Introducing the ultimate adventurer, a delightful and occasionally absent-minded seeker. With the aid of his well-worn tome, he ventures forth to enlist the aid of jungle creatures in solving enigmas and claiming victories. Immerse yourself in the thrill of each unique spin, activating three successive animal features along with the enticing free spins round, promising multiplied fun and rewards. Brace yourself for chuckles and thrills with every whirl!
Witness beavers like never before – these aren't your ordinary dam builders. These beavers are renowned for throwing the most extravagant disco parties along the riverbanks, and they're not shy about taking some creative shortcuts when constructing their opulent 4-story dream dam!

Introducing Dam Beavers, a thrilling 5-column, 5-row explosive slot game that introduces the innovative CollectR™ mechanic. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience featuring wilds, coin wins, an expanding game grid, symbol swaps, symbol upgrades, and not one but two bonus games, all bundled into a game that holds the potential for an impressive 10,000x bet win.

To unlock the bonus game, collect 3 pies and enjoy 5 free drops. The floor level, progress on the feature meter, payout level of the fruits, and the accumulation of additional bonus symbols persist throughout the bonus game, which can be retriggered multiple times. Get ready for a wild ride with these party-loving, shortcut-taking Dam Beavers!
Join the hostess with the mostest Peggy and her BFFs, Tina and Lisa, as they start an exciting new venture in Peggy Sweets. Set in a '50s-themed roller diner with funky pop music and flashing neon lights, join the dynamic trio as they serve up delicious treats and unique features.

Each server bring a unique twist to the reels, with Symbol Swaps, Double Symbols and Multipliers, depending on who is working their shift. Free Spins brings a lunch time rush, where you'll find all three friends whizzing round serving up their specialties to lucky players (sometimes at the same time!). In the Peggy Sweets diner it's all about customer service, and when the girls participate in a scatter win, they fill up a progress bar which when full, will award additional Free Spins!

Fire up the jukebox and relive nostalgic '50s Americana in Peggy Sweets, where service with a smile is guaranteed.
The familiar world has crumbled, and the zombie apocalypse is upon us! Survival in this new reality hinges on navigating through the undead and steering clear of the deranged scientist responsible for their creation. Rotten unfolds on a 6x5 grid slot with paylines, featuring the innovative SwitchSpinsTM mechanic, two thrilling bonus games, and a maximum win potential of 10,000x!

Activate SwitchSpinsTM by landing the Switch scatter symbol. These respins replace selected symbols (1-9) with either the game's highest paying symbol or wild symbols. The feature can grant 1 to 10 respins, and additional respins and symbols can be added by landing new Switch symbols during the ongoing feature. The symbol to be replaced and the remaining SwitchSpinsTM in the current set are displayed in the top right corner of the grid, with the specific symbols slated for replacement shown in the center above the grid.

Upon the conclusion of the current set of SwitchSpinsTM, the selected replaced symbols are reset. If a bonus game is triggered while SwitchSpinsTM are active, the ongoing set finishes before transitioning into the bonus game.

Trigger the Mad Scientist bonus game by landing 3 Scientist scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game, awarding 10 free spins. This bonus enhances the chance of landing the Switch symbol to activate the SwitchSpinsTM feature compared to the base game.

Landing 3 Total Takeover scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game or during the Mad Scientist bonus game triggers the Total Takeover bonus game. This bonus also awards 10 free spins, and there's an increased likelihood of landing the Switch symbol to initiate the SwitchSpinsTM feature. Moreover, all selected symbols for replacement are progressively saved, persisting across SwitchSpinsTM sets. Accumulate them all to fill the screen entirely with the highest paying or wild symbol. Landing 3 Total Takeover symbols during the feature grants an extra 4 free spins, intensifying the excitement of survival in this post-apocalyptic world!
REEL OF RICHESTM is a 3 rows - 5 columns video slot with 20 paylines in the base game and up to 32 active paylines in various Free Spins modes. The theme of this video slot is based on the adventurous exploration of an ancient Egyptian tomb set in the early 20th century.

Land 2 scatters in the base game to trigger the DIVINE TRANSFORMATION, which turns all scatters into wilds. Venture deeper into the tomb by landing 3, 4 or 5 scatters and trigger either 7 FREE SPINS, 7 SUPER FREE SPINS or 7 MEGA FREE SPINS respectively.

