A chance discovery led to the activation of an ancient portal linking to otherworldly realms. Driven by curiosity, scientists unintentionally unleashed hordes of demonic fiends upon Earth. As humanity’s last line of defense, you, an elite soldier, wear a high-tech combat suit equipped with futuristic weaponry to battle the infernal invasion. Defend mankind by eliminating the demonic threat!

10K WAYS offers 10,000 ways to win. Every win triggers an explosion; new symbols drop, potentially leading to additional prizes. The thrilling Bonus Respins feature provides an opportunity for a Grand Bonus Prize of up to 2,000x, where the brave SOLDIER must summon his best aim to obliterate the monstrous hordes. Fight against the apocalypse and seize your chance to win big in ARMAGEDDON 10K WAYS™!
There’s trouble down at Rusty Acres farm. The MacBeefs have been taking care of their cattle, but somehow the cows have started disappearing. A mysterious group of aliens has been secretly rustling the herd using their special Moo Snatcher devices! See how many cows you can swipe in this all-new super-fun game featuring all kinds of creatures from across the Milky Way.

Pursue the cows in the main game and both Free Spins games. Hit at least three Cows in columns 1-3 to win the total amount displayed.

In the base game, when 3 BONUS symbols of the same type appear in any position, either Free Spins or Super Free Spins is triggered with an increased starting number of spins and multipliers for Super Free Spins. Fill the saucer with cows outside the special area to get 3 extra Free Spins and expand the special area!
Prepare for a nostalgic journey with a contemporary edge. Engage in some joystick action with this arcade-inspired slot game. Experience its distinctive gameplay mechanics and lightning-fast pace as you dive into this fresh addition.

Simply align two arrows during the jackpot round to activate one of five assured jackpots, including the staggering Mega jackpot worth up to EUR 3,000,000. All indications lead to Line Busters Dream Drop!

When arrows align on reels 1 and 2 with a Free Spin symbol on reel 3, Free Spins are activated. Multipliers attached to the arrows will magnify and apply to the revealed number of free spins. Symbols can stack up to 5 during free spins, and additional spins can be triggered within this mode.

The game boasts a maximum win limit of 5,000 times the bet for line wins, which remains separate from the Dream Drop feature. With the 'Buy Feature' option, players can choose between receiving free spins or securing a mystery prize.

The Dream Drop round initiates randomly at the commencement of any spin. Once in the Dream Drop round, landing 2 symbols on reels 1 and 2 guarantees a prize. The Jackpot reward is determined by the symbol on Reel 3, with 5 potential Jackpots up for grabs: RAPID, MIDI, MAXI, MAJOR, or MEGA.
We're off! Soar through the night sky and voyage into the cosmos for a chance to win prizes of up to 50,000 times your bet.

Space Miners returns with an exciting Dream Drop makeover featuring a staggering 1,000,000 ways to win, elevating the game to new heights.

Stay alert for the random jackpot counter, which can activate the Bonus drop within the jackpot meter, boosting your winning potential with RAPID, MIDI, MAXI, MAJOR, and MEGA jackpots poised to land on the reels.

No need to dig deep to trigger Free Spins either! Simply gather 3 Bonus symbols during the main game to unlock six spins - ready to discover some interstellar wins?
Embark on a cosmic journey unlike any other with our latest captivating game, Galactic Invaders.

Experience the awe-inspiring arrival of extraterrestrial beings as they dance across the reels, introducing a universe of thrilling bonuses and astronomical payouts. Prepare to spin the reels, claim your victories, and be whisked away on an interstellar adventure like never before!

Prepare to encounter two fresh additions to the wintry landscape with our newest SwiftHitsTM. The Split SwifthitTM symbol introduces up to 3 extra rows on the chosen reel, ensuring additional opportunities for wins. Meanwhile, the Respin SwiftHit™ Symbol refreshes the selected reel, presenting new symbols and a multitude of potential outcomes within the icy domain.

During Free Spins, indulge in the exciting Wild Multiplier feature. Whenever a Wild symbol lands and contributes to a win, it unveils a multiplier that enhances the overall win potential, amplifying every victory within the feature. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in futuristic thrills and uncover unimaginable rewards in this unmatched slot experience!
Venture into uncharted territories with the all-new 'Star Trek: Next Generation' slot, brought to you by Atlantic Digital.

