Get ready for a magical adventure as Feera the Fairy and Rufus the Ogre make a triumphant return in ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™, the latest whimsically fun video slot from Betsoft! Join these beloved characters in a fairy tale brought to life through exquisite rendering of thematic elements, creating an irresistible game that invites you into the deep woods where the biggest wins are hidden in plain sight.

ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™ boasts a 5-reel, 4-row layout with 40 fixed paylines, all crowned by the popular HOLD & WIN FEATURE. This feature will keep you enchanted as you play, eager to see how big your wins can grow in the magical earth of the Enchanted Forest. Watch out for the cunning wizard named Eldrid, who resides within the towering trees, ready to use his power to make all of your wildest dreams come true!

The game is adorned with STACKED MYSTERY SYMBOLS that can add to your wins, offering a touch of mystery and excitement to every spin. Enjoy plentiful FREE SPINS and frequent WILDS that will send thrills of satisfaction down your spine as you play for big wins in the beautiful forest.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™? Join Feera, Rufus, and Eldrid on an unforgettable journey through the magical forest, where big wins and delightful surprises await at every turn!
Prepare to embark on a mystical adventure in the enchanted world of Mystic Forest, where magical creatures roam and hidden treasures await.

This game boasts the most magical slot experience ever, featuring a 5×4 layout, 20 fixed paylines, dazzling graphics, and thrilling gameplay! Journey into the depths of the forest and uncover ancient ruins adorned with glittering gems. This enchanted realm is home to cunning foxes, wise owls, majestic lynxes, graceful deer, and a powerful magician.

Can you gather enough gems to claim the ultimate prize? Dive into the mystic forest and find out!
Enter the magical realm of Defenders of Mystica, a fairy-tale kingdom ruled by powerful female fairies!

In this mysterious universe, the distinctive reel structure and wins that can appear from either side increase the chances of extraordinary victories. The mystical Mystery symbol can transform and lead to captivating wins, but the magical bonus round can only be unlocked with the ultimate key... the Free Spins symbol found on either end of the mystical land!

Let the enchanting women guide your way to riches!
Embark on an epic adventure alongside the legendary Monkey King, Sun Wukong, and his brave companions as they confront the forces of evil that haunt the mythical world. These four mighty fighters, each with their unique and exceptional abilities, stand ready to combat demons and reclaim the coveted scrolls from the clutches of darkness.

The fate of these priceless scrolls rests in your hands. Guide these valiant heroes to victory, ensuring that these ancient artifacts do not fall into the wrong hands, preventing their misuse of the immense power they hold.

In this quest, embrace the wisdom of the Monkey King and adopt his fearless spirit. Remember the age-old saying – monkey see, monkey do. Follow in the footsteps of this mythical warrior, and let his courage and determination inspire your journey to safeguard the mythical world and preserve its ancient wisdom.
Crown cluster wins in the regal release Twilight Princess™.

Bells, flowers, and the princess protagonist make up the symbols of this 5×5 reeled Slot, which requires clusters of five or more adjacent symbols to be landed to award a win. Wilds with a multiplier up to 10x attached can also land on the reels making it easier for players to form a winning cluster.
Find your happily ever after hidden within the woodlands of Big Time Gaming’s latest game Wild Unicorns!

This 4,096 ways slot has just the right amount of pixie dust sprinkled in to bring your fairytales to life! Graceful unicorns roam across the reels, bringing the magic of Wilds and Multiplier Wilds for some truly enchanting wins! Experience real fairytale magic with Multiplier Wilds reaching a multiplier of up to x10!

Within the idyllic woodlands you’ll discover an enchanted castle that takes you into Free Spins where unicorns always roam and there is an unlimited Win Multiplier. If you can’t wait for your fairytale to start then Bonus Buy will take you right into the heart of the magic! Wild Unicorns includes Win Exchange™ so you can sprinkle a bit of magic over your big wins and turn them into Free Spins.
Get ready for a smashing time with Cyclops Smash™.

