Easter Eggspedition offers an engaging 5x3 online slot experience centered around Easter celebrations. Follow the escapades of Benny Bunny and his adversary, Fox, as they vie to collect Chocolate Egg symbols and unlock various rewards including Guaranteed Scatters, Free Spins, Instant Prizes, and Bonus Features.

To secure a standard win, players must match three or more symbols on the reels. Each spin holds the potential for Guaranteed Scatters, heightening the anticipation of triggering the Bonus Feature and delivering an exhilarating blend of pursuit and slot gameplay.

Activate the Bonus Feature by aligning three Easter Egg Baskets on bonus feature reels, granting players three Free Spins upon success. If all symbols, excluding the Basket, vanish from the reels, one of four Bunny symbol types emerges from the Basket, awarding an Instant Prize to the player's Cash Pot, reminiscent of Play'n GO's classic Hold & Spin feature.

Encounter both Benny Bunny and the Fox simultaneously, and Benny will fend off the Fox, rewarding players with the Cash Pot and resetting the spin count to three. The Bonus Feature concludes after three consecutive spins without landing either the Bunny or an Easter Egg on the reels. Should the Benny Bunny symbol appear, players claim the Cash Pot; however, if the Fox symbol appears, the Cash Pot is reset as the Fox pilfers the winnings. The presence of both symbols can amplify the player's potential winnings.

Join the hunt for eggs and embark on an exciting adventure!
Welcome to Rabbit Fields™, where carrots reign supreme!

Get ready for some serious fun as we dive into the world of the mischievous Rabbit and his iconic carrot symbols. Watch out for those Stacked Carrot Wilds as they aim to take over the reels with an abundance of shiny carrots! Along the way, activate Wild Scrolls to unveil expanding sticky wilds, enhancing your chances of big wins.

Keep your eyes peeled for carrot symbols to unlock various features, including Free Spins with escalating multipliers. Upgrade to Super Free Spins for even greater rewards! And let's not forget about the thrilling Bonus coins, offering hefty cash prizes of up to 5,000x your initial bet!

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating slot journey through Rabbit Fields™, where carrots meet cash in a collision of excitement!
Nourish buds and collect flowers to fill up your pockets!Bloomin’ Bunnies is a Bet 20, 243 ways 3x5 Reel slot game with Free Games.Land all flower buds (pink, purple and/or yellow) within 5 spins with a Watering Can to upgrade buds to flowers and trigger Free Games. Landing Wild Collect during 5thSpin will also collect all flower prizes.

Once Free Games are triggered, player initiates with 8 Free Games. Landing Wild Collect with Flowers will collect Prizes, Jackpots and/or 1, 2, 3 or 5 Free Games. Moreover, Landing watering can during Free Games may multiply Prizes, Jackpots and Free Games by 2x, 3x or 4x!

Multiple flowers together with a Watering Can during both Base Game and Free Games results in some attractive wins! All this action together with the multipliers on Watering Cans will keep player eager to check out what this game has to offer.
Moon of Fortune™ is the perfect game to play during the Year of the Rabbit, or any other year for that matter!

With this slot nobody can get bored as it comes equipped with all the player-favourite features of Sticky to Infinity™ and Hold the Jackpot, which are also enhanced thanks to the addition of the Chance Level™ mechanic. These features together with beautiful audiovisuals make up for an unforgettable gaming experience.
A grain-growing village near the Hengduan Mountains regards the rabbit as the guardian of production and wealth. Every year, they organize a grand festival to praise the rabbit and have been doing it for 500 years. How was this culture started?

According to the villagers, the area once suffered from drought and faced a shortage of food supply. To overcome this problem, the village chief began to search for some magic paddy seeds that could allegedly mature overnight. In his most desperate time, he saw a bunny pointing to a carrot field where he later dug up the carrots and found the magic seeds. After the seeds were planted, they grew into grains overnight and saved the village from starvation.

The festival is more special this year than ever before, as a golden rabbit statue will be displayed in the village. It is said that the statue will bring eternal luck and wealth to those who pray to it!

Fortune Rabbit is a 3-reel (3 rows in reels 1 and 3, and 4 rows in reel 2) video slot featuring prize symbols up to 500x. The Fortune Rabbit Feature with 8 fortune spins may be randomly triggered during any spin. Moreover, there will be only Prize symbols on the reels during the Fortune Rabbit Feature.
-”Who owns this carrot? Who has the right to tell me if I can have this carrot or not? Do you really think some barbed wire, traps, or poison will keep us out? You could have taken the nice route, now you’ll have to stare down the barrel of my flamethrower!”

Rabbit Royale is a 5 reels 5 row gnawing slot. It comes with respins, coin wins, wilds, a bonus game and a super bonus game, and a max potential of 25 000x bet.

Three or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus game. The more bonus symbols, the more free spins and rabbits. All rabbits are sticky in the bonus game, and free spins are not used during rabbit collect respins. Any rabbit from the base game carries over to the bonus game, in addition to the rabbits awarded by the bonus trigger.
When the world faces peril, a band of champions shall emerge to restore order. Gather, E-Force!

The tranquility of Easterville's rabbit populace has been disrupted by the malevolent Dr. Zeppelin! The most elite rabbit warriors have been selected to safeguard the Easter Eggs and ensure justice prevails!

Immerse yourself in the chaos of adrenaline-fueled Free Spins more frequently with unique Wilds, which not only stand in for regular symbols but also Free Spins symbols. Once activated, the escalating Free Spins Multiplier promises even greater thrills and victories!

