Explore the thrills awaiting in the Royal Joker's slot game! Witness the magic as the Joker's Diamond symbols take center stage, acting as versatile Wilds that can magnify your wins twofold or even threefold!

The Joker's Diamond symbols hold the power to substitute for any symbol except for Free Spins, amplifying the excitement of each spin. Moreover, any win featuring a Wild symbol triggers a doubling of all wins from that particular spin!

Unlock the realm of Free Spins by aligning 3 Free Spins symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. Your initiation into this bonus round begins with a complimentary spin, followed by the opportunity to activate the Spin Again wheel, offering up to 12 extra spins, totaling to a potential of 13!

During Free Spins, the Wild symbol's influence reaches its peak, tripling all wins it contributes to. What's more, Free Spins retain the last bet amount placed, ensuring seamless gameplay continuity.

After each Free Spin, brace yourself for another chance at fortune with the Spin Again Wheel. Land on "Spin Again" to trigger another round of spins, while converting the segment into a "Collect" for the subsequent spin. Should you land on "Collect" or exhaust all "Spin Again" segments, you'll seamlessly return to the main reels, ready to continue your adventure.
Imagine a world where cats reign supreme.

Enter a realm where elegance and dignity of felines are celebrated. Aristocats slot, featuring 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines across 3 rows, transports players to a regal castle where cats hold prestigious titles like princesses and dukes. Every spin takes players closer to constructing their ideal kingdom, as they gather jewels, diamonds, and royal crowns.

The Wild crown, appearing on the reels, substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter and Bonus. Triggering 5 Free Games with Royal Symbols, 3 or more royal Scatter shields add excitement to the journey. During Free Games, reels 2, 3, and 4 merge, spinning as one central reel adorned with royal symbols. Each royal symbol is equivalent to 9 standard-size symbols of its kind. While in Free Games, the Scatter symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, triggering 3 additional Free Games without any payout.

The Royal Family Bonus Game activates when 6 or more Bonus symbols scatter across the reels. This Bonus Game transforms the reels into a 5x3 grid, featuring a reel filled with Diamond and Ruby Bonus Symbols and Aristopaw symbols on each position. Bonus symbols stay in place while Aristopaw symbols keep the reels spinning. Diamonds bring multipliers up to x18, while Rubies may unveil the Jackpot, rewarding up to 50x total bets. The Bonus Game offers 3 attempts, with each spin utilizing 1 attempt. Landing a Bonus symbol resets the attempts to 3. The game continues until attempts run out or all reels are covered with Bonus symbols. Collecting all 15 Bonus symbols during the Bonus Game grants an extra prize - the Ultra Jackpot, offering 1000x total bets.

Additionally, the Classic Risk game is at your disposal.

Upon ascending the throne, the choice lies in your hands. Will you shape a realm reflecting feline sophistication to its fullest? Aristocats invites you to delve into the intricacies of royal life, where the pursuit of family heritage and noble status takes precedence. Can you achieve the perfect blend of elegance and luxury?
Prepare to be entranced by Power Crown, the latest addition to Playson's "Hold and Win" slot game collection. This electrifying slot guarantees a thrilling journey where each spin ignites a symphony of powerful wins.

As a distinguished member of this esteemed game series, Power Crown boasts a 5x3 layout with 5 active pay lines. Enhancing the gameplay, this slot is adorned with captivating features, including the Power Bonus Feature, the exhilarating Pile of Diamonds feature, and the enticing Hold and Win Bonus Game with 4 Jackpots. The dynamic Power Bonus symbol takes center stage in the Bonus Game, as the golden-powered crown diligently accumulates all Bonus symbol values, amplifying the player’s winnings. For those fortunate enough to fill the entire field with diamonds, a stroke of luck unfolds with the prestigious Grand Jackpot.

Spin the reels, embrace the regal power of the crown, and let the diamonds pave your way to unimaginable wealth.

Enter a majestic realm where crowns crackle with lightning energy, unlocking thrilling Bonus Games through striking symbol combinations. Witness the commanding presence of Power Crown symbols on the reels, collecting fortunes with every thunderous zap, while the Pile of Diamonds feature promises a sovereign passage to grandeur and riches.
Enter Wilfred's Wheel, a majestic spinning palace where opulence intertwines with chance at every twist. With each wager, anticipate the grand descent of the Royal Curtain, potentially revealing the entrance to the Wheel Bonus. This esteemed game of fortune features a circle adorned with ten regal segments, each carrying cash prizes befitting royalty.

In a triumphant moment, the wheel may come to rest on the illustrious King Wilfred himself, who, with a royal gesture, doubles the riches of the segments to princely sums, reaching up to a remarkable 500x reward each. However, take heed of the royal caution – landing on an empty sector concludes your courtly quest, bestowing the amassed riches of the round upon you.
In the enchanting town of Yagetha stands the captivating Royal Museum, a repository of precious artifacts and treasures hailing from the era of the Tsars. However, darkness has befallen the once-peaceful town as a nefarious group, under the shroud of night, infiltrated the museum with a singular goal—to pilfer its most prized display, the magnificent Tsar's Fabergé Eggs. This audacious theft has left the town shattered.