Fruity symbols appear alongside gems and galeae on an expansive 7×7 grid, with wins being awarded when a cluster of five or more identical symbols is made on any spin. The tumble mechanic sees all winning combinations removed from play, being replaced from above with new symbols that could trigger consecutive wins.

The smash feature could randomly trigger on any spin, activating between five and 12 symbols randomly and rearranging them to new positions based on their pay value.
The Phoenix is spreading its miraculous wings to award fabulous and powerful cash wins. The Phoenix up cash is a 5x4 video slot game. An immortal Instant cash wins are awarded and with the flaming power of the Phoenix there value rises up, boosted and even multiplied.

Ready to rebirth the egg of the Phoenix creates a unique free spins trigger while moving along the magnificent magic trail to gather more free spins along its way.
Editors Choice
Prepare for a magical adventure into the captivating realm of Abrakadabra, a spellbinding fantasy slot game where a masterful sorcerer and a host of whimsical creatures bring the magic to life!

Abrakadabra unfolds on a 5x3 grid with 243 ways to win, offering a maximum win potential of 10,000x your bet. The game boasts cascading wins, where each winning combination triggers a cascade, causing winning symbols to vanish and be replaced by new symbols cascading from a Power Reel positioned above the grid.

The base game is enchanted with a unique power reel that introduces various types of Wilds to enhance the excitement. As you experience cascades, a global multiplier increases with each win, ensuring a spellbinding gameplay experience. But that's not all – Abrakadabra unveils not one, but two exhilarating Free Spins Bonus games, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your magical journey!
Rise and shine, todays the day for a magical adventure. Anything’s possible thanks to the power of Andvari the Wizard and his magic ring. Dragons, dwarves, demons, and who knows what else lies ahead, but fear not you aren’t going to face fantastical magic forces all on your own!

Andvari is the most powerful wizard in all the land, and he’s happy to aid you on your journey. Andvari’s power is further amplified by his incredible magic ring, with him by your side there are no obstacles you can’t overcome. What is it you’re searching for eager traveler? An enchanted sword, a wish granting chalice, or perhaps it’s mountains of gold and coins piled up sky high! Luck is on your side, and so too is Andvari the Wizard, so the odds are in your favor.

Cross mountains and find hidden treasures concealed behind waterfalls and in mystical caves, see where your journey will take you. Comb out your beard and grab your adventuring hat and wizard staff, Andvari is waiting and adventure is calling! Play Andvari: The Magic Ring now, and see what kind of treasures you might find.
Are you brave enough to venture into the sinister cave of chained beasts in Red Tiger’s Monsters Unchained? Prepare to face the terrifying creatures that lurk in the dark. The gaming grid is home to 3 monstrous beasts: the Minotaur, Medusa, and Cerberus. These fearsome monsters reveal their unique features every 10 spins when you break their chains.

Brace yourself as the reels expand, wild symbols appear, and your winnings multiply. This is all while exploring these creatures’ dark and ominous world. But there’s more to discover: in Monster Spins, you can earn 10 Free Spins and witness the unleashed fury of these untamed monsters in each spin. Get ready for an engaging experience that will keep you entertained and captivated. Can you handle the terror of the unchained beasts and emerge victorious? The challenge awaits!
Venture into a magical mushroom world where Fire Gnomes™ are ready to ignite explosive fun! Featuring fiery BIG BuildUp® action! Collect powder kegs ready to blow, add wilds and secure multipliers up to 5x! Gather shiny coins to increase the Silver and Gold prizes!

Stack up as much combustable potential as you can before the feisty gnomes unleash their flames! Trigger the Fire Gnomes™ Bonus to take the pyrotechnics to the next level! The Fire Gnomes™ will roll explosive powder kegs onto a game board of credit prizes and special symbols - the more fires they start, the more you win!
Merlin embarks on a massive-scale egg hunt! As the young wizard traverses unforgiving land, Merlin uncovers a series of Dragon Eggs in a swampy, enchanted lake. Using his Spell Book, Merlin uses his skills to crack open the winged hatchling – only to end up in a trial by fire. Can you aid Merlin on his quest?
There is an isolated forest on the Paraná River. Legend has it, on this mysterious land lived not only veteran trees but also three mystical spirits that go by the names of Salamander, Undine and Leafy. They are the guardians of the forest. They punish people who destroy the forest and grant those who take care of it the power of three elements: fire, water and leaf. It is said that people who bring these three elements to the stone arch in the middle of the forest will be blessed with a lifetime of wealth!