Take a voyage aboard the legendary Starship Enterprise alongside Captain Piccard and his esteemed crew. In this cosmic escapade, experience a 5x5 grid with 3125 possible winning combinations. Engage in "next generation" free spins, a thrilling respin bonus round, and a warp speed wheel, offering players the chance to win a staggering 10,000 times their initial wager.

May you prosper and endure...

London-based game studio Atlantic Digital proudly presents Star Trek: The Next Generation, a captivating video slot. With its 5x5 layout and 3125 ways to win, players can immerse themselves in a futuristic journey. Join Piccard, Riker, Data, Worf, and Ambassador Troi as they pioneer into unexplored realms, beckoning you to boldly explore new frontiers. Engage!
Are you feeling egg-cited? Ready to embrace your inner chicken? The hens have been working tirelessly, laying precious golden eggs, but now they face a new challenge: defending their treasures from sinister aliens who are determined to snatch them away. Welcome to the thrilling world of Hen Heist: Hold & Win.

During any regular spin, keep an eye out for Wilds landing on Reels 2, 3, and 4, ready to transform into Wild Multipliers of x2, x3, or even x5. Should multiple Wild Multipliers appear, their values will combine to enhance any wins from that spin.

With the Wild Abduction feature, watch as the alien spacecraft hovers above the reels, converting the middle three reels into fully stacked Wilds, paving the way for extraordinary wins that defy earthly logic!

Trigger the Hold & Win bonus by landing 5 or more golden eggs, either through natural means or with a little help from the Hen symbols. Each respin within the bonus round brings the possibility of adding another golden egg or a special symbol to the henhouse.

As each horizontal row fills with eggs, they're collected and removed from the coop, with the value of each egg in that row increasing—reflecting the current multiplier value of that row upon collection.

The Hold & Win respins persist until a vertical row fills with eggs without completing any horizontal rows. At this point, the spaceship swoops in, and the aliens seize the remaining eggs, bringing the bonus round to an end.
Invaders Takeover introduces a random wild modifier activated by 2 scatters, along with a free spin bonus that secures wilds above reels 2-5 to enhance winning opportunities! Opt for Premium Play to engage the Space Wheel Bonus, toggle the gamble feature on/off, and experience 6 reels of excitement, offering 4096 ways to win. Trigger the Alien Attack Bonus with 2 scatters, resulting in random wilds, while 3 or more scatters initiate Free Spins, causing wilds on reels 2-5 to stack above, generating additional winning paths!

The layout of Invaders Takeover consists of a 6x4 reel setup, utilizing the All-Ways feature, providing 4096 ways to win in the base game. The free spin bonus is triggered by 3 scatters, while the alien attack feature activates with 2 scatters.

When 2 Bonus symbols appear on the screen, there is a possibility of initiating the Alien Attack Bonus. The onboard computer's 'threat Detected' status triggers the bonus, while 'No threat detected' prevents it. Upon activation, the two existing bonus symbols transform into Wilds, and a laser gun shoots additional symbols, converting them into Wild symbols.

To trigger free spins, land 3 or more bonus symbols. Each bonus symbol grants a planet to choose from, revealing the number of free spins. After destroying all planets, the total free spins are tallied, and the free spins commence. During free spins, 4 new reel positions emerge above reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, initially inactive. Wild symbols on these reels first pay any wins, then ascend to lock in place for the remaining free spins. If multiple wilds are awarded per reel, a multiplier value is displayed.
Step into the fascinating world of Dr. Toonz's latest experiment! The esteemed doctor has successfully created a small one-eyed Gargantoon, a groundbreaking creation that is the first of its kind. Dr. Toonz is set to conduct a series of experiments on this fortunate Gargantoon, introducing it to the Reactoonz society with the goal of generating unimaginable wealth and prizes.