Each mode is played with a unique set of extpanded reels increasing the number of active payline to 24, 28 or 32. The REEL OF RICHES on reel 3 becomes a river of molten gold and turns all its symbols into wilds. Additionally, reel 3 turns into a molten river of gold and transforms all symbols on its reel into wilds.
Bursting with the sweet taste of juicy wins, is Gold CherryTM a classic fruit-themed slot with a reel configuration of 5x3 and 10 win-lines.

Gold Cherry is packed with fun Wilds, vibrant symbols, and crisp, dynamic graphics, for a fun and exciting iGaming experience, all players can enjoy. It features a novel modification wheel, that spins above the reels to convert symbols into Wilds and to multiply prizes, while heightening the anticipation and thrill of potentially winning big!

Giving players multiple chances of bagging a win in the base game, all dark cherry symbols in view will transform into the golden cherry, known as the ‘Wild’, when the wheel lands on a gold segment. Three bonus symbols in view, awards players with entry into the fun Gold Cherry Free Spins Bonus, with a complimentary 10 Free Spins.

Featuring additional Wild segments on the wheel and extra cherries on the reels, the Bonus round offers players an 80/20 chance of transforming all cherries that land into Wilds, improving the player’s chance of scoring wins! If the player lands on a x2 segment of the wheel, their prizes are multiplied, giving them an even greater chance of achieving a juicy win!
Ahoy Pirates, get onboard! Among the treacherous beaches and Shifting Seas awaits treasures only worth a true Pirate. Get ready to embark into this action packed sea adventure with an maximum potential up to 117.649 Pay ways and Shifting reels, Avalanche feature, Special Wild features, Wilds and Bonus game with Free Spins.
As the prominent constellation in the galaxy, the majestic Stars of Orion shine brightly through space, spreading riches across all parts of the cosmos.

Stars of Orion is a 6 column 8 rows celestial slot in the ELK Gravity series. It comes with increasing win multipliers, Magic features, Super symbols, a bonus, and a Super bonus!

3 or more bonus symbols trigger the Free Drops bonus game. During the bonus game, the Magic Meter is persistent. If bonus symbols are red, the Super Bonus game is triggered with a higher probability to hit Super Symbols.
Indulge in the delectable world of Tasty Treats, a mouth-watering treat-themed game that introduces Bubble Boosters, a delightful feature filled with bubbles containing overlaying multipliers and wild symbols. This cluster-win-based game unfolds on a 6x5 grid, offering a tantalizing maximum win of 10,000 times your bet.

The Bubble Boosters feature is a thrilling addition, featuring rising bubbles that burst over the grid at random positions. These bubbles come in various sizes and can contain overlaying multipliers and wild symbols. If the multipliers land on a winning cluster, their values multiply the win amount. Each spin or collapse carries a random chance to trigger 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bubbles, ranging in size from 1x1 to 3x3. The smallest bubbles hold one feature symbol and cover a single position on the grid upon bursting, while the largest ones encompass 9 feature symbols and can cover a 3x3 grid.

Overlaying multipliers within the bubbles can take on values such as 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 25x, 50x, or an impressive 100x. If two or more multipliers land on the same position or winning cluster, their values are first summed up before being multiplied by the win amount.

Trigger the free spin feature by landing three free spins symbols, with each symbol transforming into a number representing the total number of free spins. The sum of all the numbers determines the total number of free spins, ranging from 6 to 15. This feature introduces additional Bubble Boosters compared to the main game, enhancing the excitement. Look out for re-trigger free spin symbols that can extend the free spin festivities!

Additionally, watch for the whimsical monster hands, which trigger randomly to remove symbols from the grid, making way for fresh ones. The monster hands can clear symbols from the first three columns, the last three columns, or all columns, adding an extra layer of unpredictability to your delightful gaming experience in Tasty Treats.
Editors Choice
The 5th action-packed instalment of the Tumble Series continues the onward journey from Temple Tumble, deep in the Himalayan wilderness on the outskirts of Nepal. Upon hearing that her husband has transmitted an emergency signal, our adventurer immediately abandons her current expedition and circles the globe to mount the audacious rescue!