Mystical Spirits is a 6-reel, 5-row video slot featuring winning symbols collection with win multipliers. All winning symbols will be collected in multiplier collection slots below the reels to increase the win multiplier. In addition, collecting 4 Free Spins symbols will trigger 12 free spins.
Harness the magical energy of the elements in Power of Merlin Megaways™.

The player-favourite Tumble feature makes a return, with winning symbols disappearing from the reels and empty positions replaced with new magical-themed symbols until no more winning combinations are created. A fiery Wild can land on any spin which is also joined by an electrifying Lightning Bolt feature. This replaces random symbols from the reels with more Wilds, allowing players to land big prizes!

Four or more Scatters will trigger the Free Spins bonus round, with the ability to gamble for more free games. Each tumble during the bonus will increase the round’s multiplier by 1x creating an escalation of winning potential that will put a spell on any player.
Witness the story of a queen who was once beloved by the entire realm and now endures endless hardships to protect her people. Blessed by the spirits with powers and granted a second life in serenity, she becomes a water fairy, maintaining her status as the guardian of the forest, forever enchanting nature and the wild with her beauty and delight.

Fairy Fantasy is a slot game that features 243 ways to win. Each spin, one or more reels are filled with waterfalls, leaves, and/or fire, paving the way for different fantasy fairies to make their entrance for the player’s pleasure. Watch out for unicorns and other enchanted creatures for the biggest wins of up to 10x per each win way.
Embark on this magical journey and receive nature’s blessing in form of stacked wilds and bonus Free Spins. A magical, airy 5x4 slot with 50 paylines and stacked Wilds. Scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins feature. During the free spins, stacked Wilds always seen on reel 1 and reel 5.
Alice is always up for a new adventure, especially if there are prizes and rewards. Join Alice down the rabbit hole and emerge in the most magical and thrilling place. With bright lights, endless action, captivating features and a wonderland of rewards, this is where dreams and fantasy come true. Welcome to fabulous Vegasland!

Alice in Vegasland is a 5x3 slot that kicks off the action with the Vegas Free Spins where a random symbol is selected, and every time it lands, it can expand over the entire reel. You will be hopping around with joy when the Rabbit Bonus Spins trigger, and for 10 Free Spins, every time a Wild symbol lands, it locks in its position till the end of the feature. Plus, if 2 or more locked Wilds are on the same reel, they will combine for even more Vegas-winning fun!
GODZILLA THE SLOT is as simple as setting the bet amount and clicking the spin button to spin the reels. Starting from the leftmost reel on an active payline, you win by lining up more than the specified number of identical symbols.

The more symbols you line up, the bigger the prize will be. Free spins are triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the payline from the left.
The dragon’s home was no longer safe when a feared group of crusaders arrived. They knew about the dragon’s stones and planned to get their hands on them with an invasion! Upon their arrival, they stained a number of dragons in search of the stones but came up short.

The surviving dragons fled with their precious stones, looking for a new hiding ground before another attack strikes. Resigning on their new mountaintop kingdom, the dragons formed an alliance to protect the stones called the Dragon Guard! 3 by 5 reels. 243 Ways to Win. Jackpot Dash.
Feel the Magic in this 5×3 Progressive Video Slot that takes you back to an ancient realm. This 243 way Mystical themed game will be sure to cast a spell on your senses. Let the Free Spin and First Strike Features conjure up a world of Magic and Mystery.
Draw the sword from the stone for legendary wins in Excalibur Unleashed™.