Are you ready for more alien adventures? Gargantoonz is a 7x7 cascading grid slot that takes you on a thrilling journey filled with experiment-themed features. The Charge Meter plays a crucial role in enriching the Reactoonz IP and expanding the world-building. Brace yourself for the excitement of x4 Multipliers, Gamma Ray Wilds, and Supernova rewards, making Gargantoonz a true spectacle in the world of slots.

Join Dr. Toonz in this extraordinary experiment and witness the creation of a new era in Reactoonz history. Gargantoonz promises an alien adventure like never before, with features that are sure to captivate and reward players. Are you ready to spin the reels and unveil the wonders hidden within this unique and captivating slot spectacle?
Commence a festive invasion in Las Christmas with this 5x3 reel online slot, a sequel to the beloved sci-fi slot, Invading Vegas. Players will spin the reels, aiming to create winning combinations of symbols across the reels, while taking advantage of a range of bonus features to elevate the gameplay experience. Key features include the Lock-On Respin feature and the presence of Walking Wild symbols.

Invading Vegas: Las Christmas unfolds on a 5-reel video game canvas with 20 paylines. The slot boasts a lively array of symbols, including the WILD symbol (Alien), the Walking WILD symbol (Alien Robot), the SCATTER symbol (Alien Ship), and a Mystery Symbol (Christmas Gift). The WILD and Walking WILD symbols play a pivotal role by substituting for other reel symbols, excluding the SCATTER symbol, to contribute to winning combinations. Get ready for an extraterrestrial holiday adventure in Las Christmas!
Welcome to Space Cows to the Moo’n, a 5x4 slot boasting 1024-ways-to-win, promising surprises with every spin. Propel your winnings into orbit with 5 distinct UFO features that can trigger randomly after any winning spin. Witness the Beaming Wilds, which transform 2-5 symbols into Wilds, or the Multiplier Wilds that stack up when forming a winning combo.

To milk even more winnings, the UFO Minor Destruction feature eradicates Minor symbols, making way for Majors to cascade down. On the flip side, the UFO Major Upgrade feature elevates all Minor symbols to Majors, promising payouts as substantial as a bull.

The icing on the cake? Land 3-5 Scatters and seize up to 12 Free Spins, with all UFO features potentially occurring during this bonus round. Prepare for a cosmic adventure unlike any other!
Deep in the Nevada desert, as far off the grid as humanly possible, oddballs Jeff & Scully spend their days solving history’s biggest questions. Is JFK alive? Why fake the moon landing? Who really built the pyramids?

Jeff & Scully is a 7 reel, 7 rows conspirational slot. It introduces the unique Area Win mechanic and comes with multipliers, sticky redrops, symbol swaps, instant pay coins, wilds, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 10,000x bet.
A monkey experiencing an identity crisis receives a visitation from the unknown, but it's not about to undergo examination without a fight. Armed with the most potent weaponry available to its species, the spacefaring primate takes on waves of extraterrestrial invaders, all while collecting valuable gold. It's a timeless tale of defiance!

In the game, the Abduction Wild feature can be found on reels 2-6. When the Wild contributes to a win, it stays in place and evolves for the subsequent drop. Descending downward, the Wild captures regular paying symbols, increasing its multiplier for each one removed. The multiplier corresponds to the number of symbols in that position. Chopper symbols may emerge on reels 2-5 during the main game. Triggering the Hellfire feature requires three or more Chopper symbols. Each Chopper symbol fires in a specific direction, with subsequent symbols firing in additional directions. The multiplier from the Chopper is applied to all Wild and regular paying symbols in those directions.

If three Scatters land, the Hide N’ Seek feature is activated. The Scatters transform into traps within a 6x6 grid, forming a continuous loop around the edges. Each turn presents two values: 'Direction' and 'Steps,' guiding the monkey as it collects chest values. The monkey's journey ends if it loses all its lives, either by encountering an alien or falling into a trap. Initially equipped with three lives, both the monkey and aliens lose a life upon collision. Traps vanish upon the monkey's arrival, unlike aliens. When the monkey steps on a position, it activates or collects the symbol's ability, triggering a reel drop for removed symbols. However, trap symbols do not drop.

