Get ready to board your longship and set sail with Exciting Vikings, raiding villages along the way. A Viking hoard awaits in these reels, ready for you to seize - conquer the top Exciting Spins mode and see if you can claim your share... SKOL!

The Pillage symbol acts as a Wild and can replace any symbol except for Free Spins and Exciting Spins symbols. Hit 3 or more Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels to enter the free spins round. During Free Spins, the 9 and 10 symbols are removed! Free Spins are played with the last bet amount.

Hit 3 or more Exciting Spins symbols on the reels to trigger the feature. Exciting Spins can only be activated from the main reels, and you'll play these special spins with the Big Win symbols in action! Exciting Spins are played with the last bet amount.
Power of Gods™: Valhalla Extremely Light offers an exceptional 16-reel slot experience for players who enjoy diverse winning opportunities and the flexibility to set their own rules. The game boasts detailed graphics that prioritize essential entertainment features while minimizing unnecessary animations, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile and portable gaming option.

The bonus round persists until the number of available re-spins is depleted or all reels are occupied with Bonus symbols, triggering the Grand Jackpot reward, which is worth 1000 times the player's bet.

Drawing a minimum of 6 Bonus symbols initiates the Hold the Jackpot™ Bonus Game. If 3, 4, or 5 Bonus symbols appear, they remain on the reels for one spin. Bonus symbols yield payouts only at the conclusion of the Bonus Game.

During the Bonus Game, Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpot symbols may randomly appear, awarding their respective Jackpots. Players have the chance to win multiple Jackpots of the same type throughout the Bonus Game.
Set out on a rugged adventure to the heart of Barhalla, a Viking-themed game where the ale flows as freely as the riches. Here, the Wild Dwarf reigns supreme, his every victory celebrated by spilling his drink across the reels, blessing them with a mighty x10 Multiplier.

With his robust presence, any winning combination he graces becomes an occasion for bounty, enhancing symbols with his powerful multiplier effect, stacking up to a colossal x100.
Step into the realm of the Mighty Viking, an electrifying video slot that transports you to the era of Norse myths and valiant struggles. Featuring breathtaking visuals and an enthralling storyline, this game beckons players to enlist with the elite warriors of the icy North. Mighty Viking distinguishes itself with its inventive gameplay elements, such as SuperSymbols™, Flying Axe Multipliers, and the Valhalla Free Spins bonus round, all crafted to deliver a gaming adventure as grand as the fabled Vikings themselves.

Set against a majestic 5-REEL, 7-ROW layout, Mighty Viking dares players to create SuperSymbols™, enhance them with symbol multipliers, and set forth on a journey to activate Valhalla free spins, where they'll amass multipliers to propel them toward monumental victories, embodying the Viking spirit.

Matching symbols landing adjacent to each other in clusters of at least 2×2 symbols will merge to create larger lucrative shapes ('SuperSymbols'). These expand when identical symbols land in proximity vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The size of the symbols directly correlates with the potential for wins – the larger the symbol, the greater the prize.

SuperSymbols remain in place, triggering cascades that replace any defeated symbols. With boundless cascade potential, your road to triumph knows no bounds.

Before each cascade, Flying Axes descend upon the grid, each carrying a multiplier that could amplify your earnings. Even amidst defeat, there lies optimism. Random re-spins offer a second chance to alter the course of battle, providing another opportunity for victory.

It's the ultimate odyssey for any Viking. Gather bonus symbols to activate Valhalla Free Spins, where every triumph is magnified by the accumulated value in the progressive multiplier gauge. With no limits on re-spins, the halls of Valhalla welcome the boldest with open arms.
Step into the world of Viking greatness, where the whispers of victory echo through Viking’s Legacy EveryWay™!

Achieve a combination of 8 identical symbols anywhere on the reels to set off a chain reaction of wins, as winning symbols disappear to make room for fresh ones, creating an endless cycle of potential victories. With each subsequent win, additional features come into play above the reels. Look out for the Viking Wild symbols on reels 3 and 4, each with 2 lives. After the initial win, witness the Expand feature in action, causing Viking Wilds to expand and cover entire reels.

