Step into the fascinating world of Dr. Toonz's latest experiment! The esteemed doctor has successfully created a small one-eyed Gargantoon, a groundbreaking creation that is the first of its kind. Dr. Toonz is set to conduct a series of experiments on this fortunate Gargantoon, introducing it to the Reactoonz society with the goal of generating unimaginable wealth and prizes.

Are you ready for more alien adventures? Gargantoonz is a 7x7 cascading grid slot that takes you on a thrilling journey filled with experiment-themed features. The Charge Meter plays a crucial role in enriching the Reactoonz IP and expanding the world-building. Brace yourself for the excitement of x4 Multipliers, Gamma Ray Wilds, and Supernova rewards, making Gargantoonz a true spectacle in the world of slots.

Join Dr. Toonz in this extraordinary experiment and witness the creation of a new era in Reactoonz history. Gargantoonz promises an alien adventure like never before, with features that are sure to captivate and reward players. Are you ready to spin the reels and unveil the wonders hidden within this unique and captivating slot spectacle?
Dive into the eerie world of this online slot, where players assume the role of a fearless monster hunter committed to protecting ordinary people from the relentless assaults of the Ancient Vampire and his army of formidable creatures. The action intensifies when the grumpy Witch drops 3 Bonus symbols on the reels, triggering 8 free spins with only middle and high symbols in play.

In gratitude for players' heroism, the citizens reward them with valuable Coins. Collecting 6 or more Coins activates the thrilling Horror Respin feature, offering the chance to win Horror Mini (x20), Mega (x100), and Grand (x1,000) Jackpots.

Players have control over the gameplay – they can launch a counterattack by clicking the Buy Bonus button to trigger the Free Spins round immediately or choose to claim rewards in the Horror Respin feature. The decision is theirs, as they strategize to thwart these evil beings and save thousands of lives.
Chaos Crew 2TM is a 5-row, 5-reel paylines game that gives you everything you loved from Chaos CrewTM, and more: new Sticky and Epic Sticky multipliers, the groundbreaking Best of Bonus feature, and a new way to get a taste of the Bonus game with Epic DropTM!

The Epic DropTM feature has a chance to be randomly activated at the start of each spin when playing the base game. When this feature is activated the game will morph into the bonus game and a minimum of five multiplier symbols from the Bonus will drop in to reveal their multipliers! On the next spin, the game reverts back to the usual base game and continues as usual... unless the player was lucky enough to activate another Epic DropTM!

Land 3 BONUS scatter symbols at the same time in the base game to activate the Bonus feature! In the Bonus, the game transforms and only non-paying symbols and multiplier scatter symbols will appear! Above each reel is a reel multiplier that starts at 1x. By landing multiplier symbols of different types, the reel multipliers above the reels are progressively increased! When the Bonus ends, all reel multipliers will be added together and then multiplied with the bet level to determine the final win amount!
Featuring stunning art and truly incredible animation, you’ll need to harness the mighty strength of Hercules to fend off merciless, mythological beasts to enhance your war chest. Be at your battling best to work with explosive chainreactions across an incredible 10,000 ways to win!

During Hercules Battle Spins its you against the beasts – unleash the true power of our legendary hero to claim your victory. But beware, a host of terrible beasts await!

Look out for the Golden Apples that will offer strength in your battle and help Hercules emerge victorious, earning you incredible wealth along the way including Victory Prizes worth up to 2,000X.
Editors Choice
Prepare for a magical adventure into the captivating realm of Abrakadabra, a spellbinding fantasy slot game where a masterful sorcerer and a host of whimsical creatures bring the magic to life!

Abrakadabra unfolds on a 5x3 grid with 243 ways to win, offering a maximum win potential of 10,000x your bet. The game boasts cascading wins, where each winning combination triggers a cascade, causing winning symbols to vanish and be replaced by new symbols cascading from a Power Reel positioned above the grid.