Four Scatters initiate the Seek N’ Destroy feature, granting additional monkey shields for each extra Scatter. Within a 5x6 grid, random multipliers (ranging from 1 to 10) appear above columns 2-6, while aliens advance towards the monkey each turn. The monkey leaps to a random row with each turn, eliminating aliens and ultimately destroying the mothership. Upon elimination, an alien's value is multiplied by the column's multiplier and awarded. Aliens vary in life points, and booster symbols granting shields or weapon upgrades may also emerge in the launcher tube. The feature concludes when the monkey runs out of lives or triggers Monkeypendence Day.
Experience the thrill of cluster wins as you journey through the cosmos in Gravity Bonanza™.

This cosmic adventure unfolds across 7×7 reels, showcasing an array of asteroids, stars, and moons as its symbols. To secure a win, these symbols must form adjacent clusters of five or more, prompting their removal from play and initiating a cascade of fresh symbols cascading from the top of the game board.

Keep an eye out for the appearance of a black hole on the reels, which gathers all instances of a random symbol, rewarding its cluster prize at the round's conclusion and triggering additional tumbles as symbols vanish.

To access the bonus round, a minimum of three Scatters is required, with extra spins granted for additional Scatters, up to a maximum of 50. During the free spins phase, black holes may land with a multiplier of up to 10x attached, enhancing the value of the collected random symbol.

For more chances to win, retriggers can award additional spins, necessitating a minimum of three Scatters to unlock extra spins and extend the opportunities for victory.
Listen up, Earthlings! Brace yourselves for extraterrestrial entertainment, this alien-infused 5x5 video slot that's about to abduct your boredom! Prepare to navigate through mind-blowing features that will zap you with excitement.

We're talking Expanding Multiplier Wilds that go up to x5, and a thrilling Bonus Invasion offering a galaxy of Free Spins and symbols that can be overtaken by aliens and upgraded to high pay symbols.
Are you ready to take a spacewalk on the wild side? There’s a whole universe to explore out there in Slingo’s Cosmic Clusters. Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll have more on your plate than to wander aimlessly around the moon.

Your space mission here is to collect lines or clusters on the 5×5 Slingo grid, for which you’ll be rewarded in Slingos and Cosmic Spins respectively. The Cosmic Spins feature is when the game really amps up the excitement, as you’ll be playing on an expanded 9×5 grid.

So if you’re game for an interstellar space adventure, you lucky space cadet, get ready for some wins that are truly out of this world.
Set off on an intergalactic adventure with Rocket Blast Megaways™ for an exhilarating voyage through space.

Encounter aliens and vibrant gems across six dynamic reels, complemented by Wilds that can stand in for all symbols except Scatters, present on every reel except the first. Whenever four or more Scatters land on any spin, they initiate the free spins round.

Experience the cascade feature, where winning combinations vanish from sight, allowing the remaining symbols to cascade downwards, filling empty spaces with fresh ones. Additionally, a unique rocket feature emerges, converting symbols it lands on into Wilds. These Wilds remain fixed on the reels, descending one position after each cascade, while new Wilds are added to the top, heightening the excitement and boosting the slot's winning potential.
Print Studios bring yet another never-before-seen mechanic into the world of slots. This time around it's Tower Defense!

A horde of aliens suddenly began invading your castle, with carapaces and claws too thick and strong for any sword or shield. Luckily, their movement is predictable, permitting the construction of stationary turrets to stop their violent march.

Combined with our famous SuperSpinnersTM, the traditional thrill of high potential slots is intact, while new avenues of gaming excitement have been unlocked!
Max Win Gaming welcomes you on a galactic journey of epic proportions! Very vibrant and dynamic slot game that captivates the attention with playful characters and colorful settings! The inventive gameplay mixes several different features and promises much excitement and unexpected thrills!

Super action-packed collector bonus which progressively gets more and more interesting with each unique monster that has been awaken!
Chain Reactors Deluxe is an exciting video slot game that offers an engaging and fast-paced gaming experience. The game is played on a 5 x 5 grid, featuring a total of 6 different symbols.

To win in Chain Reactors Deluxe, players need to connect five or more consecutive symbols either horizontally or vertically. When a winning combination is achieved, the symbols involved in the win are removed from the grid, allowing the remaining symbols to drop into the vacant spaces. New symbols are then added to fill in the remaining gaps.