Then, with the 2nd and 3rd consecutive wins, enjoy multipliers of x2 and x3, respectively. Upon achieving the 4th win, symbols 10, J, and Q vanish from the reels. Discover the might of Yggdrasil to grant extra lives to Viking Wilds and to unlock Free Spins, featuring escalating multipliers that endure until the conclusion of the bonus round, along with the disappearance of 10, J, and Q symbols for the duration of the round.

Seize control of the reels and carve out your legacy in Viking lore with Viking’s Legacy EveryWay™!
In the land of the northern expanse, where chilling winds wail and wild seas roar, an esteemed slot game awaits intrepid adventurers: Northern Raiders. This epic adventure with 5 reels and 4 rows reveals its mysteries within the revered Treasure Island mode, where an extra row emerges, tempting players with boundless wealth.

The journey commences with the base game, where victories form from left to right across neighboring reels, yet one must be cautious of the elusive Scatter symbols. With a potential of up to 1,024 pathways to triumph, each spin narrates a story of bravery and prosperity.

Behold the grandeur of the Flying Wild, embodied by the divine Valkyrie symbol. She graces the reels, blessing the deserving, though never alongside the cunning Reel Wild. At the whim of fate, the Flying Wild descends randomly, replacing lesser symbols with more valuable treasures, ensuring triumph for the daring. To unlock the enigmas of the Treasure Island, collect 50 Ship symbols scattered across the waves. As the fourth row is unveiled, the game metamorphoses, welcoming the formidable Reel Wild into its fold. This potent force spans reels two, three, and four, promising uncharted fortunes as it substitutes for all symbols, except the elusive scatter and ship.

Embark on your quest for Free Games, where 10 Free Spins await those who uncover three Scatter symbols on reels one, three, and five. Amidst the tumult, seek the keys to greater renown, for each trio obtained grants two extra Free Spins and elevates the global Free Spins multiplier, reaching heights of x5. Yet, in this realm, the Flying Wild slumbers, while the Reel Wild reigns supreme.

For those bold enough to grasp destiny, the Buy Feature offers swift access to Free Spins. Procure the selected bet, summoning forth the promised spins, with the price escalating as the mysteries of the additional row unfold. Venture forth and carve your legend, for in Northern Raiders, the narrative is yours to shape!
Unleash the ancient force of the runic artisans! Venture into an enigmatic domain nestled within a shadowy woodland governed by THE RUNIC ARTISANS. Engage with the potency of DOUBLEMAX™, an enthralling attribute that bestows doubled multipliers with each triumph, promising boundless possibilities! Post every victory, adventurers may unearth the enchantment of enigmatic ARCANE SIGILS, paving the path to unforeseen riches.

Yet, the odyssey truly commences with THE RUNIC ARTISANS FREE SPINS – procure 3 scatter symbols to unlock 7 Free Spins, where the DOUBLEMAX multiplier remains constant. Are you prepared to wield the ancient force of the runes on this mystical odyssey? Join the quest today and unravel the mysteries of the woodland in a game set to enthrall and captivate its players!

Acquiring 3 bonus scatters triggers 7 free spins where the DOUBLEMAX multiplier remains unchanged. Upon entering Free Spins, players can opt for the standard DoubleMax all-or-nothing gamble for additional Free Spins, up to a total of 11.

After a successful spin, MYSTIC SYMBOLS may descend and all disclose the same symbol, triggering spectacular cluster formations!
Emerging like a fleet from the mist, this riveting roulette odyssey is poised to capture the hearts of players with its commanding theme, breathtaking visuals, and captivating gameplay. A fresh skirmish unfolds each round as a barrage of flaming arrows sparks a cascade of multipliers, capable of elevating wins to an incendiary 500x!

Picture a crackling fire, a longhouse filled with weaponry, and a roulette wheel — the quintessential needs of a true Viking. The unmistakable Norse backdrop of this game is enriched with an array of runic designs and the haunting melody of mystical, ancient music.

