Eternal Clash

Jan 18, 2024







In a realm where ancient tales collide and destinies entwine, Eternal Conflict arises as an epic saga of bravery and triumph. Protagonists and antagonists share the spotlight in this sweeping chronicle, where the clash of weapons isn't merely a skirmish—it's a dance of destiny and chance. From the unwavering Gaia to the menacing Corruptus, each figure wields the potential to reshape history as the clash of blade and incantation reverberates in battle, with each triumph granting the spoils of warfare. The stage is prepared, the champions poised. Prepare yourself for an odyssey into a domain where legends are forged and fables take form.

All symbols yield rewards when aligned from left to right along the designated paylines. A 1x4 Sword Icon might appear on the reels, functioning as a Wild symbol that substitutes for all others except Scatters. It may also carry a multiplier of x2 or x5, enhancing the payouts for all winning combinations it contributes to.

When a reel is filled entirely with symbols of the same character, they amalgamate into a singular large symbol. These oversized symbols count as four individual symbols and bear a x2 multiplier, boosting the payouts for all paylines they intersect.

Triggering Showdown Spins requires landing 3 or more Bonus Symbols in a single spin. Each trigger awards an initial 1000 Health Points, with an additional 500 Health Points granted for every Bonus Symbol beyond the initial 3, up to a maximum of 2500 Health Points.

During the feature, the slot transforms into a 6x1 grid, where only allied characters, Swords of Power, enemy characters, or empty tiles can land. When both allied and enemy characters occupy the slot, they engage in combat. Allied characters take turns attacking enemy characters, with the closest allied character to the enemy initiating the assault. Each character's Attack Power diminishes based on their opponent's Attack Power until one is vanquished. Destroyed enemy characters yield Cash Prizes.

If only allied characters remain and no new enemies appear, their Attack Power increases by 5. Should all allied characters perish with remaining enemy characters, the enemies target the health bar instead, depleting its Health Points based on their Attack Power.

The Showdown Spins conclude when the Health Points reach zero or when the MAX WIN of 12000x the stake is reached.

Throughout Showdown Spins, Swords of Power may emerge, granting buffs applied to all allied characters present on the reels. When buffed, allied characters' multipliers enhance the cash prizes of defeated enemies. Buffs can be applied multiple times to the same character.

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