During each cascade, a win meter located on the side of the reels displays any wins that occur. This provides players with a clear visual representation of their progress and winnings throughout the game. The gameplay continues until no new wins are awarded. At the end of each round, the total winnings are displayed and added to the player's balance. This allows players to keep track of their earnings and strategize accordingly.

One of the standout features in Chain Reactors Deluxe is the special GOLDIE symbol. This symbol has the potential to award massive cash prizes, with up to 50,000 times the total bet up for grabs. However, it's important to note that only one cascade of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16+ matching GOLDIE symbols can be awarded in a single spin.

Furthermore, players have the opportunity to trigger multiple cascades with 3 and 4 matching GOLDIE symbols in a single spin. This adds an extra layer of excitement and winning potential to the game, as it increases the chances of scoring consecutive wins and accumulating higher payouts. With its dynamic gameplay, attractive graphics, and the chance to win big with the GOLDIE symbol, Chain Reactors Deluxe provides an enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience for slot enthusiasts looking for thrilling action on the reels.
Envision a distant realm, on a planet shrouded in mystery, inhabited by remarkably intelligent fruits! Now, picture these extraordinary beings embarking on a cosmic journey to explore new planets, ready to make their appearance on your screen in the slot game, Alien Fruits! The slot introduces Refilling reels, and our protagonists – Avocado, Plum, Pomegranate, Lemon, and Passionfruit – grace the reels as symbols. Each fruit boasts distinctive capabilities and a unique personality. Their airborne vessel serves as a Scatter symbol, facilitating their intergalactic travels and transporting you to the enticing Free Spins round.

Within this realm, a Multiplier teleportal awaits, enabling the fruits to transmit diverse data and precious resources to their home planet. The teleport's unusual power randomly generates a multiplier ranging from x2 to x100, applying it to the total win of the sequence!

The intelligence of these heroes could reward you generously, as all symbols in the slot offer payouts anywhere on the screen. Notably, the letters aren't mere symbols but rather jellies meticulously crafted for easy absorption in the vastness of outer space. Each jelly is infused with a distinct ingredient and fertilizer, contributing to the overall well-being of our cosmic heroes.

We're confident that this extraordinary experience is unlike anything you've encountered before!
Set off into the cosmos and engage in combat against alien adversaries alongside courageous barnyard creatures in Giganimals GigaBlox!

Amass points to unlock the Free Spins mode tied to each animal as you conquer the hostile creatures. The greater the symbol, the more points you'll accrue... meaning a colossal GigaBlox symbol can rapidly skyrocket your score!

Points can also be boosted by multipliers ranging from x2 to x5, presenting ample opportunities to fill your meter swiftly! For those daring enough to seek additional assistance during their skirmish, the option to gamble your Free Spins is available. Progress through the animals’ meters during Free Spins for added rewards! Unite all the animals alongside a Bonus symbol and witness one or more symbols transforming into Wilds as you advance in battle. Prepare for liftoff in 3...2...1...!

In both Free Spins bonuses, there's a chance to expand the number of awarded free spins. By taking a gamble on the two wheels, players can potentially increase their spins. The choice lies between gambling for a slight boost in spins with high odds of success or opting for a larger increase with lower odds.

The game introduces a Free Spins feature activated by 5 or more individual Bonus symbols in view. Each bonus symbol awards one free spin in the feature, offering a maximum of 24 Free Spins. Modest wins during free spins contribute to the new Spaceship meters, with filling a meter triggering 2 extra free spins and turning one of the low symbols into a wild for subsequent spins. Triggering all four meters can lead to substantial victories!

During the base game, the 'Wild Surge' feature may activate on any spin, presenting the chance for significant wins as up to 4 lower symbols can morph into wilds.

Excitement abounds with the Gigablox game mechanism, where reels dynamically alter to form large symbol blocks, facilitating substantial wins. Gigablox symbols can also appear as Bonus symbols, enabling Free Spins bonuses offering up to 24 Free Spins.