At the commencement of each game round, arrows pierce through a row of 5 shields, unveiling 2 to 5 fortunate numbers. Each lucky number is accompanied by a random multiplier, ranging from 45x to a blazing 500x. Securing a winning straight-up bet on a lucky number results in a payout corresponding to the multiplier.

To add another layer of excitement, the game incorporates a Racetrack board alongside its standard bet board. This facilitates the inclusion of French bets such as Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins.
Brace for conflict!

In this confrontation, Thor, Heimdall, and Freya take charge, spearheading the defense to safeguard Asgard from malevolent forces encroaching upon their homeland, driven by the pursuit of the ruby-red Rune Stone.

As the specter of Ragnarök casts its shadow over the horizon, Thor and his fellow warriors must summon their inherent might, transcending the pandemonium to stand as the bulwark against impending doom.

Guard Asgard with unwavering resolve!
Embark on a thrilling voyage with Olaf, the charismatic Viking, in 3 Oaks' brand-new 5x4 slot, Olaf Viking! Despite his warm smile and Nordic charm, Olaf is no stranger to raiding and plundering. He's eager to impart the art of war as he guides you to lands brimming with untold wealth. Get ready for an epic slot experience across 25 paylines, where you'll raid and loot like a true Viking.

Olaf Viking introduces exciting features, including the BOOST FEATURE, FREE SPINS, and an epic HOLD & WIN game. The BOOST FEATURE adds an extra layer of thrill to your gameplay, enhancing your path to fortune. Immerse yourself in the Viking way of valiant escapades and massive loot, with four colossal JACKPOTS within reach. This adventure promises more success than ever before, making it an experience you definitely don't want to miss out on!

Are you prepared to join Olaf on this daring journey, where the thrill of the raid and the promise of untold wealth await? Brace yourself for an epic slot experience as you navigate the seas, conquer new lands, and claim your share of the riches in Olaf Viking!
Step into the legendary shoes of Viking King Erik Haraldsson, renowned far and wide as Erik Bloodaxe, feared for the relentless fury of his axe. Traverse the frosty realms of northern Norway, determined to claim what is rightfully yours. Arm yourself with formidable weapons, and let the resounding strokes of your winning axe conquer everything in your path. Tap into the formidable spirits of Odin, Thor, Frigg, and Freyja as you seek ultimate glory, plundering the riches of snow-clad Nordic villages.

When wilds grace the reels, witness your axe skillfully thrown at the target above, ensuring your aim stays true. Accumulate respins and expanding wilds on the reel for an even more triumphant conquest.

Amass greater wealth by collecting free spin scatter symbols, unlocking a path to even grander victories. Choose your destiny with the Game and Fortune features, utilizing Game and Fortune coins that can be spent across all Four Leaf games. Explore enticing features such as Bonus Booster, Fortune Maker, Bonus Replay, and Super Spinner, enhancing your journey to riches and glory.
Raiding certainly builds up an appetite, as our Viking warriors can attest. Returning from their adventurous exploits, they demand nothing less than a feast fit for kings—roasted pig, a medley of veggies, and barrels brimming with aged honey wine. And, of course, we've delivered!

Thirsty Viking is a thrilling 5-reel video slot, adorned with a Wild symbol, Bonus, and Sticky Bonus symbols that unlock the gateway to Free Spins. Embark on this epic culinary and gaming journey with our Viking warriors, where the promise of feasting and winning awaits!
Enter a realm of myth and legend where riches await in Viking Forge™. Icons like mighty hammers, gleaming swords, rustic mugs, and fierce Vikings populate the expansive 5x6 grid. Employing a scatter pay system, the game rewards players when eight or more matching symbols land during the base game. With a tumble feature, winning combinations vanish, making room for new symbols to cascade from above, opening doors to further wins on a single spin.

Introducing a coin collection feature, coins may randomly attach to any symbol during the base game. These coins carry values of up to 20 times the player's bet or multipliers of up to x10. When a coin contributes to a winning combination, it accrues in a meter, paying out at the end of the tumble sequence.