Players must navigate the 8x8 grid, clearing all tiles that stand in their way! With a variable amount of symbols in play, wins must be formed to destroy all the surrounding blocks, or land 3 scatters to access the Temple! With the Cluster Pays mechanic, tumble wins are your closest ally. Additional help comes in the form of wilds and power-up blocks that contain magical features. When active, power-up blocks offer extra wilds, Lightning Wins and Fire Transform features that convert into targeted symbols in this highly volatile quest.

Once passage to the Temple is granted, 5 free spins are awarded as aid in the mission’s success - All that remains is to gather as much loot as possible while helping this courageous lady save her man!
In Paris, there is a museum that holds the world’s treasures. When night falls, these treasures become vulnerable to the sticky fingers of a notorious Thief, who is crafty and makes off with a treasure each time he “visits” the museum. But the chase is on – the museum’s Cop is hot on the Thief’s trail!

When the Thief and the Cop land adjacently on the reels, a Wild Explosion is triggered, turning all surrounding symbols to WILDS!

The clever game of cat and mouse is played out on the reels, in a constant cycle of steal and return between the Thief and the Cop. When 3 MONA LISA SCATTERS occur on the reels, the open-ended FREE SPINS mode begins, and your players can experience up to 1000 FREE SPINS as the Cop chases the Thief all around the reels! The Cop is always one step closer to his clever quarry.

This sequel to our smash hit A NIGHT IN PARIS will have your players glued to their devices, watching the antics of the wily Thief and dedicated Cop while playing RETURN TO PARIS!
Step into a world of Norse mythology, and play with the mighty Hammer Gods. Are you strong enough to wield the bellows? Watch them forge beautiful works of protection, alight with power and magic. Experience the might of the Brokkr Hammer, where its appearance turns all low-paying symbols into a single high-paying symbol type when triggered.

Following execution turns one high-paying symbol type into a better high-paying symbol type. Test your creativity and your mastery of metals, and travel beneath the mountain. See if you're worthy to work alongside the gods - enjoy the thrill and the heat of the forge! What are you waiting for?
Have you got the Beriched touch? Make magical recipes in this all new game and experience wonderful wins! The cauldron is bubbling in anticipation, so what are you waiting for? At the start of the first spin made on every stake you will be given a random set of symbols known as The Recipe.

One or more matches on every reel completes the recipe, turns all matching symbols into Wilds for the current spin, and removes the recipe pattern. After you successfully completed a recipe, a new pattern will emerge on the next spin, and you have the chance for even bigger prizes. Dust off your spell books, don your magic hat, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Play now and receive your winning recipe!
Wild animals are the stars of this African-themed game. In the dust and rising heat of the savanna only intrepid adventurers dare to take on the awesome beasts and claim the rewards on offer. In the land of big game, the fight for survival and supremacy is determined by the spin of a reel. Will you reign supreme in your quest to be king of the savanna?
Not all pirates sail the high seas! Some prefer to stick to the shallows. Plunge into the colorful world of the Reef Raider and find out what he’s up to inside his rock pool. Reef Raider™ is a 7x7 cluster pays mechanic slot, feature-packed and bursting with fun. Five or more adjacent symbols of the same type award a cluster win. Cluster wins trigger the Avalanche™ feature.

Reels are encircled by a ‘Treasure Trail’ consisting of 15 ‘meter bars’. These bars are initially uncharged, but each time a Clam Wild is removed from the play area because of a cluster win, 1 bar of the Treasure Trail meter is charged. The Reef Raider -- a crazy pirate crustacean searching for treasure -- moves along the treasure trail as its meter bars get charged.

Features lie at each of the four points along the Treasure Trail and are activated when the Reef Raider arrives at that point along the track. Features include the Anchor Drop Feature, Random Wilds Feature, Mystery Chest Feature, and the Canon Blast Feature. 15 or more charged Treasure Trail meter bars triggers Free Spins.
Deep in the Nordic woodlands, three celestial guardians are giving riches to eons and grant fortunes through their crystal ball. Aligning themselves through fate, their multiplying forces are not to take lightly!

