fortunes await the brave!

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable encounter with Wilds from the Crypt, where every spin holds the promise of both terror and untold riches. Enter if you dare!
Are you hungry for some wild slots action? Then it’s time to Grab a Bite! Sink your teeth into some Great White Wins, with Banner Wild symbols that can stretch across an entire reel! Get into Free Spins and those Banners start to look a whole lot tastier – as bonus multipliers can pump up the wins to as much as x5 the original award!
Embark on an underwater quest and unveil the hidden treasures in Beast Below, a 5-reel, 4-row paylines slot with the potential to win up to 10,000 times your bet! The game introduces expanding wild multipliers embodied by Sirens and wild full-reel Divers, with dynamic multipliers that change the game's landscape. The maximum win can be achieved in the base game, as well as in The Sirens’ Call bonus and the Down Below bonus.

Sirens, the captivating wild symbols, expand upward to the top of the reel if their expanded form contributes to at least one winning combination. Each expanded Siren displays a multiplier value that multiplies any winning combinations involving the Siren. In cases where multiple Sirens contribute to a winning combination, their multiplier values are added before being applied to the win. It's important to note that only one Siren can appear on each reel simultaneously.

Trigger the bonus feature by landing 3 FS scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game, unlocking 10 free spins. This bonus round enhances the excitement with an increased likelihood of landing Siren symbols compared to the base game.

Alternatively, land 4 FS scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game to trigger the Down Below bonus feature, also starting with 10 free spins. This bonus introduces the expanding Diver symbol, transforming into a full Diver reel upon landing. Divers act as wild multipliers, persisting for a limited number of subsequent spins after expansion. Each expanded Diver begins with 3 Oxygen Charges, gradually depleting with each spin. At the start of each spin, a Diver may relocate to an adjacent reel by consuming 1 Charge, simultaneously updating the Diver's multiplier. The dynamic gameplay of Beast Below unfolds in both the serene base game and the thrilling bonus features.
Welcome to Megaways™ Bushido Princess, a game that will transport you to a magical world of honour, bravery, and excitement! In this game, you’ll enter the dojo of the Bushido Princess, a noble princess and a skilled warrior who’s ready to help you win big. With beautiful graphics, immersive sound effects, and plenty of features to keep you entertained, this game is sure to be a hit with players of all kinds.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sword and get ready to do battle with the Megaways™ Bushido Princess in this thrilling online slots game. With its beautiful graphics, exciting features, and the chance to win big, it’s a game you won’t want to miss!
Greek deities clash in Zeus VS Hades – Gods of War, presenting players with an epic confrontation. This game offers selectable volatility levels – Olympus and Hades – with the latter, ruler of the underworld, being the more volatile option.

Players can trigger two distinct bonuses, each featuring Expanding Wilds that can appear on any reel. Within these bonus rounds, players witness a fierce battle between the two powerful titans.

Regardless of the outcome, victorious players can anticipate multipliers of up to 100x to enhance their rewards. Additionally, any wild reels obtained will remain locked in position for subsequent spins, significantly increasing the chances of winning substantial prizes, with a maximum potential win of 15,000x.
Rest assured, Jasmine Dreams™ is brimming with abundant victories. Across a 5x3 reel layout, Jasmine Dreams™ showcases symbols of rings, treasure chests, swords, and more, accompanied by a special symbol that acts as a substitute. This substitute symbol is substantial enough to occupy an entire reel when it lands in a fortuitous position, enhancing players' chances of securing wins.

Upon landing three scatter symbols, players unlock six thrilling free spins during which these sizable substitutes can shift up or down the reels to create wild reels. Furthermore, the bonus round introduces an escalating game multiplier, increasing with each additional substitute symbol on the screen.

With the presence of wild reels in both the base game and free spins round, this slot demands attention!

Trigger the FREE SPINS feature by landing 3 or more SCATTER symbols, granting 6 free spins. During this phase, any fully or partially expanded WILD symbols add +1x to a cumulative multiplier. Screens featuring two expanded WILDS covering 3 positions enjoy a 3x multiplier, while those with three expanded WILDS garner a 4x multiplier.

Whenever an expanded WILD partially appears on the screen, the game initiates a respin, causing the stacked WILD to shift up or down one position. Respins continue until all expanded WILDS cover 3 positions, with payouts occurring between each respin.
It's showdown time... Draw and shoot to lock in wild reels!

Welcome to Wild West Duels™, where a new sheriff reigns supreme in this cowboy-themed slot packed with thrilling bonuses. Across the 5x5 reels, players will find cowboy hats, boots, and more, aiming to form matching combinations across the 15-payline grid for hefty rewards.