Triggering the Free Spins bonus round requires landing at least four Scatter symbols during the base game, granting players a minimum of ten free games and a payout of at least 3 times their initial bet. Coin values persist in the meter during the bonus round, paying out only when the feature concludes, unlike the base game where they pay after each tumble.

Additionally, landing an extra three or more scatters during the base game awards an extra five free games, prolonging the excitement.
Unleash your inner adventurer with Rune Raiders, a game where mystic symbols pay at any position and every spin holds the potential for immense riches. Just like in the thrill of a real treasure hunt, every winning combination locks in place, clearing the path for new symbols and more wins to appear.

The magic intensifies with the Wild Rune, which triples the value of any winning combination it's part of during Free Spins and can lead to exponential wins. So ready yourself for a magical journey in Rune Raiders, where mystical symbols hold the key to hidden treasures!
Welcome to “Dawn of the vikings Power Combo,” an epic adventure that takes you back to the legendary era of Norse warriors and seafaring conquerors. Prepare to embark on a thrilling quest, where untold treasures and glorious victories await.

In this immersive slot game, brace yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with wild symbols, free spins, and exciting bonus features, all set against a backdrop of stunning Nordic landscapes with variable reels and paylines.

In the base game, there are 5x4 reels with 40 active paylines and it contains 3 differently coloured Scatters to look out for red, green, and blue crystals. Landing even only one Scatter may already trigger Free Spins. The red, green, and blue Scatters each have their own Free Spins feature.
Welcome, brave adventurer, to a Viking adventure like no other! Prepare to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Viking lore, where frothy mugs of beer are as plentiful as the challenges that await you.

It’s time to test your luck against the odds, take risks, and make strategic bets to uncover great riches beneath the game board's surface. Navigate through each level with cunning and precision, avoiding the foreboding red crosses and skulls that stand as symbols of misfortune.

But fear not, for the path to glory is paved with overflowing beer glasses, each one representing a step closer to victory. With every successfully cleared row, your winnings multiply, bringing you closer to legendary status.

Will you rise as a true Viking champion, conquering the challenges that lie ahead with a hearty swig of ale in hand, or will you fall victim to the treacherous symbols of fate? Your destiny awaits – venture forth, make your choices wisely, and become a legend in this epic Viking-themed adventure!
Have you got what it takes to be a Viking warrior? Join the forces of fearless warriors in Booming Games' release Power of the Vikings! Sail to discover new lands and expand the Viking empire, and best of all, you will be rewarded generously for your bravery.

Power of the Vikings is a 5x3 adventure slot packed with thrilling and powerful features. Start reeling in the loot with up to 6 Random Wilds or up to 5 Multiplier Wilds that can appear randomly during a base game spin. But, for truly massive wins, a Colossal Wild that is 4x3 in size can also land randomly for Viking-sized payouts.

Keep the reels spinning and the wins rolling in by landing 3 Scatters that trigger 5 Free Spins with the choice of either guaranteed Random Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, or a Colossal Wild with every Free Spin. Choosing Random Wilds guarantees up to 10 Wilds landing in random positions at the start of each spin. Selecting Multiplier Wilds assures up to 5 Wilds with a multiplier of x2, x3, or x5 landing in random positions at the start of each spin. With the Colossal Wild option, at the start of each spin, a 2x2, 3x3, or 4x3 Wild will land fully in a random position.

Grab your shield and axe, climb aboard, and experience the Power of the Vikings!
Prepare your lucky drakkar for tons of trophies from the new epic game version. Spin the reels, collect lucky drakkars, and catch your massive winnings. Enjoy outstanding animations and a perfectly designed interface.

Take a full reel of Wilds and unlock instant extra bonuses. Collect 3 or more drakkar bonuses and get unlimited free spins with an increasable multiplier.
Set sail for the endless night... The quest for riches awaits the brave warrior who dares to seek their glory and riches, in Viking Lock. With our special Strike Bet ante bet, players "lock" four reels at a time, guaranteeing a win on every spin!