Legend has it that these eggs, especially the rare blue Tsar's Egg, are invaluable gems from the Tsar's reign. Bestowing mysterious powers upon their possessor, they also promise untold riches. Now tasked with the mission to recover the stolen Tsar's Eggs, the reconnaissance team must unite, rallying together to restore the glory of the Tsar's treasure.

Enter Tsar Treasures, a 5-reel video slot with a unique layout (3 rows in reels 1 and 5, 4 rows in reels 2, 3, and 4). This game features multipliers of up to x15 and Treasure Egg symbols that transform into Wild symbols, adding an element of surprise and excitement to every spin. Achieve the collection of 3 Scatter symbols to unlock a rewarding 10 free spins. During these free spins, wins are multiplied by up to x15, and in the fourth round and beyond, all Treasure Egg symbols morph into Wild symbols, significantly boosting your chances of securing remarkable wins.

Embark on this thrilling adventure with Tsar Treasures, where the quest for the stolen eggs unfolds against a backdrop of mystery, history, and the promise of immense riches. Will you be the one to restore the glory of the Tsar's treasure and bring light back to the town of Yagetha?
Extract additional enjoyment from this sensation with Juicy Fruits Multihold.

Set on a 5x5 reel grid, classic fruit symbols like kiwis, cherries, and strawberries make a delightful return. To secure a win, these symbols must create a matching combination across the game's 50 paylines. Adding to the excitement, a Wild symbol may grace the reels, armed with a 2x or 3x multiplier. With the potential to appear in various sizes, the Wild introduces an extra layer of win possibilities to elevate your gaming experience.

In the bonus round, a minimum of three scatters will bestow six free spins.

Featuring four unlockable gameboards, players aim to gather scatters to access these extra reels, with each newly unlocked board also granting extra spins. Blue scatters enhance the active wild, enlarging it and mirroring its size onto newly revealed gameboards, intensifying the thrill of gameplay.
This game is based on 3x3 grid with 5 winning lines and few engaging features. Classic fruit symbols have met royal treasures – the blue diamond as Bonus symbol and the exquisite crown as Royal Bonus symbol, which appears only on the 2nd reel. 3 Bonus symbols trigger Bonus game with an enriching Royal Bonus feature and 4 in-game Jackpots.

The Royal Bonus Feature allows Royal Bonus symbols to stick on the reel and collect the values of all Bonus symbols, allowing bigger winnings. Besides, with every Bonus symbol landing on the reels, there is a chance to win an additional Bonus game by activating the Diamond Pile feature. The best winning mechanics, wrapped up in a classic fruit setting and fine jewelry, will charm anyone who is ready to rule the game.
Spin for kingly rewards in Regal Riches and earn a wealth of Wilds! You might even trigger the Mega Free Spins Bonus to earn 88 Guaranteed Wilds over 10 free spins!
Let the horseshoes, bells and crowns be your guiding light as we dive into our latest 3 by 3 cabinet adventure. With up to 27 pay ways, Wilds, and an Avalanche feature. Collect all five Letters (B-O-N-U-S) on the reel set to trigger the Bonus game.

While inside the Bonus game there is the potential of an exciting max multiplier up to 27x times stake!
Who says castles are only reserved for the royals? Step inside the whimsical château and be greeted by the playful jesters. These ladies have a wicked sense of humor, and if you’re up for some clowning around, then you’re in for a treat.

Join in on their elaborate and lavish games to start stacking up the rich fun. Laughing and winning are in the cards for you, and there is nothing more hilarious than Harlequin Wins. 3 by 5 reels. Racking Up Riches.
It’s time to put your best paw forward! The royal family is growing and you have the invitation of the year. When the royal Corgi Couple land together in the same spin they trigger Queen Spins, a round featuring 10 Free Spins with a Rising Multiplier of up to 20x.

Kisses and hearts are sent between these crowned canines, resulting in 2 to 5 Baby Corgis - a Wild symbol that substitutes for all paying symbols and leads to the most regal of wins! Unlock the royal within you now, don that regalia, and embrace the canine power. This furry fairytale has it all!
How much luxury can you handle this Christmas? The magical time of the year has come once again and we’re ready to escalate this atmosphere to a whole new level and treat our players like roy-alty. This lucky slot is bringing you the magic right into your homes just in time for the holidays.

In this Christmas-themed slot machine, you have premium luck on your side with our little helper to score some of the biggest wins of the year. This slot is set to reward only the best, draped in exceptional and luxurious gold and red to make you feel like absolute royalty.
Battle it out for the win on this magical chessboard, where daring and strategy wins you the prize. Do you wish to sit with kings and queens amidst a golden throne room? Do you look for glory and adventure? Put your mind to the test and make your move for the chance to unlock Wilds and Super Symbols.