Fate of Fortune is a 5 reels 1-5 rows mystic slot. It comes with mystery symbols, four type of wilds, symbol swap, multiplying multipliers and a bonus game with progressive multipliers.
Step into a realm filled with magical potions and enigmatic books with The Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew, a 7×7 videoslot where clusters of at least 5 matching symbols bring forth winnings. The symbols that lead to victories serve as the essential ingredients for concocting an enchanted brew, manifested as a modifier. Marked symbols, once part of a winning combination, generously scatter Wilds across the grid. Achieve five cauldron-filling spins and unlock the secrets of the Potion of Darkness or the Unicorn Dust, each carrying multipliers reaching up to 20x. Welcome to a world where spells are cast and fortunes are brewed!

After a successful spin, winning symbols vanish, allowing those above to fall, while Elixir Wilds come into play. These wilds activate if the base spin doesn't yield any wins, appearing on the first re-spin after the base game. Their number, ranging from 0 to 8, is randomly determined. Elixir Wilds land on random positions, avoiding stacking on each other. If not part of a winning combination, they persist through re-spins; otherwise, they burn.

Re-spins commence with any base game win and conclude when there are no wins and the Cauldron lacks Potions. Winning positions burn, making way for symbols descending from the top, excluding positions where Unicorns have relocated.

Filling the Cauldron involves adding winning positions to it, regardless of multiple combinations. This process starts in the base game and continues during re-spins. Even after triggering Potions, the Cauldron continues to fill with winning positions.

Potions are added to the Cauldron when 25 winning positions accumulate. Up to four Potions (Befuddlement, Invisibrew, Transfiguration, or Enlargement) may be added during a single re-spin. The fifth Potion (Darkness or Unicorn Dust) is randomly chosen and marks the limit. Potions may be added even after triggering.

Potions are triggered during re-spins without wins, following the order in which they were added to the Cauldron. Each Potion triggers only once, in the order added, and subsequent triggers follow suit. After a Potion triggers, new win combinations may appear, and re-spins continue until no wins occur.

Befuddlement transforms high symbols into low symbols, with the mapping chosen randomly. No compensations are made for the absence of high symbols. Invisibrew evaporates low-paying symbols, and new symbols drop from the top. No compensations are made for the absence of low symbols. Transfiguration chooses one random low-paying symbol and turns it into a randomly chosen high-paying symbol. No compensations are made for the absence of low symbols. Enlargement randomly chooses the size of an enlargement area on the screen and expands symbols to fill the chosen area. Expanding symbols may overlay any other symbols, including Wilds.

Perfect Potions (Darkness and Unicorn Dust) guarantee new wins when triggered. If no wins occur, the screen clears, and the Potion reapplies until a win is achieved. Darkness is the last Potion, allowing only high symbols. Unicorn Dust introduces 3 or 4 Unicorns with 1x or 2x multipliers, jumping to adjacent burnt positions.
Off the coast of Antarctica, there’s an island unlike any other! Tony Toucano & Fiona Flamingo got tired of migrating every year and decided to stay put and create their own little paradise stacked with all the things they love! Palm trees, snowflakes, beach huts and frozen fruit, welcome to Tropicool! Tropicool is a 6 columns 6 rows frosty slot with an additional feature reel. It comes with stacked symbols, locked wilds a surprising row swap feature, and a bonus game with progressive multipliers.
Join the dynamic Moai duo... as they set off on their own holiday adventures! Accompanied by their trusty bird companion, experience the excitement of Venice Beach and chase after enormous wins!

Easter Island 2 presents a thrilling Video Slot experience with 6 reels and 25-55 paylines spanning from left to right. Featuring 9 regular symbols, aligning three or more in a sequence from the leftmost position on a payline results in a win. Among these symbols, there are 5 high-paying animal statues and 4 low-paying wooden suits. Additionally, a Wild symbol stands ready to substitute for all regular symbols.

Each successful spin triggers a re-spin. If the winning symbol is a low-paying one, it replaces all other low symbols for the re-spin; similarly, if it's a high-paying symbol, it replaces all other high symbols for the re-spin. Regardless of the outcome, each round concludes after the one re-spin.

Achieving 4, 5, or 6-of-a-kind combinations leads to reels with colossal blocks: A 4-of-a-kind win awards 2x2 Colossal Blocks.A 5-of-a-kind win awards 3x3 Colossal Blocks. A 6-of-a-kind win awards 4x4 Colossal Blocks. Moreover, a wild colossal symbol may appear on the colossal reel.