5 Free Spins with Locked Reels and an increasing Win Multiplier await the bravest conqueror. Claim your place in history as you conquer lands and win untold riches! Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the Vikings? Join the voyage for untold treasures!
Join the Viking warriors and revel in the festivities with Pub Kings™. Encounter the Norse rulers depicted as symbols on this 5×4 slot, where players aim to create winning combinations across 20 paylines for a chance to claim victory.

Scatter symbols can land on the first, third, and fifth reels. Landing two scatters on a single spin triggers a random reward of up to 5,000x! During the free spins round, each of the game’s high-paying symbols becomes linked to a specific reel. Every occurrence of these symbols is tallied after each spin, promising thrilling cash rewards when the round concludes!

Following each free spin, all instances of each symbol on the associated reel are tallied. Accumulate 6 identical symbols on a single reel to activate level 1 of the random awards for that reel. Continue collecting 3 more symbols for each subsequent level, escalating the award level up to level 7.

After each free spin, gather all the beers adjacent to every symbol on its associated reel. At the conclusion of the round, the symbol with the highest beer count on its reel claims the current associated award. In the event of a tie between two or more symbols, the award with the highest association is granted.
Dive into an aquatic adventure with Eric’s Big Catch, the ultimate fishing-themed video slot game that will reel you in! Experience the thrill of the Walking Wild feature, where the Wild Symbol takes a step to the left with each spin.

The re-spins continue until the Wild Symbol leaves the reel and your total collected fish are paid out. Grab your fishing gear, cast your line, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on the reels!
Meet the formidable Tor, the Norse God of thunder and lightning, now taking center stage as the God of multipliers in the captivating Gemhalla slot! Tor graces your screens standing proudly near the Yggdrasil tree, an ancient symbol of inexhaustible vitality in Norse mythology. In our game, this mythical tree transforms into an endless source of your potential winnings. Look out for multiplier symbols, as they can make an appearance both in the main game and during the exhilarating free spins.

In the main game, witness the power of combined multipliers when several symbols drop in a single spin. During free spins, Tor harnesses his full might, accumulating and applying all the multipliers to your total win. With refilling reels, the slot offers the exciting prospect of consecutive wins on every spin.

For enthusiasts of history, mythology, and ancient Scandinavian culture, the thematic richness of this slot promises a thoroughly enjoyable experience. But the excitement doesn't end there – for everyone, the thrill of multiplying your winnings beckons! Embark on the adventure right now and savor the exhilaration of Gemhalla!
The devious Loki has switched his allegiance yet again, and this time he’s set his sights on the home of the gods. The gods are going to have their work cut out for them if they are to repel Loki and his forces bearing down on their home. It seems that they’re going to need some help...

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse offers a multitude of exhilarating features that keep players on their toes while battling Loki and his army as they try to capture Asgard. From the Spirit Wild to the Ragnarök Free Spins, this game is as unpredictable as Loki's mischief itself. Hold on to your helmets, because this battle is about to get intense!

When the charge meter is filled with 65 symbol wins this will trigger the Ragnarök Free Spin feature. The charge meter transforms into a multiplier meter, and all Power of the Aesir features are applied on every non-win cascade during the round. Spirit Wilds are collected but won't trigger any Gift of the Gods features; instead, they are reserved and added back to the grid at the end of the Free Spin, with up to 20 Wilds being collected.

So, grab your battle-axe and sound your war horn, as you get ready for the battle-to-end-all-battles in Viking Runecraft Apocalypse.
Spin the compass and conquer the seas for Big Wins in this fanstastic scatter pays slot. Multipliers and Mystery symbols await in the search for Colossal Wins. 8 or more matching symbols anywhere in view pays a win, each win triggers the all new Spinfinity mechanic.

Pressing the spin button will spin the Rune Compass, the compass will be made up of 4 positions. If the compass lands in the left, right, up, or down positions and a win is achieved then the Spinfinity mechanic is triggered. All symbols will step in whichever direction the compass landed. If a new win is awarded the symbols will continue to step, Spinfinity continues until no new wins are achieved.
Battle over the rough seas, through great storms of rolling thunder and lighting to reach the vast treasures of Valhalla in the latest Release from Northern Lights Gaming. This video slot game has a standard reels set of 5x3, which can be pulled by the great kraken under the sea up to 5x8!