The base game is enchanted with a unique power reel that introduces various types of Wilds to enhance the excitement. As you experience cascades, a global multiplier increases with each win, ensuring a spellbinding gameplay experience. But that's not all – Abrakadabra unveils not one, but two exhilarating Free Spins Bonus games, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your magical journey!
Are you brave enough to venture into the sinister cave of chained beasts in Red Tiger’s Monsters Unchained? Prepare to face the terrifying creatures that lurk in the dark. The gaming grid is home to 3 monstrous beasts: the Minotaur, Medusa, and Cerberus. These fearsome monsters reveal their unique features every 10 spins when you break their chains.

Brace yourself as the reels expand, wild symbols appear, and your winnings multiply. This is all while exploring these creatures’ dark and ominous world. But there’s more to discover: in Monster Spins, you can earn 10 Free Spins and witness the unleashed fury of these untamed monsters in each spin. Get ready for an engaging experience that will keep you entertained and captivated. Can you handle the terror of the unchained beasts and emerge victorious? The challenge awaits!
Step into the shattered world of postapocalyptic dystopia, where chaos reigns after Mancala Corporation's deadly virus experiment. Necro Kong, a haunting symbol of their sins, roams the desolate lands. It’s time for you to stand alongside Ember Fischer, leader of the Savers, and join forces with Whooper, Dante, and Ripley Foster to confront the zombie horde and restore hope.

Amidst the ruins, redemption awaits those who dare to face the wasteland's odd creatures. Your mission is clear: unveil Mancala's secrets and rewrite history. But beware, for Necro Kong's path intertwines with yours, holding the key to either salvation or devastation. In Cash Legion, your choices shape the destiny of this shattered realm.

Will you unravel the plague's enigma, bring justice to Mancala, and rebuild a new world? The time has come to make your mark in this story-driven adventure of survival and redemption!

Cash Legion is a 40 fixed-line slot game that pays left to right. The Base game is played on a 4x5 game grid. May expand to 4x7 in the Bonus game.
What treasures await discovery in the murky waters? Beast Below is a 5-reel, 4-row paylines slot with a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet! It features expanding wild multipliers in the form of Sirens and wild full-reel Divers with changing multipliers. The max win can be achieved in the base game, The Sirens’ Call bonus and the Down Below bonus.

Sirens are wild symbols that expand upward to the top of the reel if the expanded symbol would be part of at least one winning combination. Each expanded Siren shows a multiplier value that multiplies any winning combinations the Siren is part of.

Land 3 FS scatter symbols at the same time in the base game to trigger this bonus feature with 10 free spins. In this bonus there is a higher chance of landing Siren symbols than in the base game.

Land 4 FS scatter symbols at the same time in the base game to trigger this bonus feature that starts with 10 free spins. This bonus features the expanding Diver symbol. When the Diver symbol lands, it expands into a full Diver reel. Divers are wild multipliers and remain for a limited number of subsequent spins after expanding.
GODZILLA THE SLOT is as simple as setting the bet amount and clicking the spin button to spin the reels. Starting from the leftmost reel on an active payline, you win by lining up more than the specified number of identical symbols.

The more symbols you line up, the bigger the prize will be. Free spins are triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the payline from the left.
Print Studios bring yet another never-before-seen mechanic into the world of slots. This time around it's Tower Defense!

A horde of aliens suddenly began invading your castle, with carapaces and claws too thick and strong for any sword or shield. Luckily, their movement is predictable, permitting the construction of stationary turrets to stop their violent march.

Combined with our famous SuperSpinnersTM, the traditional thrill of high potential slots is intact, while new avenues of gaming excitement have been unlocked!
Max Win Gaming welcomes you on a galactic journey of epic proportions! Very vibrant and dynamic slot game that captivates the attention with playful characters and colorful settings! The inventive gameplay mixes several different features and promises much excitement and unexpected thrills!

Super action-packed collector bonus which progressively gets more and more interesting with each unique monster that has been awaken!
Don’t get too spooked, the monsters in this slot may look scary but are actually quite friendly! Fear the Dark is a 6-reel, 6-row cluster-pays slot with a maximum win of 5,000 times your bet!

When the Moon Man symbol lands it activates 2 - 5 symbol multipliers above the grid between 2x - 100x, that each correspond to one of the high-paying symbols! These multipliers are applied to all wins on their symbol type as long as they are active!