In the base game, a 6-of-a-kind win expands the game machine to 8x6 with 55 paylines for the re-spin, offering even more chances for excitement and rewards.
Get your coins ready, we got some epic high-speed pinball action coming your way! Bompers brings back your fondest memories from the arcade hall and mixes them up with a full bag of thrilling new slot features. How will you bump, nudge and tilt to beat the high score?

Bompers is the third slot in the ELK Gravity Series and the first slot with X-iter™ modes! This 6 column up to 8 rows tilted slot comes with random wilds, sticky wilds, upgrading symbols, and a free drops bonus game.
Luna Fortuna is a Sailor Moon-themed video slot from Red Tiger with cluster pays, free spins and wild substitutions.
Prepare to face the ancient deities of Greece in TAKE OLYMPUS, the newest 5 reel, 50 payline video slot by Betsoft Gaming! This visually stunning game cycles through four Olympian Gods – Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon, and Hades. Each God has their own special powers, which will lead you to eternal rewards!

Take on the powers of the other Gods alongside the Mighty King of the Gods – Zeus! The ruler of Mount Olympus, Zeus, in any configuration, is WILD. When he appears in a 4-symbol tall configuration, he will award the player 10 FREE SPINS, if all 4 other Gods are also present on the reels!

Join the Master of all Tides – Poseidon, the God of Light – Apollo, Lord of the Underworld – Hades and the Goddess of Love – Aphrodite, and get a taste of the cherished immortality. Every 10 spins, the endless cycle of the Gods turns, bringing new powers with each new God! Multipliers, wilds, and more await you on Olympus!
Denied immediate access to Earth, the casino space station embarks on a journey to new promising frontiers in the solar system. Drawn by the superior gravity of Jupiter, the course is set to the fourth largest moon, Io! A geological, volcanic marvel, and home to immense amounts of invaluable minerals.

Io is a universal slot with gravity mechanics that draws symbols to slide left and right on their way downwards, bringing more of them into play. Rows are added for each win up to 8 rows and 262 144 ways to win!
Micro Knights is an action-packed slot in the ELK Friends Series. This intense game offers a lot for the player to discover. Symbols drop down onto the 7×7 symbol grid, where clusters of 5-or-more symbols generate a win. Providing an additional dimension to the game is the symbol queue.

It collects a reserve of symbols ready to be matched with symbols on the grid to form new winning clusters. It is also able to boost existing clusters generating even higher wins! Every symbol drop is exciting and all wins, big or small, contribute and increase the chance to trigger one flag feature after another.
Something peculiar is unfolding amidst the vast fields of the Midwest - the farm animals appear rather unsettled by the unusual occurrences taking place both day and night. An imperceptible force, akin to a Tractor Beam, persistently vexes the farm creatures, lifting them up and setting them down at whim. The enigmatic beings controlling this phenomenon dictate the fates of these hapless animals, snatching them away or any other material as they desire.

Tractor Beam, a video slot game, showcases three distinct features, all under the influence of the veiled Alien spacecraft - Beam ‘Em Up!, Clone Attack!, and Abduction Spins.

Operating at high volatility, Tractor Beam offers a frequent chance of winning, with a successful outcome occurring approximately once in every three spins. However, the true rewards lie within the Tractor Beam features - fostering goodwill towards the Aliens may prove advantageous, as they arrive in peace...

Beam ‘Em Up! spontaneously activates during any spin, dissipating all non-organic symbols to fuel the spaceship's needs. Consequently, only high-paying symbols and wilds grace these spins.

The Clone Attack! feature materializes unpredictably during any spin, summoning forth one of the farm animals in sizable stacks. This volatile feature promises substantial rewards or none at all...

Abduction Spins, initiated by three or more Scatters, bestows 7, 9, or 12 spins, initiating a Free Spin mode where victorious symbols vanish from the reels. Wilds persist amidst the chaos, while each abducted Scatter grants an additional spin. Should the Aliens snatch away all symbols, players are left solely with Wilds for the remaining spins!
Reactor is a futuristic and feature-rich 5x3 slot which pays both ways and has a huge win potential of 5,000x stake! The reels are full of gems but the main targets are the batteries with each one triggering a different feature including a Respin, Symbol Swaps, Random Wilds, a Mega Wild and the Random Win Multiplier.