This beautiful and immersive game is set on the stormy high seas, where the player is voyaging on a Viking Longboat to discover the untold riches that await at the gates of Valhalla. With a stepping Wild Coin Collect, Static Jackpots, Valhalla Free Spins and Expanding Reels – this game has excitement and drama on every spin! Ride through the storm to the untold riches at the gates of Valhalla.
Witness the epic clash of ice and fire in Stormforged, a 5-reel, 4-row paylines slot that promises a maximum win of 12,500 times your initial bet! Immerse yourself in the thrilling bonus games, one set in the fiery realm of Muspelheim and the other amidst a furious snowstorm in the icy domain of Midgard.

Wild Portals expand when part of at least one winning combination. The Hand of Surtur symbol creates the Portal by tearing downward, obliterating any Wild or Treasure Chest symbols in its path. If a Wild is destroyed, the whole Portal is adorned with one of various multipliers, ranging from 2x to a staggering 200x. Multipliers apply to all winning lines crossing the Portal, with cumulative values if multiple Portals are crossed.

Should a Treasure Chest be destroyed, a bonus cash prize is granted based on the player’s bet, offering potential rewards ranging from 5 to 2500 times the bet. If both a Wild and a Treasure Chest are part of the same expanding Portal, the Wild's multiplier is also applied to the cash prize from the Treasure Chest.

Trigger the Surtur's Vengeance feature by landing 3+ Surtur symbols simultaneously in the base game, earning 10, 12, or 14 free spins based on the number of symbols. This bonus introduces the Portals to Muspelheim mechanic with sticky Wilds. The first Wild symbol on each reel becomes sticky, and any Wilds in view during bonus activation carry over from the base game.

Activate the Warriors of the Storm feature by landing 3+ Viking symbols simultaneously in the base game, awarding 10, 12, or 14 free spins. This bonus showcases fully expanded wild Storm Reels with multipliers. The Hammer of Thor symbol creates a Storm Reel that remains wild throughout the bonus, revealing Viking Warriors or unleashing a raging STORM on subsequent spins. The Viking Warriors provide multipliers to their respective Storm Reels, with cumulative effects if multiple Storm Reels are part of a winning line.
Hoist the sails of the legendary viking shop, the Dakkar and sail away on a northern adventure unlike any other. A raging waterfall dominates the scene as you roll the reels in search of lucky Dakkars for instant wins.

There are plenty of fun features that will increase your chances to win. The Dakkar Wilds Feature will cause the reels shift down by 1 symbol position and all other reels will spin, and the Free Spins will send you spinning all along the longboat, in the best way possible.
Trek the ice and snow to discover the wins that flow in this 3x5 slot game! They come from lands of ice and snow, to bring you thrills and win you dough!
Battle of the warriors in the age of the viking voyages! 4 Scatter symbols will trigger 12 free spins. At the start of every free spin, the multipliers below reels 2 to 5 will be set as active with a multiplier of x2 to double your winnings!
Transporting players to a land of warriors, explorers and myth, Lightning Viking™ is a Viking-themed iGaming slot, with a reel configuration of 6×4 and 50 win-lines. By the makers of the popular Reel King franchise, Astra by Inspired development team, Lightning Viking is packed with engaging graphics, thrills, and big wins.

Set in a Scandinavian backdrop of crisp blue skies, green valleys and roaring seas, the game’s reels spin to reveal colourful symbols including fun Wilds and Bonus scatter symbols. Players can enter the Lightning Viking Free Spins Bonus round, upon landing three to six Bonus symbols in the base game, with up to 20 Free Spins. During Free Spins, the game’s reel positions are highlighted by Wild symbols.