This release boasts three distinct bonuses. In the Lost Relic bonus, players unearth wilds and multipliers that remain active for three subsequent spins. The Duel bonus offers 10 spins with expanding wild reels and attached multipliers, with prizes determined by the outcome of a duel. The Beer free spins feature multiplier wilds that persist throughout all 10 spins, promising a wild-west-style bonanza.

The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except for the SCATTER. It can appear on any reel. In both the base game and the DUEL feature, the Wild symbol may randomly expand to cover the entire reel, sporting a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 100x, applied to all winning combinations it contributes to. Expansion occurs only if it leads to at least one win.

Land 3 or more BEER GAME SCATTER symbols to activate the BEER GAME free spins, granting 10 free spins. During this feature, any Wild symbol that lands receives a random multiplier of 2x or 3x and remains in place for the duration of the round. These multipliers apply to all wins involving the Wilds, with multiple Wilds in a winning combination adding their multipliers together. However, the expanding Wild feature is disabled during the Beer Game.

Trigger the DUEL free spins by landing 3 or more DUEL SCATTER symbols, awarding 10 free spins. This round features the expanding Wild mechanic. With every spin, at least one Wild symbol is guaranteed to land in a random position, with the potential to expand.

Activate the LOST RELICS free spins by landing 3 or more LOST RELICS SCATTER symbols, granting 3 free spins. Before the round begins, players select 9 shovels from a grid of 25 to reveal random numbers of Wilds and multipliers. During each spin, the number of Wilds guaranteed to land is equal to the sum collected at the start. All wins are multiplied by the total multiplier collected initially, although the expanding Wild feature is not available during the Lost Relics feature.
Wild Chapo has landed himself behind bars. Prove your loyalty for a share of his stowed-away gold.

Break him out of this 6x3 prison; dig through 25 pay lines, Wild Re-spins, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, and Multipliers, and brace yourself for a whole lot of BANGS in the Final Spin feature. If you simply can’t wait to have our Mexican menace out where he belongs, bail him out using the Buy feature.

The countdown starts now, there’s no time to waste, hop onto his steed and head for the county jail, your loyalty is priceless and his liberty is worth up to 20,000x your stake!
Dust off your dancing shoes and fluff up your boas, the Great Pigsby is opening his doors once again, this time with Megaways! Drape yourself in glitz and glam, the party is in full swing in this decadent 6x7 video slot. Let the champagne flow and Megaways carry you away to the golen age, this medium volatility game is all about good times.

Trigger 10 free spins featuring expanding wilds and raise your glasses to bigger wins, as every second spin replaces low-value symbols with the same mid or high-paying symbol. Hitting the Great Pigsby spin can lead to the American Dream as the reels are enriched with extra Pigsby symbols for bigger wins. That sounds like an excuse for a party, let’s get rowdy!
Thrym, the mighty Ice King of Jotunheim, has stolen Mjölnir. In exchange for its return, he demands Freya’s hand in marriage.

Freya has other ideas it’s up to Thor and Loki to find a way to retrieve the hammer. Of course, the God of Mischief has a trick up his sleeve. Thor will disguise himself as Freya and enter the kingdom, steal the hammer and sneak back out – which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Tales of Asgard: Freya’s Wedding is a 5-reel video slot game with 30 fixed paylines. WILD symbols substitute for all symbols (except SCATTER) and can appear on all reels. WILDS can appear as a single WILD or an expanded WILD covering 4 symbols high. FREYA symbols are only available in base game and replaced by THOR symbols in FREE SPINS
Take an exciting journey to ancient Greece, where the magnificent Colossus of Rhodes stands proud over the reels and the Rising Flame brings you lucrative multipliers – welcome to Colossus: Hold & Win.
The Magician is always ready with a surprise, and it might just translate into substantial wins. Wild symbols play a crucial role in helping players complete winning paylines, while the appearance of 3 Scatter symbols triggers the exciting Free Spins round. Within this round, players can encounter expanding Wilds or Sticky Wilds, ensuring a truly enchanting slot experience.

Above reels 2, 3, and 4, three boxes come into play. Each box can potentially contain a multiplier on every spin. If a Wild emerges below a box, regardless of its position, it adopts the multiplier displayed in the corresponding box above. The multipliers on Wilds add up on the same line.

When a WILD lands on the screen, it holds the potential to expand across the entire reel. In doing so, it carries a multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x.

Activation of 3 or more scatters initiates the Free Spin session, presenting players with two distinct options. Players have the autonomy to choose the Free Spin type they prefer. Each option comes with its own retrigger conditions and the number of awarded free spins.