Land three or more FS scatter symbols at the same time in the base game to trigger the Alone in the Dark bonus feature with 10 (3 FS) or 15 (4+ FS) free spins. Landing additional FS symbols during the feature award +4 free spins per landed FS symbol.
Get ready to dig up some serious spud-tacular wins in Mutant Potatoes! Keep your eyes peeled for gigantic taters that pack a punch with massive multipliers. And when the Free Spins feature hits, those mutants go wild and can transform into lucrative Wilds for massive payouts. Don't miss out on the chance to rake in the chips with Mutant Potatoes!
Whats that coming over the hill? Its Mega Mr Monster! The crazy scientist has been at work in his lab, and succeeded in his dream of creating a Mega sized Monster Wild symbol Triple the size of a regular symbol, big enough to fill the whole reel; get into Free Spins to activate them and things could get very wild indeed!
Enter into a far away galaxy ruled by chief alien Blobby in Blobsters Clusterbuster™ by Red Tiger. Watch as he rules over the interstellar reels and commands respect from his subjects with lasers and frenzied attacks! Represent the human race as you tag along with the many-eyed Blobsters clan in this 9-row, 9-reel slot.

Blobby is the true star of the show. Cluster wins around his spaceship illuminate all his navigation lights, unlocking out-of-this-world features such as removing low-paying symbols, placing random Wilds, and even supersizing symbols. Once all features unlock, firing up Blobby’s saucer once more takes the player into Invader Spins, where the intergalactic antics continue!
It’s just another day in the life of Anna the Explorer, where a trio of demons have started crossing over into our realm to take over our world and end life as we know it forever. No biggie.

Equipped with a powerful armour and lots of Red Bull, Anna heads into the abyss of darkness while channelling her inner demon huntress. Guided by the Book of Inferno to track down her targets, she’s taking on her most intimidating enemies so far: The Lord of Hell, The Lady of Hell, and the Commander of Hell.

But there are even greater dangers lurking inside the fires of hell. Will Anna be able to outsmart the twisted logic of the Inferno?

Book of Inferno is a classic 10-line Book-game with high volatility and a high max win, boasting Expanding Pay Anywhere Symbols, a Free Spins Bonus with permanent Expanding Symbols, a Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the bonus game), plus a unique Upgrade Expanding Symbols feature that can turn any spin into an Epic Win!
It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark! Bloodthirst is a 5-reel, 4-row slot with paylines and a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet! This game features expanding Monster Reels and two thrilling bonus games!

When 4 symbols of the same kind land stacked on a reel, they will expand into a Monster Reel after line wins are paid. Each Monster Reel features a character from one of the four High-paying symbols and awards an individual extra prize after expanding. These prizes are based on your current bet level, and are separate from regular line wins.

If 5 of the same kind of Monster Reel appear at the same time, they will instead transform into a Monster Takeover that covers all five reels. When this happens, the Monster Reels do not pay their individual extra prizes and no regular line wins are awarded. A Monster Takeover awards a mega prize based on your current bet level.
Monstrous towers of symbols are key to big wins in Monster Superlanche™. This pay-anywhere title has a series of monster symbols with numerous needed to unlock a win. These winning symbols are then removed from play with a tumbling win feature awarding new characters from the top of the game board and additional opportunities to create another win.

Four scatters are needed to enter the bonus round where winning symbols are held in place with five or more needed to be on top of each other to award the multiplier displayed at the top of the reels. Any multipliers awarded are held throughout the bonus round and are key to unlocking the slots max win of 5,000x!
Do you love festivals or think they’re hell on Earth? Well, this festival is hell. Literally.

A warm welcome to Scatterbury, where monsters from all over the world meet up for a legendary 5-day festival. Scatto, as it’s commonly known in the Underworld, started as a simple event in 1974 with 1,500 visitors. It’s grown year by year and now attracts more than 200,000 culture-loving monsters each year.

Party with zombies, demons, and vampires while you match symbols and fill the Soul Meters with unsuspecting souls. And if you fill the Demon meter you get access to the VIP room in hell, where you can mingle with Satan and other superstars. Maybe you’ll even get his autograph?