Landing the Viking helmet and hammer turns all symbols in highlighted positions to Wild during that Free Spin. If all 16 positions across reels two, three, four and five are highlighted by the end of the Free Spins Bonus, one Lightning Spin is awarded to the player. During a Lightning Spin, the Viking helmet and hammer are guaranteed to land turning all highlighted positions to Wild for big winning potential.
Fight alongside the vikings against the mighty Surt. Winnings in the Free Games can even be higher with instant evaluation of Fire Orbs and additional spins.
A mystical raven, a messenger of the gods, will guide a couple of Vikings on their trek from Midgård to Ragnarök. Join these seafaring pirates on their quest while they release the energy of mythical stones along the way. This energy holds a slice of the power of Thor, the hammer-wielding God of Thunder. As long as you follow the raven, you will triumph. And if not, mayhem will ensue…

Raven Rising is a 3×5 symbol tumbling game with 20 lines, boasting proven features with extra spice, including a progressive Multiplier and a Bonus Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the Free Spins Bonus). The multipliers are especially powerful in the Free Spins Bonus, where they grow with each winning symbol faster than you can down a jug of mead!

This slot starts out soft as a lamb in the base game and becomes as volatile as Thor’s hammer in the bonus game. Feeling extra brave? The Gamble feature lets you gamble existing free spins for the chance to win more!
Lightning will pulse through your veins in this 5×3 Progressive Video Slot that takes you to the Viking age. This 20 line game will excite your senses and transport you to a time of axes and shields. Choose wisely in Lagertha’s Free Spin Feature and First Strike Feature.

When 3 Scatters appear on Reels 2, 3, 4 you get to select 1 of the 9 options to randomly determine Free Spins & Win Multiplier. Win 10, 15 or 25 Free Spins with a Multiplier of x2, x3 or x5. 3 Scattered First Strike Bonus symbols on Reels 1, 3, 5 trigger the First Strike Feature. You can win a base value and advance to the Multiplier Wheel where values range from x2 to x10 or stand a chance to win one of the 3 Progressive Jackpots!
In a world where the seas were ruled by feared Vikings, the struggle to seize land and the treasures of powerful kings was the daily battle faced by these dangerous warriors. Join them and defeat the King to collect more wild symbols, fill the coin chests in a fun mini-game and multiply your wins.
King of the Vikings is a 5×3 slot that takes you on the raids of the wild Northmen. Once the dragon boats appear on the horizon, the whole coast is soon in flames and fat booty is within reach.

When three of the dragon boats land on the beach as Scatter symbols, the chief of the Vikings becomes a Sticky Wild Symbol in the Bonus Game with 10 free spins, and the loot is a king’s worth.

Throw yourself into the thick of battle and take the treasures of the Viking’s king home with you.
Get ready for the big comeback of Valholl`s most powerful gods!

Partner with Valkyries and reveal the underground world, among the bravest warriors, who sacrificed their lives in combat. Uncover the powers of mighty hammers and find out your destiny!
Take to the seas with the Nordics’ wildest warriors for the largest spoil of war yet. Storm through fire and ice in this 6x5 battlefield and wade through waves of multiplier reveal symbols, persistent symbols, winning cascades, treasure chests and of course jackpots!

The journey will be volatile, the spoils abundant, but the Vikings will wait for no one. Are you ready to set sail for raging rewards?
Climb aboard and travel back in time to join the Vikings on an epic crusade to find treasures like never before. These seafaring warriors ruled the seas from the 8th to 11th centuries and established many Norse settlements along their trading routes. Now you can experience the thrilling rewards of being a Viking.

Viking Crusade is a 5-reel, 3-row slot that is a non-stop adventure with every spin. Begin your crusade for valuable rewards by collecting red and blue shields each time they land on the reels. The shields are added to the shield meter which increases the chances of the red shields converting to the more valuable blue ones.

When 6+ shields land, it triggers the Jackpot Mania hold & respin feature that begins with 3 respins, and resets each time a new shield lands. Filling all 15 reel positions with shields is your ticket to winning the Grand prize.
Valhalla beckons the North Guardians™, thrusting Vikings into a blizzard-filled battlefield across a 5×5 game grid. Brace yourself for a clash as axes, shields, and Viking warrior symbols dominate the reels. Within this intense atmosphere, players can anticipate unlocking wild patterns strategically placed in the game, paving the way for substantial wins of up to a maximum of 5,000x!