When two or more WILD symbols land adjacent to each other they will merge into a single WILD symbol with a multiplier. The new total WILD multiplier will be the sum of the multipliers of the merged WILDS, this can increase up to a maximum of 20x. All high-paying symbols have 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 Super Symbol variations. This is the game of a lifetime - and your mind is your greatest asset! Play the game and topple the king.
Step back into the opulence of Imperial Russia, where the Royal Family reward with expanding symbols when progress meters are filled. The meters top up every time a Royal symbol win occurs. Land three GOLDEN EGG symbols to trigger 12 TSAR SPINS free rounds, during which meters are locked for expanding Royals on every win and additional filled meters reward with a five free spin re-trigger!
Crystal Mirror is an opulent 6x4 slot where the the 1st 3 reels are mirrored by the 2nd 3 reels for wins of over 5,000x! The game features 1x4 Super Wilds, Nudges and a Free Spins round where the Super Wilds remain locked throughout. The replicated reels make for an intriguing slot experience in this sparkling jewel-filled escapade!
You are warmly invited to join the majestic reels of The Royal Family!

The Free Spin feature can be activated in three distinct manners, one of which involves gathering three or more Free Spin symbols. During Free Spin mode, high-paying symbols have the opportunity to transform into sticky wilds.

These wilds adhere to the reels for the duration of the Free Spin mode, having been randomly converted from high-paying symbols during the spinning process. Acquiring three Free Spin symbols grants 8 Free Spins, while four symbols bestow 16 Free Spins, and five symbols provide 24 Free Spins. Free Spin symbols exclusively appear during the base game, and the mode is played with the same wager that initiated it, whether through the chest or by landing three or more Free Spin symbols. Any winnings from the Free Spin mode are added to the overall winnings of the triggering round.

The Royal Chest emerges on the fifth reel and offers various rewards through a selection-based card game. In the base game, the Royal Chest may contain a coin win ranging from 100 to 2500, or trigger 8, 16, or 24 Free Spins. During Free Spin mode, the Royal Chest can grant 2, 3, or 4 additional Free Spins or provide 1-3 extra sticky wilds. If a Royal Chest appears atop a sticky wild symbol during Free Spin mode, both the Royal Chest and the wild symbol remain active for that round.
Welcome to Rising Royals, an elegant and regal game. In the Palace of Versailles, there lives a royal family: a King, a Queen, and their Prince existing among a lavish life with dazzling chandeliers, a rose-adorned courtyard, and shades of royal purple.

The prince is the most eligible bachelor in town, but will he ever find his princess? It’s a royal ball, and everyone’s invited. The game holds 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 lines, and features Symbol Lock Re-spin and Symbol Upgrade.
Ever wanted a feature so bad it hurts? Well with Kingmaker you’ve now got some light relief! BTG have flipped slots on their head to make an incredible new mechanic that is the antithesis of player expectations!

Yes, in Kingmaker you really don’t want to see the feature! To become King you must raise the multipliers within the four kingdoms! The longer the feature takes the bigger the base game pays as unlimited multipliers adorn the four top paying symbols. Once these build up, you’ll be cursing the crowns as they tease the feature!

Having said that, it’s not bad when it does drop in as you’ll be crowned with Max Megaways™ and the four combined multipliers come together to pay you a king’s ransom as you retire to the throne room to count your riches.
Prepare yourself for majestic madness! It's King Henry VIII versus his royal wives in the brand new Play'n GO slot Battle Royal!

Take a hilarious trip to the era of one of the most infamous kings in history as you're transported to the time of the Tudors and King Henry and his six wives. All six queens are on a mission; either capture his heart or lose their head. Match 3, 4 or 5 symbols across twenty paylines to grab yourself a win!

The good king himself is the Wild that will help you create winning combinations, while the Battle Royal coat of arms is your Scatter symbol. Land a Scatter on reels 1 and 5 for a chance to trigger either Free Spin mode or the Long Live the King feature.
Get ready for a royal experience as you meet the King of Slots! Full of features fit for a king, this slot mixes classic gameplay with frequent wins. King of Slots™ is a 25-line, 3-row slot using 15 independent reels. This fruit-shaped jewel theme game features Sticky Wins™, Free Spins and Wild substitutions.

So, press the Spin button and see which of your favourite fruit lands on the reels, is it the cherry, lemon or melon?
Have you ever envisioned uncovering royal treasures? Gold, jewels, and precious stones await your discovery in this captivating slot game. Acquire your own set of Royal Jewels in this 5-reel, 10-payline, and 3-row video slot adventure. Embark on a regal journey to unearth the riches that await you!
The adventure begins when you climb up the steam tower to rescue the princess from the evil dragon. As you climb up the tower in Free Spins, the Multiplier increases the winnings and when you reach the top floor, you will not only save the princess but also receive a bonus coin win and a x7 multiplier. This game is a 5-reel, 3-row, and 15-bet line video slot featuring Stacked Wilds and Free Spins with an increasing Multiplier.
Excalibur is a 5-reel, 3-row, and 20-fixed bet line video slot. The game features Free Spins, Scatter wins and Wild substitution, with both regular Wild symbols and a Golden Wild symbol.

This classic game takes you to medieval times and tells the tale of King Arthur's magical sword, Excalibur. The game is packed with excitement. Hit the Golden Wild symbol (the magical Excalibur) and multiply your winnings by four! Rise, Sir Spin-a-lot, and discover your Wild, Wild destiny!

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