Every low symbol win not only provides cash rewards but also contributes to the Spaceship collection meters, allowing players to work towards a Free Spins Bonus where low symbols act as wilds. Collection meters persist across all stakes, enabling players to expedite meter progression. Triggering a Spaceship meter awards free spins with the triggering symbol acting as a wild. Modest wins during free spins contribute to new Spaceship meters, with filling a meter triggering 2 extra free spins and turning one of the low symbols into a wild for subsequent spins. Activating all four meters can lead to monumental victories!

Multipliers aid in collections by boosting the values added to the spaceship meters by up to X5. Greater multipliers hasten bonus triggering, offering players the chance for faster progression.
LooneyPop stands out as one of AvatarUX's most thrilling titles. Experience the excitement of the Zap Reel, a groundbreaking feature making its debut in Looney Pop. This horizontal Rewards Reel adds numerous bonuses to the wins below, including extra Multipliers, Expanding Wins, Synced Reels, and innovative Split Symbols! Each spin opens up a world of potential rewards, with a fresh set of bonuses waiting to be discovered.

Combine this feature with our classic Gamble Wheel, where players can test their luck to enhance their bonuses, a BONUS BUY option allowing players to dive right into the heart of the action, and up to 18 Free Spins to enjoy a fantastic array of rewards. Looney Pop promises to take you on a wild and energetic ride, full of wacky surprises and thrilling spins!
These reels are out of this world! Get ready for an astronomical adventure, right from your own backyard in EXPANSION!™ The game that fills each spin with the thrill of huge potential wins, stellar bonus features, and an extraterrestrial atmosphere. This latest video slot offering from Betsoft is sure to deliver an exhilarating experience for all players.

In EXPANSION!™ players have the chance to skyrocket their pockets, and win more than 1200X their bet with each spin! This game has 5-reels and 4-rows of space-themed symbols, and a new electrifying bonus feature – DIRECTIONAL WILDS. Watch as the UFO-style DIRECTIONAL WILD symbols spin, then stop, sending lazer beams straight across the reels, zapping every symbol in its path into MORE WILDS! Every spin in EXPANSION!™ is abuzz with adventurous opportunities to win big!
Enter into a far away galaxy ruled by chief alien Blobby in Blobsters Clusterbuster™ by Red Tiger. Watch as he rules over the interstellar reels and commands respect from his subjects with lasers and frenzied attacks! Represent the human race as you tag along with the many-eyed Blobsters clan in this 9-row, 9-reel slot.

Blobby is the true star of the show. Cluster wins around his spaceship illuminate all his navigation lights, unlocking out-of-this-world features such as removing low-paying symbols, placing random Wilds, and even supersizing symbols. Once all features unlock, firing up Blobby’s saucer once more takes the player into Invader Spins, where the intergalactic antics continue!
Everyone wants to visit Vegas at least once in their lifetime, right? Even visitors that are a little... out of this world? Watch with Vegas mainstays from the ‘80s and ‘90s as our aliens turn Sin City into their personal stomping grounds, leaving a trail of wild excitement and wins.

You know what they say, what happens in Vegas... Las Vegas has it all… just ask the aliens who have arrived in Invading Vegas, a game with it all – Free Spins, Re-Spins, Walking Wilds and Expanding Wilds! See the invasion coming from afar by landing three Flying Saucers (Scatter symbol) to unlock the Free Spins feature. In the Free Spins feature, receive 12 Free Spins to start with the possibility of re-triggers.

During the Free Spins feature, the aliens will flip the Strip… a Walking Wild moves to the left on the reel and the reels are rotated 180 degrees, making the last reel become the first reel. When the reels flip, the stacked symbols you’ve accrued will change, increasing winning chances – especially big wins.

You can’t get a second shot at a sizable win on the Strip, but you can in Invading Vegas… If you have a full stack of symbols on Reel 1 and a full stack of the same symbol (or Wild symbols), but no matching symbols on Reel 3, the aliens will send you into the Lock On Re-Spin Feature. Here, you’ll get that second chance when Reel 3 re-spins for a big win chance!