The more batteries landed, the more features are triggered one after the other for the chance of big rewards!
It's time to aid some flightless friends in breaking free from Penguin City, where the powerful Emperor Penguin is holding his tiny companions captive in his devious food emporium!

The game's main attraction is the Penguin Liberation Mode, which kicks in when a Wild symbol appears on either the 2nd or 4th reel during a winning spin. This Wild remains fixed in place throughout the Liberation Mode, which continues to spin until a non-winning spin occurs. Throughout this mode, Penguins appearing on each spin can grant players an extra Sticky Wild on the 2nd or 4th reel, or swap a symbol on the 3rd reel to secure a win. As an added perk, players can encounter a stacked Emperor Wild, which gradually descends one row per spin, ensuring respins until it exits the reels! So, let's spin those reels and assist the penguins in spreading their wings while amassing substantial victories!

Trigger the Penguin Liberation Mode by landing a win with a Wild symbol during the base game. Once activated, remain in this mode as long as your winning streak persists. Within this mode, each spin features a penguin attempting its escape, unless the Stacked Emperor Wild is present. If the penguin successfully jumps onto the reels, one of two outcomes occurs: either a Sticky Wild is added to reels 2 or 4 during a winning spin, or a symbol on reel 3 is switched to ensure a win on a losing spin. Conversely, if the penguin's attempt fails, no changes take place on the reels. Throughout this mode, all spins adhere to the same rules as the base game. However, it's important to note that increasing the bet size will reset all Sticky Wilds and promptly end the Penguin Liberation Mode.

During the Penguin Liberation Mode, the Stacked Emperor Wild appears on the third reel, consisting of three stacked Wild symbols. His presence guarantees a win whenever any part of him lands on the reels. With each spin, he descends by one reel position until he disappears. Notably, while the Stacked Emperor Wild is active, penguins refrain from attempting their daring escapes.

Wilds act as substitutes for all regular symbols. When a regular Wild symbol contributes to a win, it remains on the reels for the next spin.
Asgard™ beckons with blessings from Viking Gods in this 3x5, 25-line video slot. Each deity bestows fortune – Thor changes royals into wilds, Loki triggers mysterious stacked symbols, Freyja adds random wilds, and Odin releases expanded wilds. Throughout the Free Spins feature, one of these blessings remains guaranteed for the entire round.

Before the commencement of the free spins, one of four types of FREE SPINS is randomly chosen. In the "ROYALS REPLACED WITH WILD SYMBOLS" variant, 5 free spins are granted for the entire round, where A, K, Q, J, and 10 on the reels are substituted with the ASGARD symbol. This feature is non-retriggerable, and special reels are active during the round.

Throughout the entire duration of the round, every spin witnesses random reels transforming into fully stacked Asgard symbols, occurring on any reel from 1 to 5. Similar to the previous feature, this one cannot be retriggered, and special reels are in play during the round.
This Easter, Easter Island is poised for rediscovery by throngs of intrepid slot players worldwide!

Greeted by two majestic moai statues, adventurers are welcomed to our idyllic Pacific haven, where each victory triggers a thrilling respin, with the triumphant symbol replacing either all high or low-paying symbols. Achieve a win line with 4 or 5 symbols, and watch your reels grow up to 4 rows taller! Adding to the excitement, sticky wilds on reels 2 and 4 unfailingly expand to envelop the entire reel. Anticipate your players prolonging their stay on this joyful and enchanting island of mystery!

Every successful spin in the base game sets off a respin (subsequent respins do not trigger further respins).

Respins always introduce the Symbol Swap feature to amplify potential wins as follows: If low-paying symbols form the winning combination, all other low-paying symbols are substituted with the winning symbol for the respin (replacing the remaining 3 low-paying symbols). If high-paying symbols lead to victory, all other high-paying symbols are swapped with the winning symbol for the respin (replacing the other 4 high-paying symbols). The bet size remains constant during respins. The symbol swap feature activates before the respin reels come to a halt.

Reels expand vertically during the Symbol Swap Respin as follows: Achieving a 3-symbol win in the base game results in no reel expansion (respins feature 27 paylines). A 4-symbol win in the base game triggers the addition of 2 extra rows (respins feature 65 paylines). A 5-symbol win in the base game leads to the addition of 4 extra rows (respins feature 103 paylines). In instances where a player achieves 3, 4, and 5-symbol wins in the base game, only the highest win triggers a reel expansion. All reels revert to their regular size after the respin.