Scatter Monsters is a 6×6 symbol tumbling game where you fill the Soul Meters to trigger the Color removals, Symbol upgrades, and a Free Spins Bonus with a dynamic Multiplier (the multiplier increases the more unused Souls you have). This spinferno is a dedicated scatter pay game with a completely new mechanic, hellishly entertaining gameplay, and a chance for some diabolical wins!
They have a cave troll! Meet the beefy but friendly, gem-collecting cave troll Gronk! This game has a cluster win mechanic, a 6x6 grid with cascading wins and a max win of 7,500x! Symbol wins make that symbol type enter a charged state. All charged symbols are displayed with a glow effect. Charged symbol types are also shown in the “charge bar” display above the grid.

Symbols retain their charged state until the end of the current round. The Epic Gem symbol may drop in on cascades and will activate after the grid has settled, when no more wins or cascades occur. When the Epic Gem activates, all currently charged symbols are converted to the highest paying currently charged symbol.

All charged symbols are then absorbed by the Epic Gem and counted as if they were one winning cluster. The Epic Gem itself counts as 4 symbols, so that it will always be able to create a minimum win of 5 symbols so long as there is at least one charged symbol on the grid. All absorbed symbols and the Epic Gem are removed from the grid and trigger another cascade.
Halloween is here and Monsters need to party too! Monster Disco XtraHold™ features the best Monsters and the funkiest disco beats the world has ever seen!

Win free spins with Mega Symbols or collect gold records to trigger the Monster Disco bonus to increase your chances to win up to 10,000 x your bet!
As you experience the doom of human civilisation in the verdant world of Florageddon! DuoMax™, your chance to win flourishes with the DuoMax mechanic which features a both-way multiplier!

Vanquish flesh-eating blossoms as Wild flora drop after every win. Annihilate the dreadful plants four consecutive times, a random feature will reinforce your efforts in the apocalyptic gameplay. During the free spins mode, multipliers do not reset and may bloom to impressive levels.

Two Buy Bonus modes and a gamble feature grant you more free spins to assist you in destroying the grim foliage’s reign of terror. Combat the fearsome carnivorous plants set to kill off humankind!
Like a lone pirate on dry land, Mr Beastwood is combing through the forests of Beastwood in search of monsters. When this former sea bandit found out there’s fame and fortune in the monster-hunting business, he swiftly ditched his crew at sea and changed careers.

Striking out on his own, he now spends day and night slaying dangerous beasts with his golden harpoon. Join him on his first mission, where you’ll track down monsters with scrolls and trap them with gold chains. There’s a surprising number of monsters hiding in the foliage – and great rewards to be had!

Beastwood is a Ways game that introduces a new original IP and a continuation of the fan-favourite mechanics from Wins of Fortune (2017) and Wild Chase: Tokyo Go (2019). This slot is 4 reels high and boasts high volatility, a chance to win up to 29,000x your bet, a Buy feature, Expanding Ways that can grow forever (a grid that grows with each win), Symbol Win Multipliers that multiply your win if you hit two or more of the same symbol, Reel Multipliers that double your win, plus an exciting Free Spins Bonus where the multipliers really start to pay off!
Ancient prophecies have foretold of a battle between colossal beings that will decide the fate of the world! As you walk through the crumbling city, you look up and witness huge monsters fighting for supremacy.

Take control of these giant ferocious beings and have them fight on your behalf! Bring the city to its knees, and be crowned king! Monsters Vs Gigablox™ combines the game play of Yggdrasil’s Gigablox™ with a theme which has epic characters do battle.

From futuristic sci-fi robots to ancient Eldritch abominations, this is a no holds barred battle royale for the planet!
Jelly Mania XtraStreak™ is a 1x1 game with Free Spin feature and max win of 960 x bet. This unique title is a single icon game that wins every spin, and which offers big wins when a streak of the same icons is triggered on the subsequent spins.

