Answer the call of adventure emanating from the verdant Amazonian jungle in A Flight of Fortune™, Crazy Tooth Studio®'s newest slot sensation under the COINVERGE™ banner. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance and upbeat melodies while your avian companions from the tropics bring you fortune through the exhilarating COINVERGE™ mechanics!

Accumulate unique tokens to unlock additional features, vie for one of three prestigious prizes, or set off the Bonus Respins for an extra dose of COINVERGE™ excitement. These vibrant feathered creatures are poised to accompany you on an enthralling odyssey, guiding you through paradise as you uncover the bountiful treasures that lie in wait!
Welcome to a delightful journey through the lively back alleys of the city with the slot – Pigeon Hut! This game, inspired by cartoons, showcases a bold art style and a heartwarming ambiance that will uplift your mood. Envision yourself dashing down a lively street on a pigeon-filled night. As you set the reels in motion, witness the enchantment unfold: the wild firecracker symbol initiates a captivating display, causing the pigeons to scatter from the reels and leaving a trail of locked wild symbols in their wake.

Prepare for an exhilarating respin for each firecracker symbol, and observe as your winnings reach new heights with the locked wilds. The thrill intensifies with each additional firecracker symbol, replicating and locking in position for an extended winning streak! When night descends into Free Spins, the back alley springs to life, filled with pigeons and a heightened likelihood of encountering those explosive firecracker symbols. Brace yourself for the Pigeon Run respins and enhance your opportunities to win big in this enchanting escapade!
The Pirots, after a successful show lasting over 10,000 days, needed to refuel their energy. During their reconnaissance mission, they stumbled upon barrels of sweet rum in an unfamiliar location nearby.

Pirots 2 is a thrilling 6×6 slot game featuring the innovative CollectR™ mechanic. With an expanding game grid, symbol upgrades, transformations, wilds, coin wins, a bonus game, and a super bonus game, this slot is packed with excitement, offering a chance to win up to 10,000 times your bet. Get ready for an adventure filled with teethy fun!
Welcome to Toucan Wild... The reels that are waiting for you, filled with wins so wild! With colourful and immersive graphics, this game will make you feel as though you're in the depths of the jungle. With bonus, buy, and double chance features, as well as scatter symbols landing on the reels, Toucan Wild is set to drive you wild!
We are going to combine our trio of geese into N.W.A type of mood, where fun and coolness is on top of everything. There is no holding back with the colours or music. While our characters have this gangsta attitude we will focus more into the street art and the elements that go around this urban lifestyle.

Geese With Attitude™ is a very high volatility, 5x3 reelset video slot game with 40 paylines. The game features Epic Strike™ and Free Spins Selection with Notorious W.I.L.D or Dice Roller. Collect 11 Vinyls and take the highest Epic Strike™ prize of 10000x bet! 3 Scatters trigger Free Spins Selection.

During Notorious W.I.L.D Free Spins, the Wild symbol that lands on the reels, expands and fills the entire reel. Dice Roller is a cool engaging feature with jackpots. Completing all the jackpot levels awards 10000x bet! Each level requires a certain number of Dice symbols to be collected. On the way between levels, there are other awards like extra spins, additional Dice and prize upgrade!

Turn the music on, because you will be taken on the streets where all the action is taking place. The vibe will reflect urban lifestyle freedom - “free from shackles” .
The time of pirates ruling the high seas are over. Outwitted, outsmarted, and outplayed by the Fearful Four, who once belonged on their captains’ shoulders, they now reign the seas as Pirots!

Pirots is a 5×5 grid, shiver me timbers slot. Introducing the CollectR™ mechanic, Pirots comes with expanding game grid, symbol upgrade, symbol transform, wilds, coin wins, a bonus game, and a max potential of 10 000x bet.
Migrating birds is nothing new, but Belle the Flamingo and Emerson the Tucan decided to permanently relocate to a place where the sun actually works all year round. Too bad they set up shop on Elmo the Sloths’ beach. If there’s one thing he doesn’t like, it’s birds!