This fantasy-themed slot features an epic crew of animal heroes as its highest-paying symbols, joined by crowns and magical crystal balls, with players creating matching combinations of these symbols to be awarded a win. Wilds that land on the first or fifth reel unlocks a wild reel accompanied by a random multiplier to boost win potential into magnificent proportions!

In the free spins round, wild multiplier reels become sticky and are increased by 1x for each win they are a part of, making them key to unlocking the slot’s max win.
Wizard wins await you on these magical reels! The centre reel has the power to spin again if the reels don’t deliver a win on the first spin loaded with extra Wild symbols for more winning power. This re spin can also bring in Free Spins symbols, including the amazing Mega Free Spins, with their super rich reels and double Wild wins!
The Griffin is a 6×4 fantasy adventure slot that takes you into the solitude of the icy heights of the mountains to the fabled lair of one of the most powerful mythical beasts: The Griffin – half lion, half eagle and Guardian of the hidden treasure.
Deep within a secluded forest, electricity arcs sizzles as the miraculous Lady Merlin conducts here magic with spells and potions!

In her attempt to conjure the elemental forces, Lady Merlin has found a way to turn POWER into PRIZES! Watch as her STRIKING with electrifying PRIZES from random MULTIPLIERS to extra bonus symbols with STRIKEZONE! Watch MULTIPLIER grow with every WILD benefiting from player's favourite WINMULTI mechanic.

Active the WILD+ Ante Bet to add more wilds for bigger wins!

Experience 5 FREE WIN SPINS, where every spin guarantees win. Watch multiplier ADDS +1 with every WILD and Keep getting larger and LARGER WINS for as long as the Magic of Lady Merlin may sustain you!
Far up in the Piney Treetops, an ingenious gnome has devised a remarkable world inside his clockwork home. Enter the Pine of Plinko to experience our upgraded version of the classic ball-dropping action. Pine of Plinko has a classic, simple, base game with lots of scatter symbols granting frequent access to the Plinko Bonus. If the player is in a rush, the bet boost will more than double the frequency.
Take a walk in the woods and you might stumble upon the WOODLANDERS™, a delightfully mischievous family of fairies who live in the enchanted forest spinning tales of magic and luck. Allow your players to live on the edge of curiosity when they join the fun in WOODLANDERS™ – a fantastical game with delightful prizes.

With the chance to win up to 3794X their bet, WOODLANDERS™ not only gives players an adventurous and nostalgic experience, it delivers plentiful opportunities to win! This fantasy game offers generous bonuses and features a charming family of fairies. Watch as they summon up the reels from the wishing well with a sprinkle of fairy dust, a dash of mystery, and just enough whimsy.

This highly popular game format is appealing for its captivating fantasy theme, potential for bountiful wins, and eye-catching art style.
The Guardians of the Pyramids have returned from the future to protect their hidden treasures! Set out the outskirts of an Egyptian city you, the explorer, spin the reels to try and achieve 3 scatter symbols to enter Free Spins. Along the adventure you will be awarded by the pyramid for your efforts with split symbols that can award loads of cash. Beware the wild Mummies they may blah blah – sounds negative.

It’s not. The scarab symbol can appear to offer wonder cash Also mention Ultraways? Free Spins takes place inside the tomb of the mighty Pyramid where the powerful Guardian gives you a random multiplier on each spin and also awards your treasure hunting with extra spins and splitting symbols. Since you have made the tomb the Guardian shows respect by offering a guaranteed win on every spin.
When the Gods battle, worlds quake in Gods VS Gigablox, the new VS game from Hot Rise Games.

With random falling Gigablox of up to 6x6 in size - taking over the entire reels - huge coinciding wins are possible.

The Free Spins feature awards a Champion God, who turns golden and Wild for the entire Free Spins sequence. During the exciting VERSUS feature a Champion and a Challenger battle it out, improving the reels with symbol multipliers, Wilds, Wild multipliers, addititional spins and Major prizes.
The wild book tells of the once forgotten Tower in the dungeons of mount Argol and the creatures that guard the hidden treasures of the once great king.