During the Lock On Re-Spin Feature, stacked Wilds can morph into Walking Wilds, covering the whole reel. In this mode, the Walking Wild moves in the opposite direction – to the right – and every other reel gets a Re-Spin. Designed with a twist on reel-moving mechanics as other popular Play’n GO games, the features packed into Invading Vegas are truly out of this world!
In a distant galaxy, on a planet colonized by Earth eons ago, an old energy facility is overrun. Luckily the Reapers at your side were designed for this kind of mission. In a game that upends the very core of slot gaming, Print Studios guides the daring enthusiast to a whole new level of gambling excitement.

Sparing no expense to deliver an intergalactic adventure in an intuitive package, REAPERS grants more dynamic and deep gameplay than any Print slot to date.
The Mystery Series continues, and this time, we are rocketing to the moon!

Explore the outer reaches of the galaxy on your quest to build a library of galactic treasures and technologies! Be warned, your ship is being stalked by a deadly force from deep space…

Land Instant Prize Symbols along your expedition, collecting strange artefacts and new elements for your museum. You may meet allies like the Robot or your fellow Astronaut, but beware of the Golden Martian, who serves a much more menacing opponent… The Mystery Martian!
Grab your laser gun and get ready for a dangerous space-age adventure! Agnes is on an important mission, the fate of an entire alien species depends on her!

Join Agnes the alien as she skulks through the science lab in search of her prize, alien embryo tanks! If you can help Agnes find and collect these alien embryos and coins, you’re bound to receive all kinds of wonderful rewards (not to mention a fuzzy feeling in your chest after a job well done!)

Beware of scientists and special agents firing laser guns at you, not to mention the toxic fog leaking from the labs! If you like your adventures to be totally out of this world, Agnes Mission is just for you! Enjoy the super slick high-tech tools, the sparkle of stars and space debris, and the slippery slimy feeling of space-goo between your toes!

If you’re brave enough, put on your space suit, and get ready for an incredible mission. The fate of Agnes coins and the alien embryos is in your hands, blast off into interstellar adventure right now in Agnes Mission: Wild Lab.
Ancient prophecies have foretold of a battle between colossal beings that will decide the fate of the world! As you walk through the crumbling city, you look up and witness huge monsters fighting for supremacy.

Take control of these giant ferocious beings and have them fight on your behalf! Bring the city to its knees, and be crowned king! Monsters Vs Gigablox™ combines the game play of Yggdrasil’s Gigablox™ with a theme which has epic characters do battle.

From futuristic sci-fi robots to ancient Eldritch abominations, this is a no holds barred battle royale for the planet!
The cheeky Space Goonz are up to no good. Fuel your spaceship and blast off to galactic triumph. Outwit this band of space invaders in this cosmic adventure and get upgraded high pay symbols in return!

Launch into a space adventure filled with fun, wonder, and delight! Space Goonz is a 5 x 4 filled with adorable characters and light-hearted music. With 2 or more Wilds, a high pay symbol will get randomly upgraded. Win up to 50 Free Games while high pay symbols are upgraded every free game.
Starting with a 5x5 grid, each win will unlock new rows, with the help from our alien friend and his spaceship he will blow up sections, add wilds and ultimately take you on an intergalactic journey to another world.

Each win will power up the alien, more power means more enhancements and bonus rounds for you the player. Keep getting wins to unlock free spins with bigger payouts and up to 55 spins available.

Lines wise there are none! Pays EVERY WAY, left to right, right to left, up to down and down to up. Simple to follow, understood by the many and packed with features, 6 jewels is perfect for all types of players, from new to slots all the way to hardcore players.
An intergalactic adventure awaits.

This futuristic jackpot slot is set across 5×4 reels filled with aliens, blasters and UFO wilds which must form matching combinations across Cosmic Cash™’s 40 paylines to award a win.

Landing six or more money symbols will blast players into the respin feature where additional cash symbols extend each row and grant extra multipliers, jackpots or the free spins round.

Players can also be transported into the free spins bonus by landing three scatters in the base game, with an out of this world max win of 2,650x, prime your lasers for Cosmic Cash™!
Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ is a sequel to the popular Space Wars™.