Whenever wild symbols land on winning spins in either the base game or any respin, they expand to encompass the entire reel. Wilds landed during winning base game spins remain sticky for the Symbol Swap Respin and also expand to cover the full reel with the Expanding Reels feature.
Editors Choice
This fun and feature-packed slot stars two ROCKET MEN, Kim and Don. Scatter symbols for the two characters may land on the reels on any spin resulting in an entertaining variety of bonuses.

If a character appears alone, join him for a bonus round of his favorite hobby: Don's Driving Range or Kim's Little Game. If both characters appear together let battle commence and shoot for unlimited Nuclear Spins while WILD rockets fly!
Editors Choice
Snow Wild and the 7 Features stands out as an exceptional, bonus-packed animated slot game crafted by Red Tiger Gaming. Triggered by the appearance of bonus symbols on the reels, the Lucky Wheel spins, unveiling each of the seven distinct features. These bonuses encompass a thrilling variety of wilds, reel modifiers, instant wins, and respins, each introduced by entertaining animated characters.

Enter the world of awesome characters, as the animated Snow Wild and her seven companions provide a wild and enchanting twist to a traditional story, bringing exciting victories to your gameplay.

Experience a game rich in bonuses, with seven unique features introduced by the equally unique characters, offering a plethora of bonus games to explore and innovative pathways to victory.

The reels are situated within the wooden shack where Snow Wild resides with her seven rocking companions. Snow Wild and beer-froth Wilds present the most substantial symbol win payouts, and the activation of awesome features can occur at any time with three Lucky Wheel symbols.

Launch the wheel with three Lucky Wheel symbols, and witness as it bestows all the fantastic features upon you. If the wheel lands on Snow Wild, she blows three Magic Kisses to award multiple features simultaneously.

When the Lucky Wheel lands on Flash, his electric guitar performance rocks the reels with lightning, replacing old symbols with new ones for an improved chance of victory. If the wheel stops on Goldy, he shakes his bucket of gold coins above the reels, granting instant win prizes. For Boozy, the wheel landing on him activates beer taps, filling one or more reels with beer-froth WILDS.

When the Lucky Wheel lands on Dozy, his snoring rearranges symbols on the reels for additional winning opportunities. Sneaky, when chosen, cuts out entire panels from the reels, replacing them with a symbol of his choice for substantial wins. Lastly, Crazy, upon the wheel landing on him, removes some symbols to replace them with something better, ensuring a guaranteed win.
In a magical world of colour and sound where four leaf clovers and golden horseshoes spread their luck around, the magical treasure of the Leprechaun is hidden and awaits to be uncovered. The Leprechaun himself occasionally appears to guide the players in their journey of fortune and wealth.

Blowing surprises out of his pipe he makes sure that this experience will be the most exciting that players could have.
Awesome feature-rich archeological treasure hunt set in the Golden Temple. Accompanied by the fearless, whip-brandising and superbly animated Lora, the player is invited on a quest of reel swaps, wilds and huge reel bonuses to win big in this fantastic slot adventure.
Set in a mysterious Chinese temple, the reels are guarded at each side by two stone lions. Keep spinning and you will see them wake, as the earth shakes and the lions turn gold they breathe their cosmic energy across the reels to add wilds, swap tiles, switch reels and ultimately, produce the GOLDEN OFFER. Choose which offer to accept and see how much you can win.
PUSS’N BOOTS is set in fairytale world of swordsmanship, style and dashing chivalry. Watch as Puss flies across the screen and slashes open the reels with his sword to reveal fantastic features and big wins.
LUCKY WIZARD is a treasure filled adventure in a world of lucky clovers, horseshoes and pots of gold. Magical, mystical, and dusted with Irish charm, the slot introduces a variety of bonuses and thrilling animations for a diverse gaming experience. The Lucky Wizard activates all special features and functions and rewards the player with exciting prizes.
The delightful and sweet Dr. Jekyll hides a secret: a monstrous side of himself he keeps hidden away. Being a scientist, his only solution seems obvious: concoct a special potion he hopes will quell the monster within. But quiet the monster it does not, instead it had the opposite effect: THE MONSTER IS FREE!

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