Dungeon Tower is a high volatility 5x5 video slot game with the signature MULTIMAX feature, Grid-pays, avalanche cascades, wilds, and a Free Spins bonus game with unlimited reel multipliers, offering a max payout of 20000x bet!

Three or more linearly matching symbols, vertically or horizontally, constitute a winning combination. Symbols involved in a win are removed, initiating a cascade, and replaced with other symbols. 1 to 3 Wilds can randomly be placed in the empty spots. These Wilds substitute for any other symbol except the Scatter and are not removed until they are part of a Win. Additionally, each Wild increases by x1 a reel multiplier placed on top of their Reel.
Join Prometheus, the Titan of Fire, on an epic adventure loaded with exciting moments. Enter the cave of the Titan and collect the golden coins of Medusa with the Fire Collect and Double Collect features. Find the keys and go into the Free Spins where hotspot multipliers reside. Land coins upon coins and see the hotspots grow up to 5x each. Alongside the increasingly powerful hotspots, watch as the coin wins multiply and reach new heights.

Throughout the Free Spins, make sure to collect the keys and receive milestone awards along the way. Once all 15 keys have been gathered, bring your hotspots and venture into the Super Free Spins. Here awaits 5 spins of hold and respin with 2 guaranteed collect symbols and more to find. Stack up the coin wins and bring home the gold.
Dragon Lore Gigarise is the latest installment of the successful Gigarise GEM mechanic. It features 5 reels that can grow up to 9 rows tall with up to 100 active paylines. The Gigarise mechanics allow for constant action and excitement. The volatility of Dragon Lore Gigarise is High and produces memorable wins in both the respins feature and the free spins feature.

Mystery stacked symbols appear in the base game increasing the games action and suspense. The base game features sticky super wild reels in the respins feature. The free spins feature increases the Gigarise frequency with super wilds and multipliers per reel. There is a Golden Bet mode which increases feature frequency by 3 times. There are 5 Buy A Bonus options ranging from 75X base stake and 250X base stake.
In the latest addition to our iconic music series, join American heavy-metal band Dio and go toe-to-toe with some unusual foes. Stand alongside Dio’s legendary lead vocalist, Ronnie James Dio, who sits on the throne of a once mighty castle as a dragon circles close by.

In an instant, the dragon dashes for the foreground, setting surroundings alight with one fiery breath. Team up with Dio, using the magic of music to conquer this deadly fire-breathing dragon, prowling wild wolves and more. There is no question about Dio’s musical influence. But the question now begs to be answered.

Get ready for a fantastical celebration of Dio’s legacy in a game full of rock ‘n’ roll, fun features and fire-breathing dragons. The most dangerous of the dragons is Murray, who serves as the Scatter symbol. Catch three Murray symbols and unlock your way into the castle.

Inside the castle, the Free Spins feature will begin. During this feature, you’ll have multiple ways to win: Land Sticky Wilds in the Wild One feature, which will remain on the reel for the duration of the Free Spins feature; or land the Special symbol to unlock different doors to the castle.
If you’re brave enough to return to the depths of the Earth, take your chance to spin the reels of Champion of the Underworld.

In this next instalment of Yggdrasil’s ‘of the Underworld’ series, Hades will expect you on his arena alongside four brand new monsters, where two of our coveted GEMs, GIGABLOX™ and Wild Fight™, will be put into action.

As you spin the underground arena machine and obtain high paid symbols, some will transform into Wilds, increasing your victories. The GIGABLOX™ mechanic will make the payout even more spectacular, and the featured free spins mode will be further intensified by every Wild symbol, even those awarded by Wild Fight™.

Gamble your free spins with 2 levels of volatility and defy the depths with the buy bonus, leading you directly to free spins!
In the cold and frozen Arctic, the sorcerer’s mystical animals and treasure are trapped in the ice... The Arctic Sorcerer is striving to release his mystical animal companions and his treasure from the ice.

Help the Arctic Sorcerer blast away the ice to release his treasures. When the ice shatters, the treasure will be revealed. Will it be a polar bear, wolf, owl or a deer? Or will it be gemstones? Or will the Sorcerer release Wilds and give himself even more chances to blast the ice!