In the base game, an underlay featuring two halves of a marking rectangle emerges on the screen. Each spin sees these halves relocating to random positions. If they converge into a complete rectangle after a spin, a wheel showcasing various WILD patterns starts spinning. The wheel halts at either a slice or a LEVEL UP, determining the outcome.

When the wheel lands on a pattern, WILD symbols populate the screen based on the shape and quantity of WILDS in the pattern, occupying random positions on the grid. The wheel boasts 5 levels, each offering distinct WILD patterns. In the base game, the feature randomly selects one level each time it occurs.

The round initiates with 5 free spins, featuring the wheel's rotation at each free spin. Commencing at LEVEL 1, the wheel can be elevated up to LEVEL 5 throughout the round, with each LEVEL UP triggering additional free spins. Advancing from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 2 awards 3 extra free spins, while progressing from LEVEL 2 to LEVEL 3 grants 2 more free spins. Similarly, ascending from LEVEL 3 to LEVEL 4 and from LEVEL 4 to LEVEL 5 results in 2 and 1 additional free spins, respectively. The leveling up process persists until the conclusion of the round, enhancing the excitement and potential rewards.
Norse Legend is a video slot from Ainsworth with Wilds, Scatters with Cash Prizes and the Lucky Break Feature.
Into the Storm invites players to embark on a journey to loot and plunder. Walking Wild respins will fill your hold until you reach the Into The Storm Bonus.

A Hold and Win bonus round which features multiplying Kraken Zones, Treasure Chests and even the Mighty Mjolnir. A huge top prize of 10,000x awaits anyone who can fill the board and survive the storm.
Will the fate of the Hall of Heroes be decided by its fall, or will the valorous warriors emerge victorious? Vikings Voyage to Valhalla reunites the fierce generals for their fifth campaign, with the menacing presence of the ruthless serpent monarch, Jörmungandr, threatening imminent destruction.

Accompany Gunnar and his army as they defend Asgard, utilizing respins and Free Spins, where each high-value symbol engages in combat against Jörmungandr with every spin. Emerging triumphant, they transform into Sticky Wilds, fortifying their position. Their relentless assault extends into the legendary Ragnarök Free Spins, ensuring victory in every battle. Accumulate Rage from significant wins to fill the Rage meter, triggering up to 20 respins, with a guaranteed victory for one Viking in each encounter with the beast.

Players also benefit from the favor of the kings' treasury, with a Treasure chest appearing on the 5th reel to bestow various thrilling rewards!

Each occurrence of a high-value symbol landing on the reels engages Jörmungandr in combat, with victorious symbols morphing into sticky wilds. The triggering high-value symbol for respins enters berserk mode, ensuring a 100% success rate in battle. Respins persist as long as at least one high-value symbol emerges victorious after each spin.

Getting 3, 4, or 5 scatters triggers 7, 14, or 21 free spins respectively, with each session receiving up to 4 random boosts. In Ragnarok Free Spins, all high-value symbols are in Berserk mode, guaranteeing victory in battle. These special free spins can be triggered by the treasure chest, Ragnarok Wheels, or purchased for 330 times the stake. Ragnarok Wheels consist of 6 fortune wheels with winning and losing fields. If all wheels stop on winning fields, Ragnarok Free Spins commence. Otherwise, the odds increase for the next attempt. Ragnarok Wheels activate after each free spins session, with spins also available for purchase at any time for 7 times the stake.

The treasure chest, a special symbol, can appear on the 5th reel during the base game, free spins, and Ragnarok free spins, offering various random rewards. Options in the base game include instant wins, free spins, or Ragnarok free spins. In free spins, options include instant wins, extra free spins, additional sticky wilds, or a sticky wild reel. During Ragnarok free spins, players may receive an instant win, extra free spins, or a multiplier increase.

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