Tropicool 2 is a 6 reels, 6 rows cool slot that comes with a cool reel, respins, locked wilds, mystery symbols, a bonus game and a max potential of 25 000 x bet. The 3-row tall Cool Reel is stacked with feature symbols that drop to the grid when space is given. Feature symbols come as Wilds, Locked Wilds, Mystery Symbols and Row Swap where one symbol replaces the others on the same row.
Life underground doesn't have to be dreary, unless you're a canary. After mastering the art of crafting the perfect brew, it's time to join our irate dwarf on his quest for love. Of course, such an adventure demands plenty of explosives, piles of treasure, and a trusty flock of canaries to explore the dusty depths.

In the main game, Wild Mining is activated when 3, 4, or 5 identical paying symbols align diagonally, without forming a winning combination. These symbols trigger the creation of Wild symbols in central positions. Depending on the number of triggering symbols, 1 to 3 Wild bombs are awarded, each exploding to increase the win multiplier for subsequent collapses. All symbols except xBomb® symbols are affected by the explosions. If a Scatter symbol is blown away, it reappears randomly in the next collapse.

Scatter symbols in the main game can land on any reel but remain inactive if obstructed. During Canary Freespins, they remain in place unless displaced by a Scatter symbol landing in a vault position, whereupon they move towards the center. There are two types of Scatter symbols: Silver cage and Gold cage. Any combination of three Scatters triggers Canary Freespins.

An xBomb® Wild symbol acts as a substitute for all symbols except Scatters, exploding in a cross pattern to increase the win multiplier. All xBombs detonate before the next collapse.

Canary Freespins are initiated by three Scatter symbols, transforming the reel layout and locking four vaults in the corners. These vaults accumulate coins and multipliers from adjacent positions and can be unlocked by xBomb explosions, rewarding collected items at the end of the bonus mode. Scatter symbols, starting with 1x, can gather coins, multipliers, upgrades, and enhancements for the rat and dwarf. Silver cage Scatters collect in an x-shape from their position, while Gold cage Scatters collect in an x-shape from entire rows.

All coin values are multiplied by the active bet, and Scatter symbols and vaults cease collecting at 65,000x. Scatters begin with 3 hit points, losing one for each encounter with xBombs or gas. When depleted, they respawn in their cages. Canary Freespins start with 3 spins, reset by xBomb explosions, and Scatter symbols are randomly positioned in any bonus buy.
Step into the friendly local Pet Store where the Prized Pets are waiting to play! Prized Pets is a 6x4 25 payline game featuring Gigablox reels which means symbols range in size from 2x2 to a whopping 6x6! Watch out for those crazy animals as the reels spin, they may "Chomp" symbols to turn them wild!

As night draws in the animals start up their Free Spins party where there are more wins and more Wilds on offer. Prized Pets also features a Pot Bonus where you can win up 5000x Bet and you will really find out if the Pets are as Prized as you thought!
Sun, heat, fun and the impassable Amazon jungle are calling!

A bunch of colourful parrots hide their treasures in trees and are waiting for an enthusiastic adventurer in Eggs of Gold, the brand-new 5x3, 10-payline slot by 3 Oaks. Eggs-plore the parrot nest for valuable rewards and a MASSIVE JACKPOT prize!
Beautiful Asia is the setting for the majestic online casino game, Power Prizes™ – Noble Peacock™, as players are invited to take a stroll through a breath-taking slot garden in search of Coins across 5 reels with 243 win ways. Finding 6 Coins triggers the Power Prizes™ feature that gives them the chance to win the Grand Jackpot with a bit of luck!

In addition to this, the slot offers players excellent winning chances through a Free Spins feature with up to 24 Free Spins. Keep an eye out for the Red Envelope, as these add extra Coin symbols to the reels to aid in the search of that elusive jackpot! Discover everything this slot has to offer now on Greentube’s Home of Games!
Thunder Screech is a 5-reel video slot machine with 10 fixed paylines. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols (except Scatter) and only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. The Call feature is activated randomly and adds 5 – 9 Wild symbols. Wins calculated after the effect.