Enjoy this trip to the universe full of one-eye creatures, happy jelly symbols, Wilds and Bonus Symbols, which trigger 3 Free Spins that help you to reach the max payout of this game.
Embrace your inner monster and unleash the storm - the Zillard King has arrived! Unlock sticky, stacked, increasing multiplier Wilds by collecting a maximum of 90 Gold Coins. With each Coin your progress is tallied in the Zillard Wild Progress Bar, with a total of three Zillard upgrades to be unlocked.

Once all upgrades have been won, the Progress Bar transforms into a 6th reel on which only high-paying symbols can then land, increasing your chances of a big win. Listen to the roar, feel the crackle of the thunder, and play today for a chance to witness the Zillard King in full glory.
Monster Domination is a 5 by 3 classic feel slot game with monsters and zombies in a traditional Japanese art style.

Three characters vie to rule it: the powerful Frankenstein, the quick Siren, and the ruthless Carmilla. Which one will conquer the enemies and give you your rightful wealth?
You may have thought the Reactoonz story had come to an end... Oh no, it’s only just begun. Dr Toonz and his creations are out-of-this world. But there is something bigger, much bigger, on the horizon – even bigger that the Reactoonz leader, Gargantoonz. It’s the Reactoonz themselves. They just keep growing.

GIGANTOONZ is an 8x8 cascading video slot game. Wins are achieved by getting 6 or more symbols in clusters. These are removed and new symbols fill up the grid. Cascades continue until no more wins can be created.
A monster adventure like never before! Monsters of all sizes are assailing the lands. Heroes gather at the old tavern where the bounty for hunting them down are on display and for the taken. The rewards are grand for the bravest warriors, those who can take down the biggest ones.

MONSTER BLOX is a 6 reel, 4-row high volatility slot game with 40 pay-lines evaluated from left to right, and a max payout of more than 7900 times your bet. The game features respins with expanding rows, random Wilds, Scatters, and a free spins game with panel multipliers played on a 6x8 reel set.
The biggest budget game in Evoplay’s history, Star Guardians is more than just a video slot. It’s a whole new type of gaming experience for gamblers. An industry first, this game is a third-person shooter – giving you manual control of your character. There are three characters to choose from, and you can change to a new player even as you play.

Join the Star Guardians, a Special Forces team, as they battle against mutated insects called Tritons. Blast your way through the aliens and then try to beat their Queen. Each of the three hero characters has their own skills and abilities. They answered the call to fight. Are you ready to join them?
Relax Gaming rewrites history in Book of 99, where players battle amongst the gods in a first-of-its-kind 99 RTP 'Book of' slot!

Collecting 99 books in the Base Game triggers 10 free spins, an added route to the typical 3-symbol trigger. In this Greek odyssey warriors are welcome, one is chosen at random before heading into the ancient empire in the Bonus Round. Once the mythical character is chosen, it gains expanding abilities in the Free Spins round, growing to fill the whole reel and catapulting win potential up to 5000x one’s bet!
You’ve arrived at Jellyton: The wild planet with square-shaped monsters! Some monsters come in bright jelly, others are covered with fluffy fur, and when they move they slide forward. Regardless of texture, they are all social creatures with occasional cannibalistic tendencies.

Once monsters are separated, they move closer together in order to stay warm. But a gathering of 5 or more monsters always becomes too much, and they become angry or over-excited, and finally blow up! Get ready to face the monsters!

Cluster Slide is a 7 column and 8-row slot with sliding symbols. Symbols slide from right to left and clusters of 5 or more generate wins. It comes with 5 wild features, multipliers, and a Wild Drops bonus game! Cluster Slide comes with X-iter™ modes, allowing players to jump right into the action!
Chaos Crew is a high volatility 5x5 grid paylines slot loaded with multipliers! The maximum feature win for this game is 10,000x

Use the bonus buy feature to go straight to the extremely popular bonus game packed with potential.
Hades is Yggdrasil's second game featuring the Gigablox mechanic, where you can get massive blocks at any point - from 2x2 up to 6x6 in size!

If you manage to land the right blocks at the same time as the Wild Hunt feature, truly wild things will happen!