Help the sorcerer find all the treasure!
Imagine discovering the secret to time travel? Play'n GOs very own Dr. Tempis has cracked it! Well... Sort of.

She has built a machine that can time travel, but she can’t control it. This way, that way, forwards and backwards with the click of a button she could be back in The Stone Age or thrust into the year 3000. Can you help her get home?

The features in the game unite beautifully with the narrative and theme. There are six different eras that the player can travel to during the Free Spins round.

Even in the base game, there are plenty of features that take on a Rewind and Fast Forward notion, upgrading symbols or landing Wilds that will create the opportunity for wins on non-winning rounds. Time flies when you’re having fun!
Are you ready for some sizzling-hot slot action, featuring our brand new Splitting Wilds modifier as well as a unique Hold & Win bonus round? Look no further, as it’s all here on Dragonfire: Chamber of Gold.
Pick your side and fight for glorious wins! Blood and Gold is a 3x5 (25 Lines) reel slot game with Battle Rounds. 6 or more Scattered Shields triggers Battle Spins. Pick your faction between following the Glorious King and the Barbarian Queen.

Each side fights on each spin. Winning the fight collects shield prizes and keeps the current life. Collecting a Heart awards an additional life. Start Battle Roun d s with 3 lives. Keep winning to keep spinning. The quick trigger hit rate for Battle Rounds and the opportunity to spin for a long time gives this game a High Volatility rating.
In The Warlock's Book from Apparat Gaming you'll get the classic Book theme with expanding symbols during free spins and expanding wilds during the base game. 3 or more books award 10 Free Games with a Bonus symbol. The "Enchantress" is an Expanding Wild symbol and substitutes for all symbols - even Bonus symbols!

During the Free Games, the "Enchantress" grants further Bonus symbols and Free Games.
Welcome to Dragon Lair where the princess and the Dragon hide their treasure.

Dragon Lair is a 5x3 video slot with 10 fixed paylines offering a max win of 500 x bet and featuring Scatters, Expanding Wilds and Free Spins. Free Spins are triggered with 3 or more Scatter symbols, whereby 12 Free Spins are activated. Each Wild will upgrade the magic symbols where the lowest magic symbol will be replaced by the next higher one. Be brave and head to Dragon Lair for huge wins!
The kingdom of Mithrune is in peril. The Dark Lord Duran seeks to infect it with his dark magic and bring it under his rule. Enter The Champions of Mithrune, a clan of chosen protectors who must open the portal to his shadowy kingdom and unite in battle to defeat him. Will you stand alongside the champions and answer Mithrune’s calls?

Champions, are you ready? Each Champion triggers a feature that ties in with their powers! With action-packed Free Spins and even a Mini-Game, Champions of Mithrune packs storytelling with dynamic features to keep you on the edge of your seat.
This game is a 6 reel, 3 row video slot, the game is played with 10 bet lines (fixed) orientated from left to right. The 'ORB' is a scatter symbol that appears on reels 1-5. 3-5 scatter symbols will trigger the free spins game.

Each scatter symbol will randomly generate a number between 1-9, and you will win the total sum of the combined generated numbers as free spins. Three scatter symbols will give between 3-27 spins, 4 will give 4-36, and 5 will give 5-45 spins. "LADY LUCK" is a wild that substitutes for any symbol except the "ORB" and "Bonus" scatter symbols

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About Fantasy Games

Video slots with fantasy themes are a popular type of online casino game that transport players to a magical world of dragons, wizards, and mythical creatures. These games typically feature vibrant graphics and animations, as well as unique bonus rounds and special features.

There are several great fantasy-themed video slots available online, each with its own unique storyline and special features. Some examples of popular fantasy games include "Dungeon Tower MultiMax," "Queen of Wonderland Megaways," and "Trolls Bridge 2."

Overall, fantasy-themed video slots offer players an exciting and immersive gaming experience, with the chance to win big payouts and bonuses. They are a great choice for players who enjoy fantasy and adventure-themed games.