The Wild symbol seamlessly takes the place of any High or Low symbols during the regular game cycle. However, in this particular game, it also substitutes for Scatter symbols! This enhancement not only heightens the odds of winning but also triggers Free Spins mode more frequently. Moreover, the Wild symbol can appear during Free Spins mode, incrementing the free spins tally by one and boosting the Multiplier by one as well.

Upon landing a minimum of three Free Spins symbols and/or Wild symbols during the Base Game, a Free Spins session with a Multiplier initiates. The machine and game ambiance undergo a transformation, signaling the onset of this special game mode. The quantity of free spins and initial Multiplier corresponds to the number of Free Spins and Wild symbols that landed during the Base Game. Furthermore, additional Free Spins and Wild symbols acquired during Free Spins mode further augment the free spins count and Multiplier.

In Free Spins mode, both Free Spins symbols and Wild symbols contribute to the Multiplier, amplifying all winnings within this free spins session. Each symbol incrementally boosts the Multiplier by one. There's no upper limit to this Multiplier, although a maximum win cap (10000 x bet) has been instituted for this game. The Multiplier persists throughout the session and resets only upon its conclusion. Additionally, the Multiplier feature is exclusive to Free Spins mode.
As Easter Eve unfolds, let justice reign! Witness the audacious rabbit, a modern-day Robin Hood, stealthily pilfering golden eggs from the affluent rooster to distribute among the less fortunate. And guess what? There's something in it for you too! In Easter Heist, bask in the ambiance of spring, with radiant sunlight illuminating every nook. Yet, even more dazzling is the gold secured within the Scatter symbol's safe. Triggering the Free Spins round when 3 or more Scatters appear, it unveils the rabbit's nighttime foray into the henhouse to retrieve the coveted gold eggs.

Our Easter rabbit isn't just mischievous; he's remarkably generous! Serving as a Wild symbol, he steps in for any symbol along the winning line, creating additional lucrative combinations—excluding Scatters and Gold Eggs, of course.

Dive into the Gold Egg Respin feature, where the more Gold Eggs you amass, the larger your winnings grow. Achieve the feat of collecting 15 of these golden treasures, and you'll claim a jackpot equivalent to x5000 of the bet.

Easter Heist promises not only a springtime mood but also substantial winnings! Step inside and witness the truth unfold before your eyes!
Jump into the springtime spirit with Eggciting Fruits – Hold&Spin, the most cheerful Easter-themed slot game ever! With a 5×3 layout and 10 fixed paylines, this game offers players the thrill of spinning the reels and collecting colorful Easter Eggs to trigger the Eggciting Spins – Hold&Spin feature.

Keep an eye on the special eggs – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – for even higher payouts!
Gameburger is adding HyperSpins™ respin buttons to a collection of their most successful games, including 9 Masks of Fire™, 9 Pots of Gold™, Playboy® Fortunes™ and Hyper Strike™. They've also updated the HyperSpins™ respin feature with a new and more immersive HyperSpins™ mechanic, which now offers bet adjustments during play. This gives players the same game they loved in original form while also allowing players a much higher level of immersion and excitement.

With HyperSpins™, the player can pay to respin individual reels in their quest for additional scatters or symbols to complete winning combinations or enter free spins.
The farm is abuzz with activity as the critters take charge! Vibrant and lively, they dash around, chasing furry friends and gathering carrots. With a 4x4 reel layout and dynamic exploding Wilds, every spin brings moments of thrill and anticipation - watch as bunnies pursue these Wilds with gusto.

Step into the Carrot Link Spins feature, brimming with excitement, where locating bunnies or carrots keeps the game going. Fill the reels to trigger a bonus multiplier, amplifying your rewards even further. Watch as bonus symbols interact with Wilds, creating ample opportunities for a bountiful harvest.

Whenever a Bunny lands alongside a Wild, their allure proves irresistible. Wilds explode vertically, and even horizontally when two bonus bunnies appear together.

Activate the Carrot Link Spins by landing three bonus bunnies! Enjoy three spins and aim to collect either a carrot or an enhancing bunny to reap your rewards and reset the spin meter.
‘LOTTO Lucky™’ is a unique and entertaining 3D slot game with a cute and vibrant lucky charm theme. The base game displays 9 spots (3×3 grid), each representing an individual reel and features a LUCKY symbol.

The LUCKY PLAY is randomly selected out of the 10 eligible symbols for each ‘spin’. Should the player’s spin result in hitting 3 or more Lucky Symbols, they will freeze and lock while the remaining symbols re-spin until no more Lucky Symbols appear. The Lucky Symbol pays for the total number of matching symbols collected, and that pay is doubled to help you win that gold pot at the end of the rainbow!

LOTTO Lucky™ features a 2nd screen ‘LOTTO BONUS’, where your choice of lottery balls can award credits and multipliers for BIG WINS!
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Join Fat Rabbit on the farm where juicy carrots will lead to some Fat wins! A 5x5 slot with 50 paylines that takes players on a farm where juicy carrots can lead to some fat wins! Feed the rabbit wild carrots to satisfy his hunger and watch him grow.
Lucky Easter is a classic five-reel slot game set against a sunny spring meadow full of hidden Easter surprises. The Easter Bunny waits behind the fence, ready to hop across the reels and activate awesome bonuses and multipliers!

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