If you would like to explore the underworld, Hades is here for you. The combination of Gigablox, Hades Wild Hunt, and Wild Hunt Free Spins should entice the most demanding casino players out there. Let’s go dark!
Crystal Quest: Deep Jungle is a video slot with 6 reels and 4096 pay ways. The game features Wilds, a Multiplier, a Mystery symbol, an Avalanche feature, a Wild Explosion Feature and a Bonus game with free spins.

Follow our courageous voyager Gemma into the jungle and unravel the mysteries of a hidden world. With Infinite Multipliers, an Avalanche feature and a Mystery feature to add to the excitement, this full-blown action adventure offers the chance of digging up the bigger sparklers.
Monster Thieves are mischievous creatures of the night and also the stars of this new slot game. There is a great suspicion that they are the reason for some of your belongings go missing with you not knowing why. According to the research, there are different kinds who lust for different items.

Are your keys, headphones, socks, or even a toilet paper roll be gone? Now you know where to look for and who is to be blamed. One thing is for sure, though, you cannot be mad at them, because of how cute they are! Monster Thieves is a 5-reel, 4 -row, 1024-ways to win type of slot featuring Wild, Multiplier, and Bonus symbol. Wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5 and can substitute all symbols except for Bonus symbol.

The bonus symbol can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, and once 3 of those symbols appear, „Pick a box“ bonus game starts. „Pick a box“ bonus offers 5 boxes that contain different combinations of free games and win amounts, you simply pick a box and get 1 or 2 rewards. The bonus game cannot be triggered inside the Bonus game and Bonus symbol is inactive during the Bonus game.
What happens when you pair the Greek goddess Artemis with legendary monsters, the harpy, minotaur’s, and griffons, and will she, in the end, be able to conquer the Gorgon Medusa? The suspense is real.
Will Artemis be able to slay the last monsters or will the monsters overwhelm her. If Medusa is slain a potentially huge win can be won, as every Medusa symbol added to the battlefield increases the “Medusa Bounty”. Artemis vs Medusa is a medium volatile, ways game with a chance to win 5288x and an unlimited amount of battle freespins.
Beat the Beast: Cerberus´ Inferno is a video slot with 5 reels and 9 Pay Lines. The game features a Mystery feature and a Bonus Game with free spins, retriggers and wild upgrades. Beat the grim hellhound to win big! Made for the brave - this furious showdown features Stacked Wilds, a Bonus Game with 243 pay ways, free spins and retriggers.
Immerse yourself in the frantic world of MONSTER POP, the latest cluster pays slot by Betsoft Gaming. Collect stacks of monsters, enjoy a variety of features and expand your playing grid to burst your way through to AMAZING wins.

Featuring eye-popping visuals, MONSTER POP brings fast-paced gameplay with exciting action. Start out your monster adventure with a 5×5 grid that expands with the MONSTER CLONER SYMBOL by duplicating a row, column, or both – and adds WILDS in the mix for extra chances to win!

Watch out for special FLAMING SPHERE SYMBOLS, which grant you free spins to keep the action going, with a potential for even more respins. Don’t fret if you don’t get a winning spin, as MONSTER FURY can trigger at the end of a cascade to create reactions that will spark off big wins!

Don’t you dare stop, get ready to MONSTER POP!
Beat the Beast: Kraken’s Lair is a video slot with 5 reels and 9 pay lines. The game features Expanding win and a Bonus Game with free spins and retriggers. Beat the fearsome Kraken to recover great treasures long lost to the depths! The game features Expanding win and a Bonus Game with free spins and retriggers.
A mysterious concoction is brewing, and it’s filled with colourful monsters, magic potions and high volatility. This super-fun slot boasts locked symbols, expanding reels, a Multiplier, Tumble mechanics, Respins, and a Free Spins Bonus. The game starts off with a 4×6 grid and 4,096 bet ways – which can grow all the way up to 8×6 with 262,144 bet ways!
A crack team of bird superheroes battle monsters in a futuristic city. Monsters check in, but they don’t check out. A whole array of characters battle it out for victory.

When you play Wild Worlds™, you’re entering a world of out-of-this-world characters, all stunningly crafted by teams of digital artists, animators and sound engineers.

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