The first Free Spin option grants 10 free spins. If 3 or more scatters appear during a free spin, an additional 10 free spins are bestowed. Notably, when a WILD lands on reels 3 or 4, it triggers the re-spins mode. Starting from the initial re-spin, the WILD expands to cover the entire reel with a 1x multiplier. The game continues to spin until a win is not achieved, at which point it halts. Subsequent wins increase the multiplier on the expanded WILD by 1x. If a wild lands on both reels 3 and 4 in the same re-spin session, all wins are multiplied by the product of the WILD multipliers (e.g., if reel 3 has a 5x stack and reel 4 has a 6x stack, the total multiplier is 30x). After the re-spin, the next Free Game will be played. It's possible to win multiple re-spin sessions in the same feature.

The second Free Spin option offers 8 free spins. At the feature's commencement, the game selects a paying symbol (excluding the scatter). Throughout the feature, any occurrence of the chosen symbol within reels 2, 3, 4, or 5 transforms into a WILD. These WILDs remain sticky for the duration of the feature. A full reel of WILDS awards an extra 3 Free Games, and landing more than one full reel in the same spin still grants 3 Free Games. No scatters can appear during this feature.
Be part of the tribe in Mystic Chief™, the 576 ways to win videoslot where the Native Americans’ magic is revealed in the Free Spins round with every Bonus symbol awarding more Free Games. Delve into the Free Spins round, where the Chief's wisdom guides you towards unimaginable riches, with every Bonus symbol unlocking more Free Games.

Triggering the Free Games feature is as simple as landing 3 or more Scatters, rewarding you with 8 spins. Additionally, the possibility of 3 or more Scatters combined with 2 Bonus symbols launches the Free Games Bonus feature, offering 10 spins. Notably, the 2 Bonus symbols persist as sticky throughout the entire Free game session. Scatter symbols do not make an appearance in Free games or Free games bonus reels, eliminating the chance of a retrigger.

Within each free spin, at least one expanded Wild symbol graces the screen. Furthermore, the presence of each new Bonus symbol awards an additional Free game spin, enhancing the longevity of the feature. Wild symbols operate in the same manner as in the base game.

Should you land 2 Bonus symbols in a single spin, the game transforms the free games into the Random WILD bonus for the remaining spins and adds 2 more spins to your play. The Random Wild feature triggers when 2 Bonus symbols appear on reels 1 and 5, transforming a random number of regular symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 into Wilds before evaluating the win.

In the case of the Expanding Wild feature, the expanded Wild is displayed first, showcasing its multiplier, followed by the transformation of all remaining chosen symbols into Wilds. Once the Random Wild bonus is triggered in Free games, it endures for the remainder of the free spins, with the Bonus symbols remaining sticky, and no additional Bonus symbols can be acquired. Embark on this mystical journey with Mystic Chief™, and let the secrets of the tribe unfold before your eyes.
Wanted Dead or a Wild is an immersive Western-themed slot game featuring ruthless outlaws, duels, and heists. With a 5-reel, 5-row setup, it offers an action-packed experience, boasting a maximum win of 12,500 times the bet. The game introduces the innovative DuelReels™ mechanic triggered by VS symbols, expanding into wild reels during winning combos. The DuelReels™ feature showcases duels between outlaws, with the victorious one granting spoils and a multiplier applied to the entire reel.

The game includes a thrilling train heist bonus game where all Wild symbols are sticky, contributing to numerous winning combinations. The goal is to fill the screen with sticky Wild symbols for a grand prize. The Western atmosphere is heightened with the chance of multiple VS symbols, potentially filling up to five expanded DuelReels™ in a single spin.

After the chaos settles, a unique two-phase bonus game begins, involving collecting Wild symbols and multipliers in the first phase. These collected elements come into play during the Showdown phase, where Wild symbols are randomly added to positions on every spin, and the accumulated multiplier boosts all wins. The game offers players the excitement of Western duels, heists, and the opportunity for significant wins through its innovative features.
Vikings Creed is a feature packed slot with a maximum win of 5000 times bet. The Viking symbol is a Walking Wild substituting for all symbols except Scatters and awards a 2x win multiplier. Wilds can appear on any reel triggering a Free Re-Spin during which it moves one position to the left.

Additional re-spins are awarded until the last Wild reach the left-most reel. Adding to the excitement in the base game is the “Wild Berserk” feature which randomly place 3-5 Walking Wilds on the reels.

Three+ scattered Crow-symbols award 6 Free Spins with Expanding Walking Wilds. By covering all three reel positions the Free Spin bonus holds massive win potential.
Join the audacious adventurer on his quest for ancient riches ‘Show me the Mummy’, Booming Games’ 5x3 medium-high volatility slot, features Expanding Mystery Wild Multipliers, and Major Free Spins with only 3 Majors and 2 Locked Wild Reels. With fun features and playful animations, this game is sure to bring out the inner trail-blazer in your players.

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