The game is a 6-reel, 6-row video slot featuring the Powerpoints™ mechanic, Wild symbols, Multiplier Wild symbols, the Avalanche™ feature, the Column Blaster and Row Blaster features, the Zapper feature, the Bomb feature, 3 Combo features, and Free Spins with expanding reels. The game is also equipped with the Buy Feature to activate guaranteed Free Spins.
Introducing Crystal Cascade, an 8x8 slot game featuring innovative cascade mechanics. The game's distinctive layout is attributed to vibrant, valuable, and multi-hued crystals, each holding the potential to bring substantial wealth to players.

To enhance the gaming experience, developers have incorporated the TNT Booster, a game-changing tool enabling players to significantly amplify their winnings by eliminating all symbols on the play grid with a single click. Crystal Cascade also offers the well-loved free spins mode and a speed-up bonus, providing players with exciting opportunities. Let's delve into the details.

Empower your gameplay with the TNT Booster, a revolutionary feature allowing players to detonate all icons on the play grid. This unique functionality can be activated at the player's discretion, offering flexibility and control.

Although a relatively recent addition, the TNT Booster has swiftly gained popularity in the realm of online gambling. Harnessing the explosive power of TNT, players can swiftly alter the game's trajectory in mere seconds, significantly elevating their chances of landing a lucrative winning combination.
Prepare to be launched into an intergalactic adventure! Come and help the Martians as they hop from planet to planet, mining for unknown planetary riches that are most definitely out of this world! Assist them in collecting power-ups that help break through the reels faster and unlock the hidden wealth buried deep beneath.

As the reels grow, so do your chances of winning! Along your voyage, expect to see the respin feature and some epic free spins. Double power-ups are also within reach to ensure you survive comfortably on your next mission.
Farm Invaders is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot featuring respins with sticky winning symbols and Wild symbols with multipliers. 8 free spins will be triggered when 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. During any free spin, collecting 1 or more Wild symbols will increase the win multiplier by 5!
Captain Xeno’s Earth Adventure is a 5 reel- video slot machine with 1024 ways to win by default but can be up to 100000 ways when the maximum splitting symbol upgrade is reached.

WILD symbol substitutes for all symbols except SCATTER and can appear on all reels. WILDS can also be added by the EMERGENCY WILDS feature. ELECTRIC SHOCK: On ANY normal spin, 1 symbol type is selected to become the splitting symbol causing all instances of that symbol to split into 2. All symbols can be selected as splitting symbols except SCATTER and WILD.
The biggest budget game in Evoplay’s history, Star Guardians is more than just a video slot. It’s a whole new type of gaming experience for gamblers. An industry first, this game is a third-person shooter – giving you manual control of your character. There are three characters to choose from, and you can change to a new player even as you play.

Join the Star Guardians, a Special Forces team, as they battle against mutated insects called Tritons. Blast your way through the aliens and then try to beat their Queen. Each of the three hero characters has their own skills and abilities. They answered the call to fight. Are you ready to join them?
Deep in the depths of his undersea lab, Dr Richard Toonz is on the cusp of discovering the secret to creating new life forms, more commonly known as ‘Reactoonz’. That’s right, these little bundles of energy started their life at the hands of man. One genius man. Are you ready to meet their creator?

Dr Toonz is a dynamic payways online grid slot filled with Multipliers and up to 262144 ways to win! Match alien clusters to create winning combinations are removed and transported to another world while. New aliens cascade into view to re-fill the empty positions to potentially form new wins.
Travel back to the 1960s and meet the intrepid Agent 51 as he investigates all manner of unusual goings on in this mystery adventure. Complete with HyperBonus, and K-Loops (the new name for LuckyLoops), chase aliens and huge wins in this amazing new sci-fi thriller.

A unique blend of Kalamba signature features, a great theme and huge potential wins await!
Players enter the intergalactic battlefield to seek out a reward as large as 50,000x bet in Multiplier Odyssey. As they navigate through a galaxy of multipliers and engage in free spins for supersonic win potential in this cosmic dimension.

All systems are go from the minute the Base Game is activated, holding potential that can bring explosive wins from the start. The Coin Collector feature can take them to warp speed - each Coin symbol displays a value, when a Collector symbol appears all the values are added as multipliers and applied to the bet size! A x3 Coin Collector symbol takes this a step further, tripling the amount won from all the collected Coin symbols.

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