The Strike feature is activated randomly, upgrading all Wild symbols to Thunder Wild symbols. Thunder Wild symbols substitute for all symbols and only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Additionally, the symbol triggers re-spins when landing and is sticky until its multiplier reaches x3. The symbol multiplier always starts at x1, increasing by 1 between each re-spin. When multiple Thunder Wild are present on a payline, the multipliers are added together for a maximum multiplier of x9. Feature ends when no Thunder Wild symbol is present.

Scatter symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5 trigger 5 Free Spins. Wild symbols are upgraded to Thunder Wild. During free spins, at least 1 Thunder Wild is guaranteed to land. Once all free spins have been consumed, the game continues via re-spins until no Thunder Wild symbol is present. Additional Free Spins cannot be won. Scatter symbols are not present during Call, Strike and Free Spins features.

This is Tweethearts, home to many pairs of parrots living in paradise as a... pair!

Aside from tweety tongue-twisters, the game flies its wings with 15 reels, 3 rows, and 17 lines. The golden egg of this game are the Double Symbol and Lucky Wild features.

Humans have looked to birds for feelings of inspiration in all cultures. For as long as human history can tell us, they have often symbolized freedom, love, and prosperity. The lush scenery of Tweethearts should give rise to feelings of warmth and serenity as well.

We graciously invite you to our secret bird jungle to get a glimpse into the daily love lives of our pastel paired-up parrots, chirping love songs from the heights of the jungle canopy, enveloping you in a melody that inspires freedom, love, and prosperity.

‘Parrots of the Caribbean’ is a colourful, quirky video slot game inspired by popular 3D animated films and familiar pirate legends. Plundering beautiful Caribbean islands, your crew of bumbling parrots will take you on an adventure filled with fun, danger, humour and of course countless TREASURE!

Feature rich and engineered for true cross platform play, ‘Parrots of the Caribbean’ boasts fully animated 3D characters with a thrilling Free Spins bonus including an exciting Sticky Wild feature.

The game also presents a highly entertaining treasure hunt bonus revealing the parrots’ amusing antics along their discovery of long forgotten riches beyond their wildest dreams!
Join our family of feathered friends on the reels and unlock the Happy Birds bonus round! Shoot down balloons to reveal coins and multipliers to help you on your way towards big winnings!
Fire Eagle has a unique reel layout with glossy high-res graphics that will instantly impress players. Already proving popular with players, it now comes with Kalamba’s Missions. Players will have fun collecting different symbols for loads of different prizes and can choose between bronze and platinum missions for massive payouts of 1000x+ or even higher when promotions are running!

The random stacked wilds, super exciting free spins rounds and the popular missions features, will quickly engage players for lasting entertainment. Missions provide an extra layer of player engagement and retention with attractive and variable rewards for completing objectives. Players can select their own level, helping the early engagement funnel while offering different pay-outs that drive long-term entertainment. The free spins offers visible potential for huge wins providing a high level of excitement The random stacked wilds give quick feedback that will further help player engagement.
Get twitterpaited with BIRDS! This adorable new Slots3™ title will have you soaring up to the heights with excitement! The revolutionary reels and lovable avian characters – each with their own cute personalities! – is set to capture your heart as you play. BIRDS! offers you a chance for unlimited free spins as you while away the day in the company of these fine feathered friends!
These birds aren't angry - they're just ruffled up! A storm is approaching and best you get ready - birds of a feather get zapped together! Lightning strikes pay extra!
Birds On A Wire® is a video slot that offers 15 individual reels with a dropping symbols feature. The game includes multipliers, a bonus game with Inwinity Spin®. The high voltage generator has gone bananas! The birds better watch out when landing on the telephone wires. Birds On A Wire® is a slot featuring Dropping symbols, High Voltage Multipliers, Inwinity Spin®, Bonus game with Free Spins, 17 paylines.

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